Monday, December 31, 2007

We’ll Take A Cup O’ Kindness Yet

I am procrastinating. Severely. So much so that I've unloaded the groceries and then decided as I was putting some in the fridge that it was time to clean it. Which, as everyone has previously read on my oldest blog ever is so not something I enjoy. I don't even like to grocery shop. I did that today. On a holiday. Grocery shop. Then, I did all the dishes from stuff that I threw away. Most likely, I should have thrown out the containers too, but nothing, amazingly, was moldy. I was just cleaning house. I started the dishwasher. I went outside to play fetch with the puppies. I came back in to read a few blogs - full well knowing that I have to get motivated. And now, I'm writing on my own bloggy-blog. . . .

See how clean my fridge now is?

And take particular notice to this shelf:
Did you notice it's a New Year's shelf?
4 bottles of Champagne. Four. Bottles. Um, right. We will not be consuming all 4 tonight.
Seriously. We. Will. Not.

Champagne close-ups:
See how much I am avoiding the thing that must be done?
I'm now taking pictures of my damn fridge & its alcohol contents.

But the fridge is clean, no?

As usual, I digress. . . . to what are you procrastinating against, you may be asking? I answer, to workout.

I am on a new training schedule - one that is enforced by the husband - and since my workout time this coming weekend will be limited, I have to keep going. I'm not all for it today. Not one iota. Still, it must be done. Today.

pfffft. men. And their natural skinny arses.

Finally, if you're curious, no we have no huge elaborate plans for New Year's. We will be staying home tonight. Just the two of us. I will be making my famous chili as that is what the husband asked his New Year's dinner to be. Yes, chili. I off
ered filet mignon, mashed potatoes - the works - but he wanted chili. So, once I'm done with my workout, I'll be chopping, dicing and simmering. The champagne is also cooling - do you think I'd pass up on the bubbly? Absolutely not! We also went to Best Buy and purchased a few movies for tonight. I doubt we'll get into all 4 of those either.

Overall, I think we're in for a pretty good night. Chili, champagne and chmovies. Three c's. Not to bad. Not to bad at all.

I need to get moving in order to get the chili made on time. Off to my very boring spinning hour.

. . . . . . Or maybe I should make the chili first? I'm trying here, people! I really am. . . . . . .

Happy 2008 to everyone!
May this year be even better than the last.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Can Hear You

'ello my pretties!

I know, I know . . . . you aren't crushing on me anymore. In fact, I've probably lost more of all ya'll than I can afford to lose in my 7 strong readership. It's not that I've lost the love for you. Or even for blogging. Really. I just went away without saying goodbye. I had good intentions, I really did. It just didn't happen. Like this year's Christmas card for the husband and me. He still petitioning for a "New Year's Card" and my friends to the south a "Valentine's Card", but I'm not sure if I have it in me right now.

Ask me in about 10-days when I've recovered from traveling, guesting guests and being a guest.

So, what did happened to Amazonian Diva these past 12 days?
  1. She got lost in wrapping paper and ribbons.
  2. She went to the great white north to holiday with parental units & other family.
  3. She threw a fab surprise 40th anniversary party with the little sib for thy parents.
  4. She was frozen in 20-degree & under weather.
  5. She is illin' from being in the frozen tundra in the great white north or being stuck in a flying germ bubble. (Take your pick. It doesn't matter. She's sick.)
  6. She's seen the husband all of 4 days in these last 12. ***sigh***
  7. She finally arrived home only to pay bills & bathe 2 of thy 4 dogs.
  8. . . . . and. . . . . also to finish as well as start some more painting o' the home.
  9. Cleaning.
  10. All of the above.

Still tired? Yep. Still here? Yep. Glad to be back in our Longhorn City? Yep. Happy? Extremely. So, I'll be in touch. I'm just not sure as to how often. My parents are coming at the end of the week for a quick long weekend. We have places to see, be and go. One of which includes a show of this guy.

