Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't Worry, No One Noticed

How did I manage to get supine on the couch on my very first day off from employment?

Was it from the boundless mileage on Saturday? Was it from the hours of battling wheat weevils Sunday evening? Was it from the day of yard work before that? Or was it, possibly, from the gym workout with my trainer this morning? No, no, no and no. None of these were the cause of my day of dormancy.

I managed to get myself laid out on the couch by parking my truck backwards into a parking space right before my gym appointment. You see, I turned my head to the left, which was done in order to see over my shoulder. That's when it happened. A snap and a burning of pain in my neck. A muscle spasm so tight, you could play Santana tunes on my ligaments that keep my head attached to my body. I couldn't move my head to the left or much of anywhere, actually, without extreme pain. It brought tears to my eyes.

My trainer's office mate is also a licensed massage therapist. She worked on it as much as it allowed me to complete my workout sans a few weight lifting maneuvers. She also provided me ibuprofen. I made it home. I found the heating pad and laid myself on the couch. For hours I did not move. Any slight head movement reminded me that I. hurt. myself. parking. the. truck.

It's not even a fantastic nor an elaborate story. No box lifting. No 20 miles ran. No passionate night at home. No marathon blog typing. Nothing. I injured myself parking.


*I will mention that I did manage to run my required 4.5 miles today through the sheer gritting of my teeth. I walked .5 miles to cool down as well. My neck still feels like a Mac truck ran over it. Ibuprofen is fast becoming my best friend today. As is the couch.

**The husband noticed I was laid out on said couch. With a heating pad. Upon asking a few definitive questions he promptly brought me a couple happy pills and a glass of water asking if there was anything else I needed. These pills tried to knock me out, but I fought them hard. They also made me sick to my stomach. I again battled them relentlessly. Even on my afternoon run. I don't see how people like these things? They are absolutely dreadful.

***Though, this renewed my faith in how much the husband really is my knight in shiny, shiny armor! That alone made my day that much better! Even if it was spent on the couch.

****Another good thing, not as good as the husband, but still good was the fact that HBO played "The Holiday". A very top favorite of mine. Though drug induced, I did happen to watch the entire movie. I heart "The Holiday".

I'm going back to the couch now. That's all you get.


Alli said...

I LOVE "The Holiday"! It is so cute!!! Definitely on my "Must-Buy" list.

Poor chickie-chickie. Those kind of injuries are somewhat embarrassing, eh? You're so honest. You could have totally made up some crazy story as to how you strained your neck. ;)

For example, did I ever tell you how I broke my right foot my first semester in PA school by playing soccer & sky diving at the same time?.......

p.s. I am watching Sting on the Today show right now...are you?

Princess of the Universe said...

Oh honey that sucks. Feel better.

Jen said...

Alli: Here's the thing, we own The Holiday, but it's like I couldn't not watch it on HBO! What is wrong with me?

I have not heard the foot breaking story. You must divulge! At leas it sounds better than, "I parked the truck,"

Embarrassingly enough, I missed Sting! I don't turn the TV on until the evenings around here. Now, to do the same with the CPU. . .

Princess: Thanks! Today it's not as painful. Just stiff. The hug helped!

Jay said...

That does suck!

A few years ago I hurt my back, badly, just picking up a half empty laundry basket. Very weird, but it took forever to get over it and even now I still have trouble from time to time.

Get better quick!

Emmeline said...

Even though it happened WHILE you were parking the truck, that doesn't mean that it wasn't a combined cause of all the things you did this weekend. Maybe the parking was just the straw that broke the camel's back . . . or neck, in this case.

Whatever the true cause, I feel for you. I have had neck pains before . . . mostly caused by my bad, obsessive habit of cracking my neck all the time (my dad says I am headed for a stroke), so I know how much that can hurt.

Good job on running anyway. I would never have done that.

I also love The Holiday. It is the kind of movie that is SO unrealistically romantic that you start to believe it could happen to you! Plus, Jude Law . . . mmmm. . . .


Alli said...

OK, so actually I broke my foot that first semester of PA school by.....walking. Yes, that's right...I was walking. I had my HEAVY backpack with some medical books (Lord knows how heavy those b@st@rds are) & laptop, I was wearing healed boots, walking down some steps with the DIRECTOR (THE head guy) of our program who also happens to by my advisor on our way to lunch with the other advisees in his group. I INVERTED my foot & SNAP! I ended up with a non-displaced fracture of my 5th metatarsal. I knew as soon as I felt/heard it, I broke something. What dumb way to break something, eh? That made the next 6 weeks of 4 hours standing with crutches in Anatomy lab excrutiating.....

How 'bout them apples? ;)

So, I then made up the story (with help of one of those who witnessed the accident) that I broke it playing soccer & skydiving at the same time. Cuz that's totally believable. :)

Jen said...

Jay: My brother threw out his back just lifting a 30 pound box. He's had to since leave the fire department and had surgery to fix it. I don't think anyone is ever the same after that type of medical procedure.

I'm always terrified of hurting my neck/back! It can stop everything in your life.

Emmeline: Never put it all together - you may be on to something there! I'm still thinking the biggest culprit were the armies of boll weevils! Little turds.

And. . . Jude Law. . . .(in this flick anyway) yum!

Alli: Yeowch! I. Hate. Breaking. Bones. Just touching them with a pointy needles sends me through the roof of pain! I can't imagine being on your feet for those many hours with one broked!

I was trying to formulate in me head how one could actually sky dive while playing soccer. . . That's how big of a dork I am.

ETK said...

AWWW! That totally sounds like something i would do (hurt self parking but I would *not* run 4.5 miles anyway - that's just crazy talk). :)

Hope you feel better!