Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And I Would Walk a 1,000 Miles

I have been training to run a marathon. Okay, a half-marathon really.

There, I've said it. Put it out there. I've kept it under wraps for some time now scared that I may not succeed. Not wanting to fail. So, I kept it. Only the husband knew. Keeping it to myself means I only failed me. Putting it out there seems to make me more accountable. A bit more frightening, really.

My run will be completed on December 9, 2007.

My friend, kt, said she'd do this with me. She told me not to worry; if we have to walk, we walk. A great motivational partners she is. Keeps me responsible. We started training together this past weekend. We meet again tonight for another tussle of pavement eating. My trainer has helped immensely with this idea of mine as well. She makes sure I am safe. Doing good to my bones, joints and body.

Wish me luck. Or keep me liable. Whichever your pleasure.


Ian said...

Awesome. Go for it. The website says it finishes in Victory Parkm which is the home of the Victory Tavern. That sounds like a sign from above to me.

mindy said...

I won't tell you how well my training went then...I don't think it'll help you. But GOOD LUCK! :-)

Alli said...

I wish you the best of luck!!!

You did it once (with me) & you can do it again!

I hope that next year I can do another one. I am wayyyy to out of shape to do one any time soon.

Good luck & have fun!!!

Emmeline said...

wow, good luck!! I wish I had the motivation to do that. I can't even stick to a routine of a couple of times a week!!


Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

You go for it, Jen. I'm running a half-marathon this Sunday, so I reckon if I can do it, just about anyone can. I know what you mean about keeping it under wraps - it's why I haven't said much on my blog about it, although I was planning on writing something later this week.

Jay said...

Cool beans! Do it! Keep working and training and all that cool stuff. Keep us updated on everything.

Rock Chef said...

Yeah, good luck! This sort of thing can be great fun, especially now we all know about it and can bug you if you give up!

Alex&Fi said...

I'm being supportive and Alex is going for liable! :-)
Not really! We're both supportive and I'm sure you'll meet the challenge with the same grace and determination you apply to everything in life.
I'm in awe of people who can run it's not something I've ever been able to do having suffered from asthma as a child. Now it's just plain unadulterated fear.
You go girl!

Vikki said...

I'm jealous! I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. I'll just be wathching Iain finish his half marathon and counting the days til I can run again. Well done Jen!

Jen said...

Ian: I had no idea. But definitely a sign! You know me, I'll finish if just for a beer!

Mindy: Well, I did a 1/2 marathon a few years back. I hadn't trained for that one at all, so I'm hoping it can't be any worse this time around. Danke!

Alli: I'm much worse for wear now. I am a but a shadow of my former self when we ran a 1/2, but I think I can. . . ***hoping***

Emmeline: Thank you! I'm making it stick. It can be no other way or I'll keel over.

Iain: Super good luck this weekend! That's awesome! Do tell when it's over. Will definitely think of you Sunday.

Jay: Will do. And, thanks! I appreciate the support!

Rock Chef: I hope no one let's me slide on this! It's a personal goal and I want to achieve it, badly. I look forward to the "bugging". In fact, I expect it.

Alex & Fi: You guys rock! Thanks! I am a bit frightened myself though. Not due to any medical conditions; just due to overweightness. Sad, but true. I'll keep on trecking though . . .

Alex&Fi said...

wouldn't worry about the weight thing hon. It should just fall off with running if the Shankses are anything to go by!! ;-)
I have a very good friend in South Africa who is into long distance and she is very lean.