Finally, as it seems I have been since the week before Thanksgiving. . . I'm still just a wee bit busy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Like Cashmere

I'm very, very, very, very, very busy these days. . . . Most of you are too, so I know I am not getting any sympathy from the lot of you. It's just my explanation of why no blogging has been going on here in my part of our Longhorn City. My head may still manage to pop off at any moment and it will be none to soon. In fact, I think I'll welcome that with open arms. It's amazing I haven't had a stress headache. Really. It is. Though my brain is on meltdown; maybe that prevents awesome headaches? I found a cure. Give me royalties

Anyway, since my brain is on Chernobyl meltdown mode already, you only get pictures of the husbands and my past weekend. (And, also, further proof of why no blogging.)

The husbands birthday

where we consumed some very good smooshed grapes
at the hotel & at Cru
(bubbly as well as non-bubbly)

and we had a fantastic view from our hotel


we met some good friends
here's one now:

and here's another one

one happens to be a closet supermodel

especially when Glenmorangie is involved


Scottish humor + drunken happy Scotsman = tons o' laughing

There was a major malfunction of the person holding the camera and no longer could pictures be taken (read: lazy being super-duper relaxed). No accommodation refund will be sought; alcohol. . . on the other hand. . . .was not on the allotment for refund. I think I'm okay with that.

Being out of town and visiting awesome friends is a pretty good excuse for not updating my 7 readers. We finally got to meet Tim - he's a super cutey-patootey! I now want a rabbit. It was mentioned that the rabbit may get killed in my home. What?! Never. Don't say it. Big meanie's. . .

I still want a rabbit.

We had more than a fair share of fantastic food, wine and conversation! Sleeping, cooking, farmer's market, some BBCA TV, Iron Chef America and hanging with the homies, which are what weekends are all about! Amazingly, only one hangover was had, but I'm not telling who had it. That's for me to know and the rest of you to guess. It was all about relaxing. And that we did.

So, a big Longhorn City thank you to Ian & Nikki who made our lives a little bit easier.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Always Late to the Party

Tenacious Tink of Pickled Beef, once again, brings us our fabulous Weekly Words Challenge of green and want.
This is my favorite green Billabong bikini the husband bought for me
to celebrate my first birthday I had with him.
We went to the beach.
I want to get back into it.


Stay tuned for next weeks words. . . .

Which are LIFE and WHITE. It's fun. Play!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Betchya Didn't Know You Could Fly

The evil spirits that be, won't let me be.

Today I woke up to doggie diarrhea . . . . again. I started to clean it up only to notice that the husband had walked through it. Where he then proceeded to walk throughout the entire house. Excellent. This was not what I consider a fantastic start to what my stiletto shoe'd day should be. 45-minutes later, I could finally go get and consume my freshly brewed coffee. Out of zombie mode. Huzzah!

What is even more horrible, is that tonight is the night of the husbands Christmas party. Or holiday party. Whatever. It's freekin' Christmas, so I'm calling it Christmas. Hell, I'm Christian - not that everyone else can't have their holiday too. I'm not opposed to any holiday, really, but this is the one I believe in. And I full-heartedly love it! I do. So, I say to you and anyone else, "Merry Christmas!" in combination with a full-on bear hug. Deal with it.

Erm. I sound like a crazy angry person. I'm really not. Really. I am not. Christmas is my favorite, if not most stressful, time of year. I very much love this holiday. This year, for some unknown reasons - house renovations, surprise party planning, shopping, letter conducting - is a tad more distressing and demanding than I'm used to. I am just behind and all the more crabby for it.

I suppose you think I should be angry with the husband for trudging runny dog crap through our house. I'm not. He was in total blackness at 6:30 AM and was not aware of said treachery. Sweetly, he did not turn the light on so as in order to not wake me. When it was discovered by him that he dispensed evil throughout our house, he was truly apologetic. And, this wasn't even his fault. That's true love.

And, finally, I have to say that I went shopping this morning (somehow I've turned into a last minute freakazoid, which I never would have stood for previously) for an outfit that needs donning tonight. A little something by BCBG. The big bonus is while at BCBG, I found a $450.00 winter coat (last one standing. And. In. My. Size. A sign from God Himself!) for the mere price of $140.00. And, I found some smokin' hot stiletto boots that were also on sale! ***cue angelic music!*** God is watching out for me today.

