Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lucifer's Chamber

So, this week started out a bit rough for me. On Saturday, as I was sitting trying on new glasses, I noticed one of my anniversary gifts was gone. Gone! In a panic, I just picked out a pair, paid and left. I needed to leave. I thought my throat was closing in - I couldn't breathe.

On top of that, the glasses I had previously picked out were not the glasses I purchased. I'm worried about that. Here's the thing, I'm not so much a pushover, but I couldn't get the lady who sold me my previous glasses to budge. She kept telling me that the eye wear I wanted this time around did not look good on me. Two weeks prior, four other employees said they were the one's for me. I loved them. I had my heart set on them. I did not get them. I'm mad at myself.

She did; however, keep trying to get me to purchase the Prada eyeglasses. I absolutely loved the Prada - who in their right mind wouldn't, but I did not love the $500.00 price tag they were wearing (and let me mention just how irritated I am right this moment for finding them for this price on the web. I'm not even going to bother looking up the one's I bought for fear of a much. lower. price.) ***gah***

I also bought my mother-in-law a birthday card. I read it. It was really a very sweet card. I did not; however, look at the card. I only read it. I went to sign it and finally viewed the card. It is a card for an African- American mother. An authentic and official Mahogany card complete with label and all. I somehow missed that.

Once more, I famously digress.

I lost my earring. I bought the wrong glasses. I cried over my earring. I tore the home apart. I finally told the husband, to which he responded, "it's okay, baby. You know how you can find it?"My response, "stop looking for it?" But with a big grin he said, "it won't be lost anymore if we just purchase another one!" Which made me want to cry further. He was so understanding. Instead, I managed, "this time I'm making them put screw backs on - not just the push backs. I couldn't handle losing them again." The husband just laughed and said it was okay. I still felt terrible.

On Monday, it was good not to go back into work. I hear now that the big kahuna has basically announced a downsizing will take place by the end of the year. People are definitely worried. I am really glad not to go back to that place, but I felt useless once more. It's not fun not working or not having a mission in life. I know, I know. . . I will post about this later.

I spent most of this week catching up on 2 months of housework and yard work. I have much more to do, but at least it gives me something. I can't sit my arse at this here computer all day now, can I?

I think I may be on the fringe of shin-splints. I could only do 2 miles of my 3 mile run last night. It was excruciating. The husband has been helping me with stretches and massages. Props to the ibuprofen as well. I have a 4.5 mile run to complete tomorrow night, I'll see then what level my pain is at. I can't stop now, the 1/2 marathon is just over a month away.

Also, I think I've discovered I'm a bit anal this week. Or at least more so than I originally thought. Whilst battling wheat weevils for hours, after washing every canned item and throwing out every conceivable box as well as wheat product, this is what my pantry looks like after the assault:

What do you think? Anal? Just a little? My life is fun, people! It is.

Upon waking this morning, I stepped in dog puke. I had on slippers. Ha, ha! Vindication! Still gross, but not quite as gross as being barefoot would have been. While cleaning up, I spotted a cockroach out of the corner of my eye. I cleaned him up too. ***shudder*** But, while grabbing him with a massive wad of paper towels, his 80,000 legs started to scrambled. I yelped, squished and flushed him down the toilet. A 1/2 dead cockroach almost killed me from fright on Halloween.

Furthermore, the husband and I finally started to put together our workout room. I was very sad as that meant we took down my nieces room and put it all away. She won't be back - at least not for a long time. I verged on tears once more. I miss her immensely.

A few hours of moving, cleaning, hooking electronics up and we finally have a TV, DVD, computer, CompuTrainer as well as a spin bike all set to go for home workouts.

We then rode bikes together for just over an hour while watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." And(!) we tackled a core strengthening DVD for the first time ever. Just after we started, we looked at one another with fear. This was not going to be easy. We were huffing and puffing 5 minutes into it . . . . An hour later, we finished. We both almost collapsed. We stretched and ordered a pizza. Take that muscles! To hell with burning fat cells!

Finally, I found my earring this afternoon (and its backing)! I'm still going to take them in for screw backs. I'm not chancing nothing. I've been all smiles since then. I think my week just might be turning around. . . .


Jay said...

I have a habit of getting birthday or holiday cards for people and then when I get home and start to sign it, I read it again and decided that it sucks. So I throw it out and have to get another one. Strange huh?

Alli said...

Oh my goodness girlie, you did have a rough start to the week. But I'm sooo sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at the card story. Too funny!

I, too, would freak if I lost my precious "I-just-turned-30-I-need-sparklies" earrings! Ack! Glad you found yours.

It does sound like things are turning around. Exercise, Jack Skelington, & some tasty 'zza sounds great! Good way to turn this into a good week. :)

mindy said...

Does your husband happen to have any brothers? Maybe living in Minnesota?

Jen said...

Jay: I think it's a virus that spreads.

Alli: It's funny. Now. It also ended up being a pretty awesome night.

Mindy: I wish he had more brothers, b/c I'd love to set up all my single girlfriends with someone like the husband. He's a decent and kind soul. More women need to know that they do exist.

He'll come though, just give it time. And be picky.

ETK said...

Ha ha ha - I couldn't remember WHERE in the WORLD I had seen those glasses... :) Thanks!!! I'm going to lenscrafters tomorrow to try them on. If they look good, I'm totally buying them online, as the online price is 1/2 the price the lenscrafter's website quotes!!!! THANK YOU! :)