Saturday, November 24, 2007

Llamalicious. You'll Laugh. You'll Cry. You'll Hurl.

Buenos dias! Or depending on where you are in this blogosphere of ours, buenas tardes or buenas noches!

I have, yet again, been given another awesome award! This time by Simply Curious Girl. If you haven't checked out her site, please do. She's frank. She's honest. She speaks from her heart with a touch of insanity, wittiness and deliciousness. She says the things most of us won't.

I am not quite sure I'm worthy of such an honor, but I lurves it! And, it's very cute in da face. . . . So, it is with great humbleness I accept this award on behalf of all seven of my readers of whom made this possible. Without you all, I wouldn't be where I am today. "I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the talons in the night. Mine is Strength... and Lust... and Power! I AM BEOWULF!"

Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong acceptance speech . . . .

I do appreciate that people groove on my leetol teeny blog here in this cyber-space of ours. I'm glad that I can provide a bit of entertainment now and again. So, thank you Simply Curious Nina, your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

Only one request was made of receiving this award. It must be given. So, it is with great pleasure I pass this on to those I haven't in the past:

Ian & Nikki
Iain & Vikki
Cynical Bastard
Mindy Does Minneapolis

You're a couple of my daily stalkerella diva haunts and the reason of many a laugh! Enjoy your new shiny llama award.


Jay said...

Awwwwwwwww a cute wittle llamaaaaa!

I've been trying out the "I AM BEOWULF!" line, but I think it comes in third to "THIS... IS ... SPARTAAAAAAAA! and "TONIGHT ... WE DINE IN HELLLLLL!" LOL

Congrats on your award!

Jay said...

P.S. Thanks for the award!

For some reason part of your post didn't show up in my google reader, so I missed where you gave one to me too. Guess I should pay better attention!

mindy said...

Why thank you! Gracias!
That is a cuuuute llama. Of course it's hard to find an animal I don't think is cute, but whatever.


Alex&Fi said...

I'm back! Congrats on the Llama, well done on the trot and what do I do about being tagged? That's a new one on me.....not sure I can think of five things about myself worth writing....hence the lo-oo-ong gap in blogging.

Alli said...

Love the new look of the blog!! Looks great! I am actually thinking of redoing mine with a new name & look.

Simply Curious said...

I have to say I LOVE the new look, and I'm glad you like the award. Thanks for passing it on. It's a great feeling to get little things from time to time. So now that I've buttered you up, go register and vote for me in the bloggers choice awards that someone nominated me for! Haha.

Jen said...

Jay: It was me; not you, I was trying to change my blogger look and messed up loads of links, views and what-nots. ***arrrrgh.*** It took me 6 hours to fix this thing. I'm almost disgusted with it and not to sure I love the look. . .?

Mindy: I'm with you, girl - all animals are cute!

Alex & I was thinking of turning all ninja-stealth-like to come rescue you 2 once again. ***whew*** Glad you're back and I didn't have to - I'm getting old and crickety.

You'll find 5 things - you're too fabulous not to have at least that!

Alli: Gracious. Though I'm not quite so sure. . . Loads of work to get here and not seeming too happy with it all. I wanted the "free scrolls" for the look, but its background was a screaming grody to the max, man.

Good luck with doing yours.

Simply Curious: it shall be done!

Simply Curious said...

p.s. Who is Nina?

Jen said...

In my un-eloquent Espanol. . .I thought "nina" meant "girl"; however, I see that it means "infant" or "child" - at least it's of the "female" origin. At least I got that right!

Princess of the Universe said...

I too, lurve the new look! Congrats to both of us!!

R.E.H. said...

Congrats on the award!

And, I love the new look blog. The header is especially nice...

I logged onto here and thought for a second... "Where's Jen's blog? Where am I?". Glad to see it was you still ;)

Jen said...

Princess of Uni: thank you! The site was a pita (pain in the a**) to upload/create. Really. It was. I'm still wondering if it was worth it?

I think you deserve llamalicious more than I!

r.e.h.: I still don't know where I am either? Thank you all the same!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award girlfriend!

I got one too and plan on posting it tomorrow. :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours looks pretty damn cool!

Rock Chef said...

Now I want a pet llama too!