How can someone not love this time of year? The sales! The sales. . . ***shiver of goodness***

It's not all dog poo and home woes. I do have some stuff to smile about. Now I have to leave you and go get ready for this funtastic Christmas party. As much as I love the Christmas time, I'm not the huge holiday party jumping fool I once was. I would really rather stay home with the husband, open a bottle of wine and turn on the fireplace. We've had guests in our home since Monday and I just need alone time with my man . . . . . Maybe Tuesday next week?

Simply Curious Girl has tagged me with the meme letter to my 13-year-old self. Coming from her, this is very flattering. I don't mind being tagged, especially with this little delicious ditty. Though, living vicariously through her life is wa-aaay more exciting than mine. You should read her letter. It's awesome. Emmeline, Jay, Valley Girl and r.e.h. have all written one thus far and I'm afraid I may not be able stand up to these exquisite masterpieces. Either way, go read their little luxuriousness's. You won't be disappointed. Mine will be coming, if even you have to wait a bit. I'm still under paint, you know. Duh.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Even With Treatment This is A Nightmare

Rock Chef said it best so I'm going to use his words (if you click this here link).

I'm okay, but I've been busy. I know you know this and I entirely blame the do-it-yourself projects going on at home that seem to ever increasingly grow. Just like sea monkeys when you add water. With each step, one more gets added. I'm over my head, really. And, while we have slave labor (read "parental in-law units") fixing each and every problem along with us it is still pretty darn craptacular. Especially this time of year.

Yes, yes I am lucky to have free labor where a home cooked meal now and then suffices the masses, but I am tired. Not only am I the designated inside painter of all things with. . . . . well. . . . . walls, but I am also the cooker, cleaner, Christmas letter constructor (not a word has been written), event planner, shopper (food, gifts and miscellaneous guns), poo patroller, vacuumer, phone operator and launderer. Don't believe me? Last night I spent the entire night cleaning up doggie diarrhea from one sick leetol puppy. It was not fantastic. It really, really smelled. So, I'm more tired than normal. I just want to curl up into a little ball and sleep until this all goes away, which means after the 1st of the year of 2008. Or it's finished by someone else.

On top of it all I can't participate in my marathon. It's off to the Orthopedic doc I go. I've done something horrible to my knee. Feeling my aging, I guess.

So, if ya'll don't hear from me for a bit, it's because the sea monkeys have outgrown their aquarium. Or they died from adding too much water. . . Pick your poison.

Okay, okay, to finish on a positive note. An electrician is scheduled for Monday to give us an estimate of the cost of re-wiring the home. Once more, a gazillionbilliontrillion dollars will be running out my pocketbook. I already know. How is that positive, yeah. . . I dunno either? Though, I called Direct TV this afternoon and they reinstalled our service for the low cost of $34.01. Yet, I just paid $75.00 to disconnect it. Bargain.

But at least we have TV.

I also made homemade chili for dinner tonight. That which is entirely guaranteed to give you the runs.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Always Late to the Party

As usual, I am late. But for good reason(s):

1) It was revealed today that our house's electrical wiring is completely unsafe. Unsafe. Ok, close to unsafe, but unsafe nonetheless. None of it, but one (yes ONE) outlet is "grounded." I now need a gazillionbilliontrillion dollar-eeees . . .

2) As a result, we were not able to install U-verse. I un-installed the satellite dish service yesterday. We now have no TV. We can't get it until we upgrade the electrical wiring. Um. That means no Dexter (forewarning: sound) or Ghost Whisperer (2nd forewarning: more sound), which will cause me to pull out my hair. Including my eyebrows. I'm not kidding.

3) I went Christmas shopping today. Almost done now.

4) I started drinking heavily at 8:30 AM upon news of electrical wiring. [I kid, but it was tempting. I went and received a massage instead. Does that count instead of booze?]

Anyway, back to why I'm here posting at this late hour. The tantalizing Tink of Pickled Beef has challenged us with the words orange and landscape.

Yep. It happened. Inevitably, I spilled the terra-cotta paint color. . . . . . .
where there was no drop cloth.
(Immediately, upon doing so, I grabbed the camera for WWC. At least I have my priorities straight.)

The landscape of Dixie a few days later. Yep. That's paint.
I'm having a great week.


