Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cowboy State Memories

I have finally gotten the slide show together. If you have 10 minutes, enjoy. It has sound.

As a quick recap, we went to Jackson Hole, WY to enjoy the mountains. To hike, to breathe fresh air, to take in beautiful views, to see wondrous wildlife, to relax, to drive, for time and to do all things as a couple once again. Words, even pictures, cannot do this part of the world justice. You must go. You must experience. You must make judgments on your own accord, but I believe you too will fall in love and awe.

Jackson Hole is a place that you can travel by foot to most everywhere. I absolutely adore that and wish whole-heartedly that our Longhorn City was more pedestrian or even bike friendly. It just seems cleaner and safer. This is exactly what we did upon our arrival after checking in. A few hours later we ordered a take home pizza from Mountain High Pizza Pie - right across from our hotel, The Sundance Inn.

Up early on Sunday, we headed to the Grand Tetons National Park for a hike up to Paintbrush Canyon. Two hours into our nine hour (16.3 mile) hike, it began to rain, which was eventually followed by snow. The husband and I did not care; it was beautiful. It was clean. You could smell the pine, the grass, the rain and even the snow.

On Monday, we traveled to Yellowstone National Park. Three million visitors a year pass through this fantastic ecosystem and you need to be one of those in your lifetime. Summers are crazy busy, but fall and winter are slow, if even existent at all. The park has only one road open in the winter and if you want to stay at Yellowstone Lodge during that time, you have to take a snowcat to get there.

Tuesday was another 9.6 mile hike to Surprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake. Same altitude as Paintbrush Canyon, this time it took switchbacks straight up the mountain. Less time was needed, but as you will see the snow still hadn't melted. This is a hike that you will see either a grizzly or a black bear on almost every hike. We did. He was about 100 yards away and we were mighty fine with that. Though, without a telephoto lens, he makes some tough viewing in the photos. Amazing!

Wednesday was another day at Yellowstone.

Thursday was a day of shopping in Jackson Hole. Christmas is just around the corner.

Friday was a day of travel home in order for the husband to be in a wedding. A beautiful wedding it was. It reminded me exactly of ours with a couple of different twists.

I hope you are entertained by the slide show. I loved taking the pictures as much as sharing them. I cannot; however, take credit for all of them as the husband is pretty good with the camera as well! He took several that are in the slide show. We decided to make it a yearly anniversary gift to one another, so we'll be back. I'll leave you with this: go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You need to. You will not be disappointed.

To 2 Notes to Self:
1) A telephoto lens is a requirement. Next year, for sure. You would then be able to see the black bear.
2) Water resistant/proof pants are a must. Hypothermia is not welcomed. Neither is death.


Alli said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I wanna go!!!


Ian said...

Looks fantastic. And Cold. Fantastically cold.

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

Great photos, Jen. It looks wonderful (I was also going to say beautiful and fantastic but got in too late!) and the mountain air clearly suits you two too as you both look great. For some reason, the name Jackson Hole makes me giggle, and when you start talking about needing waterproof pants that's almost too much. Reminds me of when Ian took Vikki and me to see the Butt of Lewis.