Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Heading Outside. I May Be Awhile.

Princess nominated me for my first ever blog award. A huge big ole bear hug to that girl! I thought I was in some sort of a contest, but then Princess kindly pointed out you win just for being nominated. This was good news, as I read the competitions blogs and I didn't stand a chance. . . . I am genuinely flattered! This also means I get to nominate others to pass on the love. Check back soon!

Know that when someone receives a sting from a sea wasp. . . You. Don't. Pee. On. Them. You use vinegar. And definitely do not rinse with fresh water. The good news of this is that sea wasps only come out of the deep at night, are attracted to light and can be "blown" away with a clearing of the regulator. No, I didn't get stung, but another diver did. Unfortunately for her, it stung her on her lip and down her chin. It looked like a very bad botox job on half of her upper lip. I almost cried for her. It seemed painful.

Swimming sixty plus feet down in the ocean is thrilling. Having a wild Nassau Grouper named, Loretta rub against your fingers because she wants you to pet her is awesome. Yes, she is wild. No, we do not pet her. It could harm her, but she desperately wants it. It was all I could do not to give her some human touch.

Having Reef Sharks as well as Nurse Sharks swim around you, under you and over you is unexplainable, amazing and somewhat anxiety producing. No, we were not in a "cage". We were free diving in these parts. Besides, I always thought Nurse Sharks were like big Labrador puppies - always sleeping on the ocean floor. Seemed harmless enough. It is a bit different when they are swimming around you. Add in some Reef Sharks and you have yourself a mighty fine time with a bit of a fast heartbeat. Do you think sharks can sense fear?

The husband and I also watched a 7-foot wide Eagle Ray. Now, that is a beautiful creature!

A shipmate taught us about Geocaching. The husband and I have spent hours together in search mode. People play it around the world, in the mountains, forests, deserts and even oceans.

I quit my job yesterday. Yeah, I did. My last day will be November 9. If something looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck. Well, it is a duck.

I have missed a week of my marathon training. I felt it yesterday when I had to do a 4-mile run. I only completed 3.5-miles and briskly walked the rest. That made me sad. I felt totally out of shape and completely disappointed in myself.

Today was a 2-miler. I finished that. But not easily. Still disappointed in me.

This past Sunday, the husband and I went to the museum with friends to view the Ron Mueck displays. These were just astonishing, if even a bit disturbing at how life-like they were. I was irritated later on upstairs when I came to paintings of lines. Thick lines. Little lines. Straight lines. Colored lines. Black lines. And one total blue canvas of the same blue hue. Why? Because I did things like that in high school/college art class and it was considered crap. These are worth 100's if not 1000's of dollars. And. they. sit. in. a. museum.

For the second time ever, the husband made me dinner this past Monday evening. Baked salmon, broccoli and mojito's. I did not think I could love someone more than I already love them. It is possible.

It's been cold here in our Longhorn City. Really cold - as in 40-degree Fahrenheit cold! 70's during the day, but 40's at night. That's chilly here for this time of year. I've pulled out my sweaters. Even the dogs are not moving much. They curl up into a ball of fur with their noses tucked out of sight and stay that way.

Why is it lately that all I seem to be doing is dealing with animal poo? I smelled dog poop tonight while rambling in this post. Hence, I began a huge witch hunt for a pile of dung. I never found it. I kept smelling it. I finally located it. . . . on the bottom of my shoe.

I had an English muffin and Boddingtons Pub Ale for dinner tonight. Can you tell the husband's working?

Finally, I get to purchase new eyeglasses for myself this weekend! It's been 2-years since my last update and I am more than excited for new face fashion! In fact, I've already picked them out. I was at the eye doctor before our Provo's trip picking up one last pair of contact lens' when a few of the staff members decided to help pitch in for the new look. Coming soon . . . .

I'm off for a shower, a good book and bed. Thanks for playing.

Enjoy the slide show. It is not as long or as exciting as the Jackson Hole production, but it does have Sting vocaling it out. So, turn it up or down depending on your preference.


Jay said...

Love the video. It all looks like so much fun. Even the sharks. Okay, maybe not sharks so much. But the rest of it sounds like a lot of fun.

Ian said...

So I guess I missed the video. Dang. That's okay, reading your post took my entire afternoon cup of tea anyway. So I'd have had to slack off even more to watch your video.

You quit the job? Man, I can't wait for the whole story on November 10th.

That art display looks cool...

Alli said...

Yes, enquiring minds want to know about the quitting of the jobbie-job.

Can't wait to see more pics!!!

mmmm....Boddington's & cool weather....mmmmm

Girl, I feel your pain on the feeling-outta-shape thing....but you've already read my rants on that. ;)

Jen said...

Jay: It was a blast! Wish we were back there! You'd even get to love the sharks.

Ian: I was brief! Though many links do exist. . .

The job will soon be gone. I will s'plain details later.

Alli: I will post the slide show if Blogger decides to behave.

I'm never one to pass up beer. Even if I'm the one to offer it to myself.

I did run the entire 4-miles tonight. So, I feel a little better. I also have an appointment to lift at the gym this evening as well. I'll be one sore lump tomorrow. Thank God Friday is my rest day. . .

6-miler on Saturday. . . dumdadumdumbah.

Princess of the Universe said...

Yay for awards- you really do deserve it :)
Like everyone else, I want to know what happened with the job...

Emmeline said...

Eeeep, sharks swimming around you!! I wouldn't have been able to keep my cool! Why didn't they eat you? Congrats on the bloggy award!

Alli said...

Beautiful pics!!!