Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long Time Coming & Then Some Part Deux

Aaaaand another from thy Princess of the Universe:

Numero Deux: I am totally DYING to meet you - what would you do with me if I just showed up on your doorstep one day and announced I was there for a week?

Princess!  Do not give me such tachycardia!  Not that I wouldn't love to have you come to my awesome Longhorn City and stay with the husband & I.  We heart company.  We also heart entertaining.  We do.  But. . . just showing up.  Ahhck.  Well, it wouldn't normally be a problem if my house weren't such a mess on a consistent basis.  Four dogs does not make a clean house. Like, ever.  

Anyhow, having a slight mess is not an answer to your question.  Thus, to comply with the interview question, here is what I would do: 

I'd take you on a 14-mile run.  18 if you're on best behavior.  

I'd then toss you into an ice bath.  

I will be looking forward to your pink princessy knock on my front door.  Soon, I hope!  

But don't think we're finished with our fun, fun, fun!  Oh we're so not!  Because the husbands and my Longhorn City is so close to one of your favorites - and really, this should be many, many peoples favorites - we will go on a search to hunt this one down.  What happens when we do find him is up to you.   Remember, what happens in Longhorn City, stays in Longhorn City.  

Unless I blog about it.  [But I wouldn't do that. . . Really.  I wouldn't.  Pffft.  Have faith.]  

Furthermore.  I'd also have to take you here.  Loads of sparkly princessy goodies to be had  in this place.  I can even buy prettiness here due to hypo-allergenicness.  In fact, the husband originally bought my engagement bling here and continues to do so.  It's an original Texas craftsmanship one cannot come to Texas and not visit this store.  

We can show off what we've found, jewelry and Ackles at the oldest zoo in Tejas.  I know, it's a zoo, but it is beautiful and the animals are treated very humanely here.  Sometimes zoo's are a necessary evil.  This one is a great one.  Trust me.   The animals are awesome.  

When you finally arrive on my doorstep, don't forget your appetite.  Texas has great food and loads of it!  Barbecue, Tex-Mex, Chili, down-home and fine dining.  If you crave it, we have it with a bit of Texas flair added in.  In fact, we have cook-offs, fry-offs, festivals, jamboree and many, many food celebrations including Turkey trots, watermelon thumps and peach jamborees.  If you're adventurous you can even enter into a jalapeno eating contest.  But I'll leave that one to you and you alone.  

But if you do that, you will need a pair of these so you can kick a cockroach to the corner.  Or just wear them to the Stockyards.  I swore I'd never buy a pair, but last year I broke that swear.  I'm glad I did.  Cowboy boots are the most comfortable item you can put on your feet.  I have yet to buy an actual Stetson, but truly I don't see that happening.  Maybe the big-a** belt buckle, but not the hat.  

I'd also cook for you.  Anything you wanted.  Ask and you shall receive.  I might even make a party out of it, so you can meet other fabulous Longhorn City people.  Did I mention, we love to entertain?  

Princess, there are so many goodies here in my Longhorn City that I couldn't practically link them all.  And I'd bore everyone.  There's museums, boutiques, water art, trails, hiking, dancing, biking, horseback riding, shopping, food, drink, glittery sparkly's, etc., etc., etc.  Just come and you'll find out for yourself.  

Then, you can blog about it.  

Oh.  Right. You'd have to give Jensen back when you're done here.  Okay?  


Princess of the Universe said...

What do you mean I have to give him back? I don't understand.
Isn't he my souvenir?


PS- That sounds like the most awesome trip ever. But uh, maybe I'll call first. Is calling from the airport enough advance notice??

Rosie&James said...

So so mean- I miss TX so much! As a San Antonian living in Asia I miss the hot weather, fraking good food and chill atmosphere... Oh Texas, my home sweet home.

Incidentally, James Avery is the best jewelry store in the world, suck it, Tiffany's.

Jess said...

Everytime I read your posts, I'm impressed with your exercising ability!!

Jen said...

Princess: I did not think of that. Obviously, you can keep Ackles as a souvenir - that so counts as one! If you call from the airport, all will be well! Just a wee bit of a heads up is all that is needed! I mean, my house is NOT dirty, dirty, but. . . It still need a spit shine before someone pops on in.

Rosie&James: Will you be living in Asia for the rest of your life? Or will you be making it back to Texas? Whoa. As a yankee who's been transplanted here, I do have to say I agree with all that you mentioned that is great about this state. I really do love it here - not to even mention I met the love of my life here. . .

And, yeah. Bite it Tiffany's! For serious! You ain't got nothing on James Avery!

Jess: You're too kind. . . I'm not sure if it's ability or stoopidness though!

Jay said...

And of course you could take her to the original Flying Saucer pub. I love that place. I spent A LOT of time at the one in San Antonio.


And don't forget the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro. I so want to go there sometime.


Fi said...

Can I come too?
I would definitely give you notice since I don't fancy flying the pond to find you're out at a week long running camp or something! :-)

Fi said...

Oh and I've already got my boots...as you know!

Chief Rock Chef said...

You made that sound so good - I want to come too! Could you cope with a whole bunch of us turning up at once? I would walk the dogs for you!

Jen said...

Jay: Completely forgot about Flying Saucer! I know! Blasphemy! Even though Princess isn't much into beer, it would be worth going in to show her the walls and ceilings. . . As well as show her the AMOUNT of world beers they engulf!

Definitely would take her, you or anyone else to Lonesome Dove Bistro! It's most excellent and in the Stockyards - you can wear your cowboy boots, hats and buckles too! Seriously, the steaks are to die for!

Fi: you and Alex are welcome at any time. If it gets you here faster, bring Ian, Nikki and Alasdair! Wear your most awesome boots too! I love those things!

Rock Chef: Of course! You like dogs and since I've got 4 of them. . . Well, suffice it to say, anyone who's a dog lover is a fantastic person in my book! Bring your family. We love company and we love to entertain - you just have to excuse our renovation mess in addition to the dog hair and muddy paws. . .

Alli said...

That does sign like a great trip. Sign me up! :) I def want to see that zoo...oh ya, and you & T, too! ;)