Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking Into the Soul of the Dog Sitting Next to Me

So, I'm cheating. I know most of my FB friends have read this, as it was a "tag" thing on FB, but until I actually have some time to sit and write again, this "cheating repeat" will have to do. It took me all day to compose the damn thing and that has to count for something when time is a luxury I don't have these days. Right? My sincere apologies to those of you who must read this twice. At least you know I'm still breathing in my Longhorn City.


Anyhow, let us get to it. Twenty-five Randomocities about me:

1. I deeply, deeply love and adore my husband. His heart, soul & mind are bigger than anyone's I've ever met. He loves me back unconditionally - including my idiosyncrasies, faults and happy's. It still amazes me. I've never experienced that from anyone but family previously.

2. The husband laughs with me & at me daily. It keeps me grounded.

3. I also wear my pearls &/or sparkly's on a daily basis. Why keep something so beautiful in a box?

4. I love, love, LOVE to drive fast (but only if I'm the driver)! Then again, I am a total car freak. . . . I don't drive the husbands car b/c of this. I found myself driving over 180 mph down the toll-way once. That cured me of that car - not the speed, but the pure power of speed and what it can do.

5. I've learned (over the years) not to trust too many people. I used to love everyone. Not everyone loves you back - friendship or otherwise. That's a very hard lesson to learn.

6. I have a blog, which is where you'd find most of all this list of information already previously written & published.

7. I am a total goofball!

8. I love vodka, wine and cupcakes. Not necessarily in that order. And, never too much of any one or the other unless it's wine, cupcakes or vodka. Wait. What?

9. Since I was 5-years-old, I only ever wanted to be a veterinarian. My mom took me to talk to one about becoming a vet and how to achieve that goal when I was 12. He told me I'd never, ever be able to do it. I believed him. I gave up my dream from that day forth. I regret that I never tried.

10. I am currently training to run my first marathon with Team In Training for April 5th, 2009. I'm not crazy. If you think training is hard, try chemo (though, it is my hope you nor I will ever have to).

11. My hobby is cooking. This makes Williams-Sonoma my absolute most favorite store in the whole wide world!

12. I abhor clothes shopping. I'd pay to have someone do that for me. I'm such a non-girlie girl! But I do heart stilettos and makeup. So, I actually am a girlie-girl!

13. I've had to learn to say no to animal rescues, but it still breaks my heart each and every time to do so. Six four-legged furries in one house is more than enough. It gives me plenty of story fodder though!

14. I adore, respect, love, cherish & look up to my little sister and her husband more than they will ever know or comprehend. They are hardworking, kind, loving and generous souls who encompass wisdom beyond their years. I wish you all could know them too.

15. I miss my family immensely. As much as I love our Longhorn City, Texas, I wish I lived closer to them.

16. I believe in angels and demons. I also think I heart zombie's, vampire's, lycan's and ghost's far more than any normal human being ought to. . . . Uh-huh! They are to real! As are aliens.

17. I try to remind myself daily that in the end, it's not between you and me, but between God and me.

18. I've never been in a fight that I didn't ask for (aka: kickboxing, karate, jujitsu or boxing lessons). I'll continue to say till the day I die that being Amazonian has its perks. . . .

19. I am terrified of spiders. They are evil, vile beastly creatures.

20. I'm naturally blonde. Dark blonde, but blonde nonetheless. Obviously, I dye my locks.

21. I've tried to read, "Skinny Bitch" on three different occasions over 1.5 years, but I didn't like a book yelling at me or telling me how effing stoopid I was. I also eat a little meat now and then, but only meat that has been organically and humanely grown. I tried to give it up a few years ago and only made it 2-years. I really love steak too much.

22. I can't watch Animal Cops or anything related to animal cruelty (this includes Sarah McLachlan's advertisement of beaten, abused and neglected animals), because I start crying each and every time. The husband will change the channel for me/us - he can't take it either. I used to think I only felt this way about animals until I watched a show on St. Judes Children's Hospital. The husband, once again, gently reminded me to change the channel and when I couldn't move to do so, he did it for me. Cancer is evil. Beating animals is just as evil.

23. I seriously have bad hearing. Take, for example, this conversation that the husband and I had once upon a time:
me: how was your ride?
the husband: I got to potty-train. . .
me: *???*
me: . . . . you got to potty-train? Huh?
the husband: I. got. to. potty-train. . .
me: you have to potty-train? Whut. . . . ? *[blink, blink]
the husband: I! Got! Stuck! By! A! Train!
me: oh.
the husband: yeah. You and your bad hearing.

