Monday, December 31, 2007

We’ll Take A Cup O’ Kindness Yet

I am procrastinating. Severely. So much so that I've unloaded the groceries and then decided as I was putting some in the fridge that it was time to clean it. Which, as everyone has previously read on my oldest blog ever is so not something I enjoy. I don't even like to grocery shop. I did that today. On a holiday. Grocery shop. Then, I did all the dishes from stuff that I threw away. Most likely, I should have thrown out the containers too, but nothing, amazingly, was moldy. I was just cleaning house. I started the dishwasher. I went outside to play fetch with the puppies. I came back in to read a few blogs - full well knowing that I have to get motivated. And now, I'm writing on my own bloggy-blog. . . .

See how clean my fridge now is?

And take particular notice to this shelf:
Did you notice it's a New Year's shelf?
4 bottles of Champagne. Four. Bottles. Um, right. We will not be consuming all 4 tonight.
Seriously. We. Will. Not.

Champagne close-ups:
See how much I am avoiding the thing that must be done?
I'm now taking pictures of my damn fridge & its alcohol contents.

But the fridge is clean, no?

As usual, I digress. . . . to what are you procrastinating against, you may be asking? I answer, to workout.

I am on a new training schedule - one that is enforced by the husband - and since my workout time this coming weekend will be limited, I have to keep going. I'm not all for it today. Not one iota. Still, it must be done. Today.

pfffft. men. And their natural skinny arses.

Finally, if you're curious, no we have no huge elaborate plans for New Year's. We will be staying home tonight. Just the two of us. I will be making my famous chili as that is what the husband asked his New Year's dinner to be. Yes, chili. I off
ered filet mignon, mashed potatoes - the works - but he wanted chili. So, once I'm done with my workout, I'll be chopping, dicing and simmering. The champagne is also cooling - do you think I'd pass up on the bubbly? Absolutely not! We also went to Best Buy and purchased a few movies for tonight. I doubt we'll get into all 4 of those either.

Overall, I think we're in for a pretty good night. Chili, champagne and chmovies. Three c's. Not to bad. Not to bad at all.

I need to get moving in order to get the chili made on time. Off to my very boring spinning hour.

. . . . . . Or maybe I should make the chili first? I'm trying here, people! I really am. . . . . . .

Happy 2008 to everyone!
May this year be even better than the last.


Jay said...

I love Chili and make a pretty darn good chili myself. I especially love it when it's really cold. I think I should move to a colder climate just so I can have chili more often during the year.

Eastern Promises is the next movie on my NetFlix queue.

Happy New Year!

mindy said...

Seriously, I wish that was my NYE plan. I mean, not with YOUR husband, but you know what I mean.

Welcome back to blog world! Happy New Year!!

Jen said...

Jay: Just finished watching "Eastern Promises", which is very, very good. A bit gory, but as is expected. Viggo Mortensen is hot and awesome (since I know that HE is the only reason you'd watch this movie. Duh.). Good flick. We are on to #2 - the husbands choice, cos I chose this one. . .

Mindy: It's okay, if I were you. . . er. . . I mean, me, I'd want to do this with my husband too!

And your plans are/were? ? ?

P.S. Happy New Year to you too!

R.E.H. said...

4 bottles of champagne, 4 movies - that's one bottle for each... sounds like a good New Year's Eve!

Hope you had a great one!

Got any chili leftovers? Don't know if I can bring myself to making any food today ;)

ETK said...

Happy Happy! :) Sounds like a wonderful night. We'll need an update on just how many bottles you made it through now. Of course.

Alli said...

Happy New Year!

Looks like you & T had a good night. Good food, good drinks, & good movies are my favorite nights. :)

Hope there aren't too many axes in THY head today. ;)

Anonymous said...

happy 2008! chmovies - love it! I updated. finally. :)