Thursday, November 29, 2007

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The husband had asked me out to dinner last night. Work was slow and he would be getting out very early. So, I decided to un-dip myself from all things paint, color, gloss, latex, pigment and stain. I'd almost forgotten what I looked like. I slathered on face paint instead. Changed from paint smocks and old clothes to jeans and pearls. Then I began to wait.

Unfortunate events kept him mucho, mucho later than he originally planned. So, to entertain myself, I grabbed my Power Shot Elph. I started clicking away. I had been away entirely too long. Upgrading from my Elph to the Power Shot S2 IS and finally to the EOS Rebel XTi. The Rebel spoils me far too much and in return I've neglected the others. I'd forgotten the love we once shared. . . How much fun we once had. . . . .

This morning I downloaded the Elph's photo's and noticed that paint has entirely, indisputably, and faithfully taken over my life. Can you spot the clues that tipped me off?

I really need to finish.


R.E.H. said...

Ok, I don't know what Elph or Power Shot is... does that make me stupid?

Nor can I spot any clues - but you look fantastic on that picture, though ;)

Jen said...

r.e.h.: Sorry. I realize the Elph didn't take the best shots. But if you click on my picture, it enlarges it enough for you to see some paint culprits.

Elph and PowerShots are Canon brand Camera's. Sorry about that too - should have been more clear on the digitals.

Jay said...

Okay, so I enlarged the photo like you told REH to do and it turns out you are even more beautiful than I thought. Thanks for telling us to click on the pic. ;-)

Valley Girl said...

Haha! Is it the ladder?

Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb and either I'm right or I'm gonna get bitch slapped. There are a couple specks of paint in your hair? Please tell me it's paint. I don't like pain.

Love the blog look! It wasn't always like that was it?

Jen said...

Jay: You're a perfect southern, charming gentleman! Thank you.

Valley Girl: If I had a million dollars at stake here, you would have won it!

Butterfly Girl: I think I'm non-violent, but . . . . Note to self - must revisit hair colorist. Apparently, I look like I have paint splatter. in. my. hair. That is not a good look for me. ***lost 2 points***

I did just change the blog look. It took me all of 1,000 man hours to do it and wasn't sure I even liked it when all was said and done. It's growing on me. Thank you1 ***redeeming 2 points***

Alli said...

Aw, yes the ladder & plastic tarp. Signs of major painting goin on.

Thankfully, the Elphs are improving. I got a PowerShot SD800 IS digital Elph for my 30th & I love it. Although, I do admit it doesn't take quite as good of pictures as your & ETK's cameras. I would like to upgrade someday & to maybe also take some photography classes. Although, since I got the lil' Elph, I have enjoyed taken pictures more & more.

Hope you had a nice dinner last night!

Ian said...

How do you like the XTi? It takes compact flash cards, right? I'm considering it for my next camera, but I'm also tempted by the Nikon D40x.

Jen said...

Alli: You would get my other million dollars if I had it to give!

I love my leetol Elph, but it's a few years old now (I think 3, maybe 4) and it is a bit grainy. Yet it's small and can be carried practically everywhere.

I am in the midst of taking some photography lessons with a friend of mine. They're great and have helped me tremendously in terms of what does what on the camera as well as to how to take a pix.

Ian: I did loads of research on the web and was always leaning towards the Rebel XTi, but then Consumer Reports named it the top/best digital camera. My decision was made. It is easy to use and does take fantastic photos. I don't know much about the Nikon D40, even though I was looking at that one as well. (I believe Mindy in Minneapolis has that - you should ask her about that camera.)

Anonymous said...

Dang. Glad I earned some points back though my pride is now squished.