Friday, November 2, 2007

I Smell a Burrito

While driving to breakfast this morning, we happened to come across a man with a gasoline can. He was walking across the part of the sidewalk where there is an entrance into some sort of shopping center or store or whatnot. He saw that the husband and I were about to turn in and abruptly stopped walking. The husband made a quick motion to the man that it was fine, keep going - it's not a problem. But the man motion the same thing to the husband. In fact, he insisted upon it. So, as we drove by the man I gave him a quick "thank you" wave as well as a mouthing of such words.

And there it was - rock star parking! In all it's glory right in front of us. Just calling out to be completed with a truck in its b-e-a-you-tiful space. This never happens to us. It was a calling from the parking gods that be. "Take. The. Spot." and "It's yours for the taking." Yet, to my alarm, we kept moving which was away from the front spot not reserved for the wheel chair bound or pregger females.

I promptly mentioned a few words of wisdom to the husband as if he didn't already comprehend, "buthere'srockstarparking!" Upon which the husband replied, "yeah, but I don't want to get stopped by that man with the gas can asking for cash."

I thought for a brief moment and responded, "noooo-oo . . . . he's not going to ask for money. I mean, he's out of gas, obviously and wants to get to his car." Most people in this world are good. Not everyone is out for something, right? By this time the husband; however, had already parked the truck in Timbuktu land (as if I can't walk) . . . . He got out and I followed suit. As I was moving myself out of the vehicle I looked for gas can man on the sidewalk just up the street he was moving. I didn't see him. I thought, "golly! The guy moves fast." And turned to find the husband who was stopped and half-heartedly listening to gas can man.

The guy sure did move fast, but only to proposition the husband for money. I stood aside perfectly bewildered.

Once we were able to move on from gas can man, I turned to the husband and said, "I will never doubt you again."


Emmeline said...

Hehehe. Whoops. Oh well, not EVERYONE can be that cynical, or there'd be no nice people left in the world.

Hey I need your help. I don't know how to get the community blogger picture thingy up on my site. Me = Blogger Stupid.


Jen said...

Hey Em! The easiest way I can think for you to upload the picture:

- right click on the award on my site
- click on "save link as"
- save to your desktop (the image is already saved as "communitybloggerawardwf1"
- click "save"
It is not on your desktop.

From Blogger:
- click on the picture icon (3rd from right)
- click browse
- go to "desktop"
- click on "communitybloggerawardwf1"
- click on "upload now"

After a few moments you should have the blogger in your new post. If you want to list it on the side of your blog do the same thing all over once your in our "customize/template" blog area and pick "Add a Page Element". Then click on "Picture".

That should do it!

P.S. you're not stoopid. It just takes a bit of navigating and use of to understand the inner workings of blogger, of which, I myself do not know it all.

Jay said...

Yeah, sometimes I can just tell if a person is going to come up an ask for money. Of course, I drive a crappy car and dress like a homeless guy, so that keeps them away most of the time. ;-)

R.E.H. said...

Betcha your husband had a comment about you doubting him there, huh?

I hate that, when people come up asking for money. I mean, I feel for them, but I never have any myself... sometimes I wanna say something like;

"Sure, pal. Gimme a dollar and I'll give you 50 cents - deal?"

Jen said...

r.e.h.: Actually, he just smiled at me all-knowingly.. . . Didn't say a word; he didn't have to! He has the uncanny ability to be right - all. the. time.


Princess of the Universe said...

SO he may as well have taken the rock star parking spot...

Jen said...

Princess: I like how you think! If only I had thought of that one before you gave it to me . . . D'oh!