Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

I am thankful for many things in my life - my husband, my home (if even in disrepair), my family, my dogs, my cats, God, good food, great wine, heat, my fabulous friends, patience, love, endurance, spunk and an awesome pair of running shoes. I am blessed in more ways than I can speak of.

We started ours with the 5K Turkey Trot with friends even though the weather was only a cooperative 39-degrees Fahrenheit (that's 3.89-degrees Celsius for my British friends). At least it wasn't snowing, right? Right! Maybe. Why does it seem warmer when it snows? We just had a bone chilling wind that kept kt and I company during the run. The boys were worse off on their bikes, I think.

You see, Thomas' sponsor, Moritz Chevrolet, puts on the event every year, so his bike racing team had to lead out both the 5K and 10K runs. Let me tell you how cold lean leetol bike racers are in Lycra. This is one time where I was not jealous of their skinny-ness. . . I, myself, also won't feel so guilty having six helpings of mashed potatoes. And, just so you know, kt and I finished 2 minutes ahead of our normal 3.2-mile run time (31 minutes 5 seconds). We were pretty stoked about that.

6 AM. Before the start of the Turkey Trot 2007.

Our day is so far so good. I hope your day is turkey or tofurky, food filling and full of peace too.


Jay said...

Great way to start of Thanksgiving day! You're doing great on your training there!

We've got the turkey cooking and the pies made and the green beans prepped and the potatoes peeled and diced (sitting in cold water so they don't turn brown) and, and ... well it's just a whirlwind of activity around here!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

mindy said...

I should be more like you and actually try to burn some energy before filling my belly to the brim....does chopping up yams burn any calories? Because that's all I've done today. And that's probably all I will do. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving!

R.E.H. said...

Turkey Trot :) Why does that make me laugh... it just sounds so funny.

Great start to a Thanksgiving day it appears. Burn some calories then add a lot more of them :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

shanksi said...

I thought Turkey Trots was what you got if you didn't cook it properly.
Seriously though, well done with the run and getting a great time. Sounds cold. I hate running when it's really cold.

Alli said...

LOL! Shanksi's comment about Turkey Trots made me laugh.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am glad at least one of us got some exercise! I so planned to, but had a little wrench thrown in my workout plans this week. :(

Cute pic of you & T!

Rock Chef said...

Cold is fine, wind not so good!

I cycle everyday, but never wear lycra, being more of a cruising cyclist than speed-freak!

A great way to start the day, for sure, hope it continued!

Phil said...

The Princess and I will be doing a 5k in October, and yesterday she noticed that there was a Turkey Trot here also and wants to do that. Unfortunately I am in the position of not being able to run around the block at this time. Guess that I have awhile to get up to speed, so to speak.


Simply Curious said...

I gave you an award on my blog. Come and get it. :P

Jen said...

Jay: Thanks! Unfortunately, we've slacked on our running. I've hurt my left knee and had to back off of the long runs. Which somehow turned into a few very short runs a week. . . We are no longer doing the December 9th 1/2 marathon - we've rescheduled for February. It was me. My knee, actually. Too much too soon. ***sigh***

My Turkey Day was fantastic! One of the best in many years! Hope yours was too.

Mindy: You don't need to start worrying about burning more calories at your youngun-ness age! When you get to be over 35, come talk to me. Hope you had a great one without brussel sprouts!

r.e.h.: It does sound funny! Especially if you read Shanksi's comment!

Hope you had a fantastic day too!

Shanksi: ***laughing*** It was cold and has stayed cold! But the energy from everyone there made it so much fun! I'm signing up for life to do it again and again! One of these years, we'll make the 10K.

Alli: These Turkey Trots are amazingly good times! You need to get pups to get out there with you one of these years. You'll both love it! Guaranteed. What is the thrown wrench in your plans? ? ?

Rock Chef: The husband is a speed freak. Always has been always will. I think it began with F1 racing. . .Then, in order to be able to do sumptin' with him, I took him to a t-shirt ride (40 mile bike ride for a cause). He saw the racers out in front. Got big eyes and said, "I wanna do that." That was the end of my cruising days with the husband. Note to self: don't take the husband to sporting events. Ever.

Phil: very cool you came for a visit! I hope you'll be back! I enjoyed reading your site. Welcome to TxWi Divaness.

My only advice to a beginner runner, which helped me get back into it again, go slow. Start with a 3 minute jog, then a 4 minute walk for 20 minutes. Bump up your minutes over time when you feel comfy with the running minutes. Keep your joints and feet healthy this way.

simply curious: awwwwwww! I love it! Mucho, mucho gracious!

Alli said...

I had a minor medical procedure (won't go into details here) this past week that is keeping me from exercising for a few days. Nuthin major or anything to worry about. I'll be back at in a day or 2.