24. I don't debate religion or politics. Especially when wine is added (lesson learned)! I have mine. You have yours. Lets leave it at that.

25. Having Reef Sharks as well as Nurse Sharks swim around you, under you and over you is unexplainable, amazing and somewhat anxiety producing. No, we were not in a "cage". We were free diving in these parts. Besides, I always thought Nurse Sharks were like big Labrador puppies - always sleeping on the ocean floor. Seemed harmless enough. It is a bit different when they are swimming around you. Add in some Reef Sharks and you have yourself a mighty fine time with a bit of a fast heartbeat. Do you think sharks can sense fear?

That is all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Do You Want An Adorable Pancreas?

This was my day today. . . 

I tried to make my cappuccino on three different occasions.  Not once did I complete this task.  

Not to be defeated, I continued to turn on the espresso machine three different times.  And was distracted three different times.  And I have to point out that the espresso machine stays on for 2 hours at a time before turning itself off. That's 6 hours.

Six hours that I could not get my cappuccino made on this day.

Seriously, who cannot find time to make a cup of coffee during normal hours?  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long Time Coming & Then Some Part Deux

Aaaaand another from thy Princess of the Universe:

Numero Deux: I am totally DYING to meet you - what would you do with me if I just showed up on your doorstep one day and announced I was there for a week?

Princess!  Do not give me such tachycardia!  Not that I wouldn't love to have you come to my awesome Longhorn City and stay with the husband & I.  We heart company.  We also heart entertaining.  We do.  But. . . just showing up.  Ahhck.  Well, it wouldn't normally be a problem if my house weren't such a mess on a consistent basis.  Four dogs does not make a clean house. Like, ever.  

Anyhow, having a slight mess is not an answer to your question.  Thus, to comply with the interview question, here is what I would do: 

I'd take you on a 14-mile run.  18 if you're on best behavior.  

I'd then toss you into an ice bath.  

I will be looking forward to your pink princessy knock on my front door.  Soon, I hope!  

But don't think we're finished with our fun, fun, fun!  Oh we're so not!  Because the husbands and my Longhorn City is so close to one of your favorites - and really, this should be many, many peoples favorites - we will go on a search to hunt this one down.  What happens when we do find him is up to you.   Remember, what happens in Longhorn City, stays in Longhorn City.  

Unless I blog about it.  [But I wouldn't do that. . . Really.  I wouldn't.  Pffft.  Have faith.]  

Furthermore.  I'd also have to take you here.  Loads of sparkly princessy goodies to be had  in this place.  I can even buy prettiness here due to hypo-allergenicness.  In fact, the husband originally bought my engagement bling here and continues to do so.  It's an original Texas craftsmanship one cannot come to Texas and not visit this store.  

We can show off what we've found, jewelry and Ackles at the oldest zoo in Tejas.  I know, it's a zoo, but it is beautiful and the animals are treated very humanely here.  Sometimes zoo's are a necessary evil.  This one is a great one.  Trust me.   The animals are awesome.  

When you finally arrive on my doorstep, don't forget your appetite.  Texas has great food and loads of it!  Barbecue, Tex-Mex, Chili, down-home and fine dining.  If you crave it, we have it with a bit of Texas flair added in.  In fact, we have cook-offs, fry-offs, festivals, jamboree and many, many food celebrations including Turkey trots, watermelon thumps and peach jamborees.  If you're adventurous you can even enter into a jalapeno eating contest.  But I'll leave that one to you and you alone.  

But if you do that, you will need a pair of these so you can kick a cockroach to the corner.  Or just wear them to the Stockyards.  I swore I'd never buy a pair, but last year I broke that swear.  I'm glad I did.  Cowboy boots are the most comfortable item you can put on your feet.  I have yet to buy an actual Stetson, but truly I don't see that happening.  Maybe the big-a** belt buckle, but not the hat.  

I'd also cook for you.  Anything you wanted.  Ask and you shall receive.  I might even make a party out of it, so you can meet other fabulous Longhorn City people.  Did I mention, we love to entertain?  

Princess, there are so many goodies here in my Longhorn City that I couldn't practically link them all.  And I'd bore everyone.  There's museums, boutiques, water art, trails, hiking, dancing, biking, horseback riding, shopping, food, drink, glittery sparkly's, etc., etc., etc.  Just come and you'll find out for yourself.  

Then, you can blog about it.  

Oh.  Right. You'd have to give Jensen back when you're done here.  Okay?