Saturday, December 1, 2007

Want to Glimpse Someone's Nature, Stand Between Him & His Mocha Latte

me: want some cheese. . . . .***just home from the grocery***
the husband: uh. What kind is it? ***makes face***
me: it's Epson Port Salut Cheese.
the husband: um. No. It looks disgusting.
me: it's just cheese. ***taking a whiff*** Hm. It doesn't smell too good.
the husband: yeah. I wouldn't eat that.
me: ***taking teeny-tiny bit into mouth*** Oh. My. God. That's awful! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - I need something else! Quick! Help me! ***sandpaper my tongue***
the husband: ***laughing*** I told you.
me: ***throwing out cheese*** There goes 7-bucks worth of disgusting cheese.
the husband: why do you buy that crap without knowing how it tastes?
me: because one would think a grocery store would sell cheese that is edible to all things living. ***duh***

My garbage even smells now. I can't even get it off my fingers and I've washed my hands 4 times as well as washed the dishes. Disgusting. There is no other word.

[I wonder if this negates my "I will never doubt my wife again, ever. . ." clause?]


Jay said...

One of the best things about when I lived in San Antonio was Central Market. And one of the great things about Central Market was the "Cheese World". They would let us sample any of the cheeses. It was great!

Of course then I would hit ALL of the demo stations and leave full. LOL

Jen said...

Jay: Central Market rocks! It truly does. Unless it sells nasty-arsed cheese, which it did today. However. . . I'm hoping the wine I bought will be mucho better. I have a soiree to hit tonight and will be taking thy wines. Will letchyano then.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what kind of people buy stinky cheese. I know that there is something strange people do with that stuff! I just don't know what!
Better luck next time!

R.E.H. said...

I can't stand smelly cheese's. My mother used to like'em when I was a kid, and I would flee out the door whenever she opened one of those ugly bastards.

She was always blissful and her eyes would sparkle once she got a taste of those... she did, however, agree that the smell was awful ;)

Valley Girl said...

Wow, I swear my ex and I have had this EXACT same convo. before.

Alli said...

Yup, can't do the smelly cheese.

I never could understand how someone could eat something that smells like an old shoe or vomit....


Rock Chef said...

Over the years I have learned to be VERY conservative about my cheese and to be honest that stuff sounded more like something I would plug into a PC!

Ian said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, I love stinky cheese. We'll have to go the farmer's market when you're down for a visit so you can load up on the good stuff.

Jen said...

All 7 Readers: I went back today and bought a fabulous goat cheese. Made up for my stoopid mistake. I'm good with the cheese now.


Jay: Central Market rocks the kassbar! I love that place - I'm not so found of the prices, but you can't keep me away from all things foody-fabulous!

butterfly girl: it had a wonderfully awesome write up about it. I didn't think to smell it at the grocery. I wish I had, I wouldn't have brought it home.

r.e.h.: I can handle some stink-a-fied cheeses, but this was awful. If I hadn't been holding it myself, I would have run out the door too! Yuck!

valley girl: sometimes the men folk are right. Sometimes.

Alli: some smelly's are okay. Some are not. This was not okay. This was vomit. I ate vomit.

rock chef: you're right & funny! Something I should have plugged into my PC instead of my mouth. Blehck.

Ian: I don't mind some stink cheese, but this was awful. No human could've eaten this stuff. None alive should eat this stuff. I love the farmer's market! I can't wait to go again - but you can also TASTE the cheeses there before you buy. Bonus! Can you believe it's next week already?

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with the huz on this one . . . I don't think I would buy cheese without knowing what it tasted like. That's what those sample carts are for!!


Jen said...

Em: Trust me, if they had had a sample cart, I would've tried it. People would have then witnessed me flapping my arms at uncontrollable speeds with my tongue hanging out looking for sandpaper. Unfortunately for me, they did not have a single sample cart out or about that day. I only read about it and it sounded fab. It was sooooo not fab.

Simply Curious said...

I told you it wouldn't last...

Ah, the joys of marriage.