Next week, if you want to play, the words are want and green. Do it.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Want to Glimpse Someone's Nature, Stand Between Him & His Mocha Latte

me: want some cheese. . . . .***just home from the grocery***
the husband: uh. What kind is it? ***makes face***
me: it's Epson Port Salut Cheese.
the husband: um. No. It looks disgusting.
me: it's just cheese. ***taking a whiff*** Hm. It doesn't smell too good.
the husband: yeah. I wouldn't eat that.
me: ***taking teeny-tiny bit into mouth*** Oh. My. God. That's awful! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - I need something else! Quick! Help me! ***sandpaper my tongue***
the husband: ***laughing*** I told you.
me: ***throwing out cheese*** There goes 7-bucks worth of disgusting cheese.
the husband: why do you buy that crap without knowing how it tastes?
me: because one would think a grocery store would sell cheese that is edible to all things living. ***duh***

My garbage even smells now. I can't even get it off my fingers and I've washed my hands 4 times as well as washed the dishes. Disgusting. There is no other word.

[I wonder if this negates my "I will never doubt my wife again, ever. . ." clause?]

Friday, November 30, 2007

Miami's Too Hot For All That Leather

I'm not supposed to be blogging about this. I was told I had better not, but. . . . . . . . because I'm evil, I just have to share this lovely tidbit of worldwide goodness.

Let it be known that on Thursday, November 29, 200and7 at exactly 10:48 AM (or there abouts), the husband said, "I will never, ever doubt my wife again. Ever. She was right."

***drum roll*** Hallelujah! ***operetta singing***

[Yeah. I know. I'm going to be in trouble. But this is so worth it. You know, sacrifice for the greater good and all.]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The husband had asked me out to dinner last night. Work was slow and he would be getting out very early. So, I decided to un-dip myself from all things paint, color, gloss, latex, pigment and stain. I'd almost forgotten what I looked like. I slathered on face paint instead. Changed from paint smocks and old clothes to jeans and pearls. Then I began to wait.

Unfortunate events kept him mucho, mucho later than he originally planned. So, to entertain myself, I grabbed my Power Shot Elph. I started clicking away. I had been away entirely too long. Upgrading from my Elph to the Power Shot S2 IS and finally to the EOS Rebel XTi. The Rebel spoils me far too much and in return I've neglected the others. I'd forgotten the love we once shared. . . How much fun we once had. . . . .

This morning I downloaded the Elph's photo's and noticed that paint has entirely, indisputably, and faithfully taken over my life. Can you spot the clues that tipped me off?

I really need to finish.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weekly words challenge brought to this blogosphere of ours by thy slanted Tink are purple and assortment:

This is one of the 180 Pansy's my mother-in-law and I planted this past Saturday. They should be b-e-a-uuu-tiful by spring 2008.

As is well known, I am painting in the home. This is one of my many assorted paint stations throughout the family room. No. I'm not done. I want to be, but I am not.


Next weeks words are landscape and orange.
[ Ahhh. Craptacular, I just used my Pansy's (AKA: landscape)]

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Always Take Off One Last Thing You Put On" Coco Chanel

Note to Self:
no matter how insignificant bewbies might be, must always wear sports bra when on spinner bike.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Llamalicious. You'll Laugh. You'll Cry. You'll Hurl.

Buenos dias! Or depending on where you are in this blogosphere of ours, buenas tardes or buenas noches!

I have, yet again, been given another awesome award! This time by Simply Curious Girl. If you haven't checked out her site, please do. She's frank. She's honest. She speaks from her heart with a touch of insanity, wittiness and deliciousness. She says the things most of us won't.

I am not quite sure I'm worthy of such an honor, but I lurves it! And, it's very cute in da face. . . . So, it is with great humbleness I accept this award on behalf of all seven of my readers of whom made this possible. Without you all, I wouldn't be where I am today. "I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the talons in the night. Mine is Strength... and Lust... and Power! I AM BEOWULF!"

Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong acceptance speech . . . .

