Monday, November 5, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weeks "Weekly Words Challenge" from our beloved Tink are "old" and "blue".
Bonus sporks for "Halloween".

This is Bo-bo. He is my very first stuffed animal.
I was given him when I was born. Sadly, I do not know by who.

This is my eye. It is blue.

This is Louis, my sisters dog, wearing Lederhosen for Halloween.


My little Lola, the little devil.

What photo's did you use for this weeks words challenge?

Next weeks words are "Architecture" and "Red".


Joel said...

Looks like the dogs also had a bit of Halloween!

I'm another WWC torch bearer(if you are surprised) :)

Alli said...

Awww. Cute pics!
Danggit, next year I just may have to get a costume for Merlah.

My WWC pics will be up soon...

Jay said...

That little teddy bear looks pretty worn out.

Great pics! I love it when people dress their pets up for halloween. Sure, the dogs might be a bit humiliated, but since it's for our entertainment they go along with it.

Tink said...

Is that teddy bear blind? You should sew him some eyes. ;)

Great pictures! I really love the dogs in their costumes.

Ian said...

Okay, that picture of Louis is kind of disturbing.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Louis and Lola are cracking me up! Great pics!

butterfly girl said...

I hail from Tink land, I am new to the WWC. As a participant anyway. I love the blue picture, what brand of mascara is that?

I might have to get a dog, they adorable!

R.E.H. said...

The devil dog cracked me up. And I like the Bo-Bo picture as well.

I just got my WWC pics up for the week as well.

Jen said...

Joel: Glad you came by to visit! I always enjoy new blog friends, of which this WWC seems to get me more and more each week!

Alli: Awwww! Thanks! My sister is way more creative at the pet costumes than I. She enters Louis in a contest every year and he usually wins. One year, after she came to Texas, she dressed him as a cowboy and tied a little fake gun to his waist. He was called, "packing heat" that year! Awesome!

Jay: Bo-bo is pretty worn. I stopped sleeping with him sometime before I turned 10, but he's now 36 years old. I can't seem to toss him out.

I saw a clydesdale horse dressed as a giant poodle this year! I actually felt bad for the horse, even though it was imaginative.

Tink: Bo-bo is blind as a bat. Poor little guy. I never thought to give him new eyes. I'll ponder this. . .

Ian: You should see my sisters last year Christmas card! She, her husband, Louis and Freemon (her german shep) all dressed in German outfits and wrote a nice German greeting! If I had a scanner, I'd be posting that picture in a heartbeat - it made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

. . . And be nice.

rllesbian: Another guest! I love it! I looked all over my cpu's for other dogs in costume pictures, but was only successful in finding these two. They crack me up too!

Butterfly G: Welcome! Thanks for being so kind! I am always amazed at how creative others are regarding the WWC! Most people are way better than I. So, I'm off to see your blog post re: WWC now. . .

I have 4 dogs - want one?

Jen said...

reh: you snuck in there while I was posting responses! Ha! Off to see your site re: WWC as well. . . Bo-bo was a good bear; not so handsome but he was with me all the way! And, come to think of it, he's still here.

Jen said...

butterfly g: I forgot. . . the mascara is "Lash Injection" from Too Faced cosmetics! I love, love, LOVE this mascara! They say you can do 3-4 coats of it, but I've never done more than 1; maybe 2 coats. It can clump if you're not careful. It takes a bit to get off, but well worth it.

Let me know if you end up with it.

Freakazojd said...

Oh, I love Bo-bo! :) Great ways to say the words. And nice eye, by the sounds so weird. It is, though. And the dog costumes made me laugh - those are awesome!