Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Always Late to the Party

As usual, I am late. But for good reason(s):

1) It was revealed today that our house's electrical wiring is completely unsafe. Unsafe. Ok, close to unsafe, but unsafe nonetheless. None of it, but one (yes ONE) outlet is "grounded." I now need a gazillionbilliontrillion dollar-eeees . . .

2) As a result, we were not able to install U-verse. I un-installed the satellite dish service yesterday. We now have no TV. We can't get it until we upgrade the electrical wiring. Um. That means no Dexter (forewarning: sound) or Ghost Whisperer (2nd forewarning: more sound), which will cause me to pull out my hair. Including my eyebrows. I'm not kidding.

3) I went Christmas shopping today. Almost done now.

4) I started drinking heavily at 8:30 AM upon news of electrical wiring. [I kid, but it was tempting. I went and received a massage instead. Does that count instead of booze?]

Anyway, back to why I'm here posting at this late hour. The tantalizing Tink of Pickled Beef has challenged us with the words orange and landscape.

Yep. It happened. Inevitably, I spilled the terra-cotta paint color. . . . . . .
where there was no drop cloth.
(Immediately, upon doing so, I grabbed the camera for WWC. At least I have my priorities straight.)

The landscape of Dixie a few days later. Yep. That's paint.
I'm having a great week.


Next week, if you want to play, the words are want and green. Do it.


Rock Chef said...

Dodgey wiring is not good - I believe it is now illegal for "normal guys" to do wiring work, and probably a good thing!

But look on the bright side - I just got a letter from the tax man claiming that I owe him a ton of cash that I definitely do not!

R.E.H. said...

That's a lot of money for rewiring.

Did the paint come off the floor? Seems to be the bucket is very close to the edge of that tarp... ;)

Anonymous said...

You had lemons and you made lemonade. Things can't be all that bad then! I love the pics, very good!

Shopping can cure anything.

mindy said...

Dixie is SO cute in paint. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. Adorable.

Ian said...

Yeah, Dixie looks old and distinguished with white fur.

Jay said...

What? No TV?? That's an outrage! Maybe you can find some of your shows online. It's better than nothing.

Dixie is a pretty cute doggie.

Excellent WWC pics.

Jen said...

Rock Chef: This dodgey wiring was NOT expected. And right before the Christmas holiday. . . Unfortunately, when we get those HUGE tax sums from the tax man, he's not normally wrong. Strange you brought that up as I just paid 1/2 my property taxes last week! ***pocket book woes***

r.e.h.: Tell me about. I'm thinking of setting up the "Longhorn City for Jen Fund". The paint landed that way on the tarp (right side up even). It was on top of that tarped pieced of furniture and then I hit the corner of the tarp with my ladder and down came the rain. . . . er . . . paint. After taking a quick 4 shots of fallen paint splatters, I quickly got ALL of the paint off the floor. ***whew***

Butterfly Girl: I wish the shopping had been for me, me, me! But I'm glad I got most of my gifts knocked out. I did start my shopping in September, so it wasn't too tough.

Mindy: Dixie IS cute, isn't she? It's very hard to be upset at a cute dog. I didn't even notice that she had leaned up against the window I was priming. . .

Ian: I thought so too! She seriously had no cares that she messed up her fur.

Jay: Good idea! I know. No TV is . . . well . . . like no beer. I may call the Satellite company today and see what can be done. I tell you, this is a p.i.t.a. though (pain in the a**).

g-man said...

Nice photos, bummer on the wiring! Better to have it fixed than to be drying your hair while on the loo and finding out what "Grounding" means. :) Drink lots.