I do appreciate that people groove on my leetol teeny blog here in this cyber-space of ours. I'm glad that I can provide a bit of entertainment now and again. So, thank you Simply Curious Nina, your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

Only one request was made of receiving this award. It must be given. So, it is with great pleasure I pass this on to those I haven't in the past:

Ian & Nikki
Iain & Vikki
Cynical Bastard
Mindy Does Minneapolis

You're a couple of my daily stalkerella diva haunts and the reason of many a laugh! Enjoy your new shiny llama award.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

I am thankful for many things in my life - my husband, my home (if even in disrepair), my family, my dogs, my cats, God, good food, great wine, heat, my fabulous friends, patience, love, endurance, spunk and an awesome pair of running shoes. I am blessed in more ways than I can speak of.

We started ours with the 5K Turkey Trot with friends even though the weather was only a cooperative 39-degrees Fahrenheit (that's 3.89-degrees Celsius for my British friends). At least it wasn't snowing, right? Right! Maybe. Why does it seem warmer when it snows? We just had a bone chilling wind that kept kt and I company during the run. The boys were worse off on their bikes, I think.

You see, Thomas' sponsor, Moritz Chevrolet, puts on the event every year, so his bike racing team had to lead out both the 5K and 10K runs. Let me tell you how cold lean leetol bike racers are in Lycra. This is one time where I was not jealous of their skinny-ness. . . I, myself, also won't feel so guilty having six helpings of mashed potatoes. And, just so you know, kt and I finished 2 minutes ahead of our normal 3.2-mile run time (31 minutes 5 seconds). We were pretty stoked about that.

6 AM. Before the start of the Turkey Trot 2007.

Our day is so far so good. I hope your day is turkey or tofurky, food filling and full of peace too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now That's The Kind of Dirty You Can't Wash Off

Sooooo. . . . I have been tagged with a "Meme" by the wonderful, awesome and fully entertaining Princess Winnipeg. Which means I must share a few facts about the fantastic Texaconsin Diva. Since I've been tagged only once before, I do happen to have few things you may or may not know. I'll try and be brief, but that alone is a difficult task for moi.

And, of course, there are codes of conduct - etiquette, if you will. I guess I must be a good diva.

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

Let's get this party started:

1. I broke my left wrist when I was 5-years-old jumping down off the monkey bars for the end of recess. No one knew it until 9 PM that night when Dr. Bob came home and took one look at it and said to my mom, "Mom C, I think you've got a broken arm here. . . " Mom started crying she felt so bad. Even my kindergarten teacher had grabbed my wrist and moved it up and down pretty violently while I sat back choking on my tears as she did so. It's okay, mom, how were you supposed to know? Plus, it's pretty cool to wear a cast to school at that age! Bonus that we were friends of the people of the Mayo Clinic - priority service. Bou-yah!
2. I can cook. (And not just pop tarts.) This also includes grilling meat. Two things I completely enjoy doing. Though, my cooking endeavors led me to stop my monthly dinner/wine soiree's back in the day. I no longer had the fun they once were when one of the guys went and got a girlfriend who thought it was best to tell me how to cook in my kitchen. One time, she went as far as to leave and purchase an herb at the grocery when she found out I wasn't using it. Upon her return, she threw all of it in the food. Food. I. Was. Cooking. I was a wee bit perturbed, but didn't have the cajones to tell her to get out of my kitchen and don't come back. I was trying to have a nice time, people. Second party she came to. Second strike she got. She also invited 30 people to a Halloween party Alli and I were throwing without asking for permission. She was awful. I think he married her anyway. Third strike. . . .
3. Once, I was told I looked like a German soccer player. A Male German Soccer Player. (Why couldn't it at least have been Beckham?) This guy, who so eloquently uttered these words, left me speechless. Me. Speechless. . . . In my own home.
4. I can't dance. Even when I'm full of ze liquid courage. I just can't do it. I am awful. (ButIlovesit!)
5. I knew I wanted to marry the husband before I even met him. I'd heard so much about him that he just sounded like the person I wanted to and should be spending my life with. I was right. He is.

I know, I know. . . rules are meant to be brok-ed. But since Princess Winnipeg thinks I am nice and all I surely don't want to disappoint. That said, the following of ya'll are tagged:

1. Alli, because payback is a bee-otch.
2. Ian, because he's sure genius. Anyone who can write a 13 page paper on the innards of a ping-pong ball as punishment for a school time crime of talking or something, has got the goods.
3. Alex & Fi, because they've been gone too long and need to come back to the blogosphere. I miss ya'll.
4. Iain & Vikki, because they're about to have another wee little one! They're very, very brave and kind! They also hike more than anyone I know on this planet.
5. Mindy, because ultimately she is uber fabulous! And who doesn't want to hear of fabulousness? Especially since she lives in the great state that I was born in.

