Thursday, November 1, 2007

Don't Worry, No One Noticed Part Deux

I was determined that today was going to be a great day! My luck was turning after all.

On my way out to the truck, I grabbed the last remaining garbage bag from the Battle of the Boll Weevils. It was much heavier than I remembered, which caused me to look down. Upon where I then continued walking into the rising garage door. An impenetrable blow to the middle of the top of my little head. Unfortunately, so unyielding was our garage door that I believed I almost smacked my eyeballs out of their nice homey sockets. Elegance, really.

Three hours later, I have a nice little goose egg of a reminder and a headache to match.

Great day so far.


Jay said...

I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you.

You are laughing, right? ;-)

Yesterday I decided to empty the dishwasher so I opened the cabinet where the plates go, bent over and grabbed them out of the washer and hit my head on the CABINET DOOR I JUST OPENED! Yeah, I'm talented like that too. ;-)

Emmeline said...

Wow, it HAS been a rough week for you!! Hope the weekend is better!


Alli said...

Oi!!! Somebody deserves a nice glass of vino! :)

Tink said...

I do that on the inside of the car door all the time! I think my ass has gotten bigger, thus making me taller so I don't slide in as easy as I used to.

mindy said...

I faxed something to myself today. To my phone, not to my fax machine or anything. So I feel ya.

Jen said...

Jay: I am laughing. I'm such a dork. I think anyone who saw me was falling-on-the-ground-laughing! I'm a good time.

Emmeline: I know! Feel bad for me! ! ! Do you think I could get any worse for wear?

Alli: Did someone mention wine? ! Where? What? When? Your house or mine?

Tink: Maybe, like your old fridge, the car is possessed and is trying to make you feel like it's you and not the car which really happens to be the one hitting you on your noggin'? I mean, I just don't see your ass growing at the rate of speed it would need to in order to achieve the head hitting height.

Ian said...

Awesome. Picture of the injury, please!

Jen said...

Mindy: I've done that too! Seriously, soul sisters!

Ian: No way, Jose! Then there'd be proof of my dorkiness, again. I did think I had, for a 1/2 second, split open my scalp, but no. Just bruised - ego included.

Rock Chef said...

Argh, I hate bashing my head like that - it happens quite a lot, so it is a good job I have a strong skull!

R.E.H. said...

Hilarious! Always is when it happens to someone else.

Wasn't as funny when I damned near poked my eye out on a clothes hanger stepping into the shower one morning... don't ask... :)

Is funny now :)

Jen said...

Rock Chef: I found out just how hard mine was too. Otherwise I might have ended up with a lobotomy I wasn't looking for. Ow.

r.e.h.: I wish it happened to someone else! My theory on your hanger in the shower was that you were trying to steam the wrinkle out of your clothes. I've been there and done that myself. . . Never works. And you almost lost an eye! Yeowwww!

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