Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Yep. That is the husbands and my festivus for the restuvus. Vindi, veci, vassa! Or is it veni, vedi, vici? Pfffft. Latin. I should maybe think about sticking to my own language. One I haven't mastered, obviously, but at least understand. 

In any case, I have to say I am so very excited for Christmas this year. So much so that you would think that I am 5-years-old again waiting for Santa to come down the chimney to bring me all that which was built by elves! And some gum. Or vodka. Or cupcakes. Maybe all of the above?  Really, I'm not choosey. 

. . . .And. . . . I'm finished. I'll let you guess as to what is finished. 

Do you hear what I hear?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hi ya'll. You might have noticed, I'm taking a wee bit of a hiatus. I hope to be back sooner rather than later or not at all. Nothing is wrong. I've just got a "meh" momentary lapse of blogging. That is all. 

Did you know that the Collins English Dictionary will now be adding "meh" to its elaborate beautifully detailed explanations?   Pay homage to The Simpsons for that one.  

I miss you. I hope you are all well & happy.