Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weekly words challenge brought to this blogosphere of ours by thy slanted Tink are purple and assortment:

This is one of the 180 Pansy's my mother-in-law and I planted this past Saturday. They should be b-e-a-uuu-tiful by spring 2008.

As is well known, I am painting in the home. This is one of my many assorted paint stations throughout the family room. No. I'm not done. I want to be, but I am not.


Next weeks words are landscape and orange.
[ Ahhh. Craptacular, I just used my Pansy's (AKA: landscape)]


Tink said...

You're not late. It's still Tuesday isn't it? ;)

The purple pansy is lovely! And I'm with you on hating paint. We still have a bedroom, two bathrooms, and three closets to do. Not to mention all the touching up. *Sigh*

Jay said...

If I was down there I would help you paint. I'm very good at it. The clean up is a hassle though.

180 pansies? That's like .. a lot, isn't it? ;-)

Ian said...

Uh. You planted flowers when it was 39 degrees? That can't be right, can it?

R.E.H. said...

Get a wide shot of the Pansy's for next weeks landscape pic ;)

Lotsa painting to do, huh? Fun and yet exhausting, isn't it?

Jen said...

Tink: Who's idea was it anyway to paint the whole damn house? Huh? Really? I'd like to know, b/c I'm the one doing it. Who made your decision to paint closets?! Ugh. No. Thank. You.

Jay: I'm buying you a ticket. When are you available? I still have the kitchen, includes all cupboard doors (like, all 120 of them), 1/2 bath, guest bathroom and master bed and bath rooms. . . I need this done before January 5th, 2008.


Ian: Yes. It was cold. If I had cajones, they would be no longer. We still have to paint the trim on the house - this begins tomorrow. It better be warmer!

r.e.h.: No. Can't do it. Like you, I struggle with finding the most spectacular photo of sumptin' only to run out last minute and click. But I certainly can't do it twice in a row, now can I?! Maybe some weeks between them. . .

More than enough painting, if I was the Wonder Twin Girl, I'd form of a 'different' colored paint every day & splash walls until I was done.

Wanna help? I have beer and great pizza.

bribery gets one everywhere. Jay, this includes you too.

Alli said...

Pretty flower! Yes, a wide shot for next week would work. :)

Guuurrrllll... You are amazing with all this painting. If I was in your place, I'd be hiring people to do it for me. But then again, I am lazy. ;p We still haven't decided if we are going to do any more painting of our place. If we do, we'll probably wait until it is closer to the time we put it on the market. So, why January 5th?

Heather said...

I hate painting, yet I have a dozen cans in the basement, go figure! I like your pictures, especially the water details on the pansy.

g-man said...

I should check to see if my wife is still logged in before submitting comments... :)

Valley Girl said...

Oh, those pansys are beautiful!!!!! Such a great color!

Alex&Fi said...

Cool photos hon! Don't you have some stunning landscape shots from your trip? Or is that cheating? I've not been able to find the rules or dates so never joined in.

I'm also intrigued about the Jan 5 deadline...what happens then? If you could wait till later in the year I could come give Interior Design advice and help with the painting too!


Anonymous said...

Just take a picture from another angle. We'll never know! *wink*

I secretly love to paint. I wish I could help ya out!

Jen said...

Alli: I really don't mind painting. It's therapeutic. It's the prep work that gets me!

January 5 is the date of all dates, b/c me mama and me papa are coming for a visit. Not that they care, we just decided to give ourselves a deadline so we DO it.

heather/g-man: ***laughign*** I do stuff like that ALL the time! Old paint is tough to get rid of. Can't throw it away, but I heard if you mix kitty litter with it, it becomes brick hard and then the garbage men will takes it aways. However, it's nice to have touch up paint. . .

Of course, I don't know the rules in your neck o' the woods.

Valley Girl: Thanks! I planted Merlot colored, yellow, blue and all sorts. I can't wait until spring. If they make it.

Fi: As usual. . . BRILLIANT! I forgot about those pictures. And(!) When are you coming? ? ? Would love interior design advice, help and most importantly, seeing you again!

Butterfly Girl: I guess using the same subject isn't as faux pas as I thought. Hmmm. P.S. I may bee-ochay about it, but I like to paint too!

Simply Curious said...

I want a purple room. Badly. I've been considering painting thew spare room in the back, either purple or red.