Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are You & Your Little Band of Ruffians Picking Pockets

What are Jen and the husband in the middle of:

A) prepping (sanding, washing, masking/taping, wood filling, etc.) the dinning room & family room for paint
B) planting stuff that grows
C) tearing out homemade ceiling structure(s) in the Great Hall
D) power washing house, fence, cars, garage
E) epoxying the garage floor
F) fixing broken window the dog kicked out last spring
G) prepping trim on home to receive a coat of paint
H) breaking into shed
I) replacing deadbolt on said shed post-break in
J) re-caulking 264 pieces of glass
K) customizing all outlets, plugs and weird electrical items
L) flabbergasted that closed off electrical wires which are 60+ years of age are still "hot"
M) pricing Pergo flooring for master bedroom (cha-ching)
N) prepping kitchen for paint
O) prepping guest bathroom for paint
P) replacing front & back door hardware
Q) repairing rotten wood pieces around home
R) on the millionth-and-one trip to Lowe's
S) cooking the entire way through home improvements

What's your guess?


Alli said...

Wow! You 2 are busy!!!

Can I hire you? :)

Alli said...

Oh, I guess T) ALL OF THE ABOVE. :)

Looking forward to your WWC!

mindy said...

This sounds painful. Very, very painful. I do not envy you!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ugh...I'm tired just reading about it!

Oh, I need your mailing address to send out your little prize!

Anonymous said...

dang . . . I could never do that. I am so not homey like that.


PS Don't hurt your neck!

Jay said...

Yeah, just thinking about doing all those things wears me out.

Actually I enjoy painting for some reason. It's just not all that bad. And every garage has to look good, that's just like the law or something.

The rest of ... way too much effort. LOL ;-)

R.E.H. said...

Whoa! If you guys are doing all of the above... how on earth do you find the time to blog???

I work, work-out, blog, eat a little, and sleep even less. That's all I've got time to do... :)

Yeah... there are the regular chores, such as dishes, vacuuming, laundry... you know - life.

Anonymous said...

One more reason I love renting. I know I'm a fool.

(not really, I don't have to do any of that stuff!!)

It will be worth all the sweat and tears, I promise.

Rock Chef said...

How about "None of the above"?

Princess of the Universe said...

Honey- you're way cooler than I am.
PS I tagged you for a meme!

Tink said...

Alright. Alright. I'll get out my violin.

Jen said...

Alli: I'm exhausted I am so busy. I had planned to play WWC too. It was all laid out and I can't get to my normal CPU. I'm on my Mac right now and it won't allow me to do to Blogger what I wants. . . d'oh.

Mindy: It is painful. Thank you, I'm glad someone feels my pain.

rllesbian: I don't think it's fair that I send you my address, 'cos I never really played seeing as I didn't understand what it was I was supposed to do? No? I don't know, paint fumes are all up in me brain . . .

Em: I can't believe it! ***jinx*** I did hurt my neck. But the other side. I was supposed to be laid out today - even cancelled my gym workout - but I have too much to do to sit still. Ibuprofin is my hero.

Jay: my brain hurts too. The husband spent hours and hours power washing. He loved it at first -power tool(!) - but after being soaking wet for a huge amount of time, he is a fan no more!

r.e.h.: my plate is rather full, now that you mention it. And, my blogging duties have seriously fallen ill. Apparently, I'm not Wonder Woman - I couldn't even get into her outfit if I wanted to. Pffft. Stoopid super heros. . . .

Butterfly Girl: I keep trying to tell myself this, "it'll be worth it in the end . . . think of the satisfaction. . . " Of course, this is before I pulled my hair out.

Rock Chef: You are a God. ***I wish***

Princess: You're just as sweet! I promise I will do my meme (I have some payback out there, be afraid Alli, be very afraid . . . .) as soon as I get a chance to sit for any period of time. Hell, just as soon as I have chairs and couch again (they are under drop cloths - another thing I'm sure you'd be allowed to touch). But I will do it! Promise.

Tink: you got me there. I mean, at least I don't have termites eating our house, right?

Tink said...

Thanks for reminding me! ;P

Kirra said...

Well said.