Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weeks "Weekly Words Challenge" from our beloved Tink are
"yellow" and "inanimate".

Shades of yellow in blades of grass.
(The husband took this photo.)

You may think this is a picture of my cat, Mia Bella, but it's not.
It is actually the brick behind her that is inanimate of which I'm about to go paint today.


. . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand because my home renovations kept me from playing last week, I'm adding one.

This is a red cap on a wire I found tucked behind the wall
of our 60-years-old home (architecture). Yes. The wire is still "hot."
Guess how many other wires I found like this hidden behind walls? Guess who has to hire an electrician to come kill
hot wires hidden behind walls? Guess who's pretty happy about live wires hidden behind walls?

Next weeks words challenge are Assortment and Purple.


Jay said...

That cat looks like a statue!

Way to get caught up on the WWC too.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Alli said...

Awww...Mia Bella is so pretty. :)

So, is she more tame than Pontius?

Hope the home renovations are going well.

g-man said...

Nice photos. Bummer on the wiring.

Tink said...

I am SO not looking forward to the day we hire an electrician. Half the outlets in our house don't work. But I have a feeling there's much more than that going on behind those walls. Stupid house woes. I think we should all build huts on the beach. Want a hut next to mine? :)

Great photos!!

Jen said...

Jay: Mia Bella is a perfect photo subject. She's sits pretty like the princess that she is. . . She was purrrrrring all throughout me taking her mug! I lurve her mucho, mucho.

Alli: Mia is pretty amazing, but I might be a bit biased. She's very tame considering Pontius is 60% Asian Snow Leopard. She's the same but most likely 3 generations removed from the wild - more like a lovable house cat. Easy peasy she is.

Renovations are time consuming. And, always more work than originally planned. D'oh.

'Nough said.

G-Man: Thanks! (And, back at you!) Yeah, electrical wiring. . . ***sigh*** loads of "notes to self" on buying our next home. That is, if I'm ever brave enough to move again.

Tink: I've got dibs on the hut next to yours! Shotgun! At least I'd laugh all day and maybe you could get Hoop to do the hula. . . ? Just make sure you have enough sporks.

Ian said...

Yeah, we've got a a few wires like that. I think there's 3 sets of wiring in our house. Original 50's flavor, updated 70's variety and new and improved 21st century installation. Who knows which is where though.

gawilli said...

Great interpretation of yellow! And how did you ever get the cat to stand so still?

R.E.H. said...

A picture of a cat makes the cat itself inanimate too, doesn't it?

Great shots, and whoa! you must be busy working on that house.