I've done my duties. It's off my plate and now on yours. . . .

Always Late to the Party

This weeks "Weekly Words Challenge" from our beloved Tink are
"yellow" and "inanimate".

Shades of yellow in blades of grass.
(The husband took this photo.)

You may think this is a picture of my cat, Mia Bella, but it's not.
It is actually the brick behind her that is inanimate of which I'm about to go paint today.


. . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand because my home renovations kept me from playing last week, I'm adding one.

This is a red cap on a wire I found tucked behind the wall
of our 60-years-old home (architecture). Yes. The wire is still "hot."
Guess how many other wires I found like this hidden behind walls? Guess who has to hire an electrician to come kill
hot wires hidden behind walls? Guess who's pretty happy about live wires hidden behind walls?

Next weeks words challenge are Assortment and Purple.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Do You Want, an Adorable Pancreas

Am covered in thy paint. I might be close to being toxic.

Will get back to thee all when able to varnish off. . . .

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are You & Your Little Band of Ruffians Picking Pockets

What are Jen and the husband in the middle of:

A) prepping (sanding, washing, masking/taping, wood filling, etc.) the dinning room & family room for paint
B) planting stuff that grows
C) tearing out homemade ceiling structure(s) in the Great Hall
D) power washing house, fence, cars, garage
E) epoxying the garage floor
F) fixing broken window the dog kicked out last spring
G) prepping trim on home to receive a coat of paint
H) breaking into shed
I) replacing deadbolt on said shed post-break in
J) re-caulking 264 pieces of glass
K) customizing all outlets, plugs and weird electrical items
L) flabbergasted that closed off electrical wires which are 60+ years of age are still "hot"
M) pricing Pergo flooring for master bedroom (cha-ching)
N) prepping kitchen for paint
O) prepping guest bathroom for paint
P) replacing front & back door hardware
Q) repairing rotten wood pieces around home
R) on the millionth-and-one trip to Lowe's
S) cooking the entire way through home improvements

What's your guess?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is It Just Me or Does Anyone Else See the Little Fashion Elf

On Friday, I spent the entire day prepping our dinning & family room to receive some paint. You will be surprised . . . . but I did not do this in my stiletto's. ***gasp*** I know! What is the world coming to? I did; however, put on my Converse sneakers that I loll around in every now and then. I wore them for several hours. Without socks.

I. Could. Not. Stand. The. Feeling.

Barefoot in sneakers is completely disgusting. I don't know how people do it? It annoyed me to no end. I finally broke down and pulled a fashion faux-pas.

from this

to this

So this tells me a few things.

1) I am a dork.
2) I am more of a dork for posting this.

Friday, November 9, 2007

the husband: so. . . . was there a special on syrup?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

That's How This Lady Rolls

I am officially jumpy. I had never been before. I was the one, at 6 years of age, that sat through an entire viewing of "Jaws" without batting an eyelid. And, no, my mother did not approve. She said "no, you cannot take Jenny to see that movie," but my older and way cooler cousin did not see the point in listening to a mother's advice. She took me anyway. I wasn't even frightened of the ocean let alone sharks. I was 6. Give me Spielberg any day. I can take him.

I was 8 when "Salem's Lot: The Miniseries" was shown on TV. My parents let my brother and I watch it with them. My brother covered his eyes the entire time while mentioning more than once, "tell me when it's over." I sat wide-eyed and bushy tailed viewing the entire show. I fell in love with bloodsucking vampires and all things evil.

After I had discovered Stephen King, I then found Anne Rice and Dean Koontz. I couldn't read fast enough. These authors were coupled with and era of Freddy Krueger and Jason. Hmpf. Child's play if you ask me.

. . . .Fast forward to modern day Longhorn City, TX USA. . . .

