Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Hard Enough To Find Your Way Around Chinatown

P.S. I threw the black bean sopa down the disposal.

I went mountain biking for 2-hours with the husband and another couple today. I did not break my face.

Although, you could have wrung me out like a soaking wet washcloth a few times and then some. The weather channel said it's 103-degree Fahrenheit here in our Longhorn City, but the heat index said it actually feels like 107 outside. I gotta tell you - it does. For serious.


Ian said...

You're a looney. The Weather Channel probably takes their temp in a nice shady spot, under a tree, by a river, on an open plain away from buildings and other things that store and reflect heat. I always add 5 to 10 degrees to their 'high'

Jen said...

Ian: we were on the trails by 10:30 AM (seeing as I'm not so much "the early bird gets the worm" kinda gal), so I thought we'd be okay. Um. Notsomuch! It was devil hot out there today.

BTW - when is this "forteleventy jintillion degrees outside" going to end? It's been TWO WEEKS already! Hmph.

Alli said...

I would have died.

Speaking of dying... Hubby & I are dying for bikes.... especially since we'll be in such a pretty wooded area for a while.

You know I haven't ridden a bike in like 15 years!!!

we so need bikes.

Jay said...

I would never have lasted 2 hrs. It's brutal up here too.

Jen said...

alli: bikes are fun! Go getchya some! It'll come back easily - it's like riding a bike (ha!) - you never forget.

Jay: this ride pretty much wiped me out for the rest of the day. In hindsight, the heat was a bit too brutal for any sort of rock jumping, stump leaping, dirt kissing or peaks and valleys of dirt.

Freakazojd said...

Um, 2 hours? In extreme heat? Not so much my idea of a fun time, haha! But I must say that I am very glad that you did NOT break your face. :)

Fi said... did mention an unhappy waistline but isn't this a little extreme?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Not sure I could do it in 103!

On Friday it was about 88 here, humid and trying to rain. I rode home without my helmet on, trying to cool down but the rain never seemed to touch me, just evaporated away.

Who needs a sauna!

Jen said...

freakazojd: I'm glad I didn't break my face either!

fi: good point!

rock chef: I was hoping the rain would cool us off here too, but it only made it more like the sauna you mentioned. Ugh. Yesterday the heat got to 106 (I didn't even bother to check the heat index temp). Best not to know such things.