Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Put Out the Bait Unless You Want the Fish To Eat

It was felt a quarter of the way through. A place I had never received one before. Not that I could remember anyway. The body's own defense mechanism against friction. Fluid continued filling a space in between my two layers. Manifesting on my left sole. It became impenetrable.

More grinding lead to more existence. I still stayed constant. Each stride taken was one more molecule of torment. A constant reminder that it was nowhere near finished.

It will be left alone to heal. Blisters do best that way.

*Six miles of running had called attention that new shoes were in order. Kt's and my Saturday route:
  • .4 mile warm-up walk
  • 5 miles run
  • .5 mile brisk walk up hill and then some
  • 1 mile run concluding
I'm keeping honest. It wasn't as difficult as it seemed in my head, but if kt hadn't been with me, I most likely would've taken a walk much sooner. She gets the credit for getting me moving and keeping me that way. Afterwards, I immediately went to Luke's Locker and bought new running shoes. It's a little too late, for my left sole but it just might prevent other little squishy's from joining it's pioneer inaugural buddy.


Alli said...

I like the new blog look!

Why can't I be crafty like you? I wouldn't even know how to do it...

Soooo...I was thinking since you have a little more free time now & I do, too. We should figure out a way to get together soon. :)

Jay said...

The proper shoes make a HUGE difference for any athletic endeavor. Most people think cross-trainers are good enough for anything. Not true. If you're going to do any serious running you need good running shoes.

Jen said...

Alli: I had a good time creating the new header. Photoshop is a good time!

Definitely! I'm available for almost anytime! Let's talk. . .

Jay: Yeah. Not really thinking about it I was training in shoes that were at least a year old! It makes a huge difference. Weird thing is, is that I've been training in these shoes up until now and haven't had a problem. Of course, I hadn't run such a distance either . . . BTW - they were cross trainers!

Are you psychic? ? ?

***My new shoes are suppose to last up to 400 miles of running! 400 MILES! Good Lawd! Is that humanely possible?

Alli said...

P.S. - Are your new running shoes 1/2 - 1 size larger than your normal shoe size? That helps, too. What type of shoe did you end up with? (This gal loves her Asics for running.)

Jen said...

Alli: Yep. They are a 1/2 size bigger, in fact, since I went right after I ran 6-miles, they were already "pre-swollen" for the fitting. . . . The guy laughed!

Funny enough, I did buy Asics this time around! I've done Nike (boo), Adidas (loved 'em), New Balance (eh, okay) and now I'm trying the most comfy shoe I tried on! In mint color, of course. . . I'll give a report.

Alli said...

GREAT choice! The hubby & I love the Nimbus!!

Jen said...

Scott runs with you? Nice!

A few months back Thomas and I took a 2-mile run together. I'd been running (not long, but more than the husband - he hadn't run since being in hellical school) so I thought, "I can at least keep up if not beat him . . ."

Um. Right. Notsomuch.

He kicked my arse! By a half mile! I'm not kidding. I was royaly p*ssed. Not at the husband, but at the fact I. Couldn't. Even. Keep. Up.


I guess we should try this again, huh? He hates running anyway. . . .

mindy said...

Way to go, lady!!

Ian said...

6 miles! Nice. That's really impressive.

Jen said...

Yeah. Thanks, Ian & Mindy! Today I run for 4.5 miles. ***keeping fingers crossed***