Late Monday morning, I was just back from the gym and the grocery. In the husbands and my driveway, I went around to the passenger side of the truck to start unpacking recently purchased food goods. It was then it happened. Panic suddenly had me in its crushing grip. In one movement, I had jumped, ducked my head defensively and gasped with horror. I had 6 bags of groceries in each hand. I almost dropped them and fled. Shock was enveloping me as my little heart was pounding through my chest. Seconds passed . . . .

What exactly was it that brought a horror giant down?

A falling acorn. One that had whizzed past my head at what was seemingly 32-miles per hour and hit the truck with alarming force.

Don't believe me?
evidence A: the scratch left on our truck after atomic acorn hit.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weeks "Weekly Words Challenge" from our beloved Tink are "old" and "blue".
Bonus sporks for "Halloween".

This is Bo-bo. He is my very first stuffed animal.
I was given him when I was born. Sadly, I do not know by who.

This is my eye. It is blue.

This is Louis, my sisters dog, wearing Lederhosen for Halloween.


My little Lola, the little devil.

What photo's did you use for this weeks words challenge?

Next weeks words are "Architecture" and "Red".

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Snapshots

My weekend in pictures:

Found this little guy on our patio.

Moved flagstone here.

Played with Dixie & all four-legged furries.

Made Friday's dinner of white truffle mac 'n cheese.

Made Sunday's breakfast of pumpkin pie pancakes.

Picked up new glasses.

Hope you had a good one too!

(P.S. I ran 7 miles on Saturday, but didn't have a camera. My training continues.)

Friday, November 2, 2007

It Hissed at Me and Raised into Attack Mode

I was moving the flagstones in our backyard today. I decided to walk under our tree house - taking a short cut to get to the pile of stone. I was looking down and walking rather quickly. In doing so, I. Hit. My. Head. In. The. Same. Exact. Spot. I. Did. Yesterday.

I crumpled in a heap.

I am talented, people. Verrrrry talented.

I Smell a Burrito

While driving to breakfast this morning, we happened to come across a man with a gasoline can. He was walking across the part of the sidewalk where there is an entrance into some sort of shopping center or store or whatnot. He saw that the husband and I were about to turn in and abruptly stopped walking. The husband made a quick motion to the man that it was fine, keep going - it's not a problem. But the man motion the same thing to the husband. In fact, he insisted upon it. So, as we drove by the man I gave him a quick "thank you" wave as well as a mouthing of such words.

And there it was - rock star parking! In all it's glory right in front of us. Just calling out to be completed with a truck in its b-e-a-you-tiful space. This never happens to us. It was a calling from the parking gods that be. "Take. The. Spot." and "It's yours for the taking." Yet, to my alarm, we kept moving which was away from the front spot not reserved for the wheel chair bound or pregger females.

I promptly mentioned a few words of wisdom to the husband as if he didn't already comprehend, "buthere'srockstarparking!" Upon which the husband replied, "yeah, but I don't want to get stopped by that man with the gas can asking for cash."

I thought for a brief moment and responded, "noooo-oo . . . . he's not going to ask for money. I mean, he's out of gas, obviously and wants to get to his car." Most people in this world are good. Not everyone is out for something, right? By this time the husband; however, had already parked the truck in Timbuktu land (as if I can't walk) . . . . He got out and I followed suit. As I was moving myself out of the vehicle I looked for gas can man on the sidewalk just up the street he was moving. I didn't see him. I thought, "golly! The guy moves fast." And turned to find the husband who was stopped and half-heartedly listening to gas can man.

The guy sure did move fast, but only to proposition the husband for money. I stood aside perfectly bewildered.

Once we were able to move on from gas can man, I turned to the husband and said, "I will never doubt you again."

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Don't Worry, No One Noticed Part Deux

I was determined that today was going to be a great day! My luck was turning after all.

On my way out to the truck, I grabbed the last remaining garbage bag from the Battle of the Boll Weevils. It was much heavier than I remembered, which caused me to look down. Upon where I then continued walking into the rising garage door. An impenetrable blow to the middle of the top of my little head. Unfortunately, so unyielding was our garage door that I believed I almost smacked my eyeballs out of their nice homey sockets. Elegance, really.

Three hours later, I have a nice little goose egg of a reminder and a headache to match.

