Friday, October 5, 2007

Do You Like to Do It Yourself

Apparently, I have a habit that drives the husband batty. It’s something that I have not noticed. Ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $20 or $200 bottle of wine, beer, milk, water, tequila, coffee or tea. It's non discriminating, really. Consumable liquids in general are the culprits. Of which I drink a lot of all day long. As well as at each meal.

As I was sitting at a stop light this morning, I took a massive gulp of my recently refilled bottle of Aquafina. And I did it. A secret silent big “ahhhhhh” escaped my lips. I froze. I slipped into a bewildered and discomforted thought, “I DO do it!” And, “it’s unstoppable.”

It’s a good thing he loves me more than my quirkiness’.


Jay said...

Well, letting out a little "ahhhhhhhh" is better than taking a big gulp of something and then letting out a huge belch, right? ;-)

Ian said... post sip habits go, that's definitely not the worst yours could be.

Alli said...

I can think of MUCH worse things. I think that's cute.

Now people who smack their food & gum....oooo..that makes me cringe!

Well, I guess we all have our pet peeves. I always wonder what I do that annoys my hubby...maybe I don't wanna know. :) Ah well....yes, at least they still love us dearly.

Emmeline said...

I bet it's one of those things that he says annoys him, but really he loves it. It's something he'll miss when you're not around. Or when you quit doing it. At least, that's what I tell myself about my OWN quirks!!


Princess of the Universe said...

Yeah, it's a pretty harmless thing in the grand scheme of things... I wouldn't worry too much about it. :)