Monday, October 8, 2007

Always Late to the Party

This weeks "Weekly Word Challenge" from our beloved Tink are "posed" and "natural".
(In hopes of not having Jackson Hole overkill and boring my 7 readers to death.)

Though, I could not decide between these two pictures for
~ so you get both ~

In this one the bison is posed; not me. Definitely not me.

P.S. If anyone's interested in more Jackson pictures, I have a slide show posted in the previous entry. It's a bit long, with U2, so just make sure you have time & your work speakers are not a blaring. I am now done boasting of the greatness of Jackson Hole. I think I'm losing readership and I only have 7 readers. . . . .


Jay said...

Lovely pictures!

And look how friendly and docile that bison is! He'll let you come right up to him and pet him. ;-)

Ian said...

Are you sure that's a bison? I don't see any taps.

Tink said...

I can't decide if those cloud pictures are really wicked looking or just really beautiful! Great job with the words.

Karen said...

Very nice pictures. I love both of the natural one - I cannot decide which one I like better either.

Jay said...

I just got the time finally to watch the slideshow from Jackson Hole. It's really great. Lots of cool pictures.

gawilli said...

Beautiful photos! What an amazing place. Hey! How did you get that Bison to stand so still? Ha!

Rock Chef said...

Those clouds look like the ones over here yesterday!

I love bison, though I am sure they are not as cuddly as they look.