Great day so far.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lucifer's Chamber

So, this week started out a bit rough for me. On Saturday, as I was sitting trying on new glasses, I noticed one of my anniversary gifts was gone. Gone! In a panic, I just picked out a pair, paid and left. I needed to leave. I thought my throat was closing in - I couldn't breathe.

On top of that, the glasses I had previously picked out were not the glasses I purchased. I'm worried about that. Here's the thing, I'm not so much a pushover, but I couldn't get the lady who sold me my previous glasses to budge. She kept telling me that the eye wear I wanted this time around did not look good on me. Two weeks prior, four other employees said they were the one's for me. I loved them. I had my heart set on them. I did not get them. I'm mad at myself.

She did; however, keep trying to get me to purchase the Prada eyeglasses. I absolutely loved the Prada - who in their right mind wouldn't, but I did not love the $500.00 price tag they were wearing (and let me mention just how irritated I am right this moment for finding them for this price on the web. I'm not even going to bother looking up the one's I bought for fear of a much. lower. price.) ***gah***

I also bought my mother-in-law a birthday card. I read it. It was really a very sweet card. I did not; however, look at the card. I only read it. I went to sign it and finally viewed the card. It is a card for an African- American mother. An authentic and official Mahogany card complete with label and all. I somehow missed that.

Once more, I famously digress.

I lost my earring. I bought the wrong glasses. I cried over my earring. I tore the home apart. I finally told the husband, to which he responded, "it's okay, baby. You know how you can find it?"My response, "stop looking for it?" But with a big grin he said, "it won't be lost anymore if we just purchase another one!" Which made me want to cry further. He was so understanding. Instead, I managed, "this time I'm making them put screw backs on - not just the push backs. I couldn't handle losing them again." The husband just laughed and said it was okay. I still felt terrible.

On Monday, it was good not to go back into work. I hear now that the big kahuna has basically announced a downsizing will take place by the end of the year. People are definitely worried. I am really glad not to go back to that place, but I felt useless once more. It's not fun not working or not having a mission in life. I know, I know. . . I will post about this later.

I spent most of this week catching up on 2 months of housework and yard work. I have much more to do, but at least it gives me something. I can't sit my arse at this here computer all day now, can I?

I think I may be on the fringe of shin-splints. I could only do 2 miles of my 3 mile run last night. It was excruciating. The husband has been helping me with stretches and massages. Props to the ibuprofen as well. I have a 4.5 mile run to complete tomorrow night, I'll see then what level my pain is at. I can't stop now, the 1/2 marathon is just over a month away.

Also, I think I've discovered I'm a bit anal this week. Or at least more so than I originally thought. Whilst battling wheat weevils for hours, after washing every canned item and throwing out every conceivable box as well as wheat product, this is what my pantry looks like after the assault:

What do you think? Anal? Just a little? My life is fun, people! It is.

Upon waking this morning, I stepped in dog puke. I had on slippers. Ha, ha! Vindication! Still gross, but not quite as gross as being barefoot would have been. While cleaning up, I spotted a cockroach out of the corner of my eye. I cleaned him up too. ***shudder*** But, while grabbing him with a massive wad of paper towels, his 80,000 legs started to scrambled. I yelped, squished and flushed him down the toilet. A 1/2 dead cockroach almost killed me from fright on Halloween.

Furthermore, the husband and I finally started to put together our workout room. I was very sad as that meant we took down my nieces room and put it all away. She won't be back - at least not for a long time. I verged on tears once more. I miss her immensely.

A few hours of moving, cleaning, hooking electronics up and we finally have a TV, DVD, computer, CompuTrainer as well as a spin bike all set to go for home workouts.

We then rode bikes together for just over an hour while watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." And(!) we tackled a core strengthening DVD for the first time ever. Just after we started, we looked at one another with fear. This was not going to be easy. We were huffing and puffing 5 minutes into it . . . . An hour later, we finished. We both almost collapsed. We stretched and ordered a pizza. Take that muscles! To hell with burning fat cells!

Finally, I found my earring this afternoon (and its backing)! I'm still going to take them in for screw backs. I'm not chancing nothing. I've been all smiles since then. I think my week just might be turning around. . . .

I'm the One Hiding Under Your Bed

To use the words of Jack Skellington:

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It’s our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween


La la-la la, Halloween! Halloween!