Monday, December 17, 2007

Like Cashmere

I'm very, very, very, very, very busy these days. . . . Most of you are too, so I know I am not getting any sympathy from the lot of you. It's just my explanation of why no blogging has been going on here in my part of our Longhorn City. My head may still manage to pop off at any moment and it will be none to soon. In fact, I think I'll welcome that with open arms. It's amazing I haven't had a stress headache. Really. It is. Though my brain is on meltdown; maybe that prevents awesome headaches? I found a cure. Give me royalties

Anyway, since my brain is on Chernobyl meltdown mode already, you only get pictures of the husbands and my past weekend. (And, also, further proof of why no blogging.)

The husbands birthday

where we consumed some very good smooshed grapes
at the hotel & at Cru
(bubbly as well as non-bubbly)

and we had a fantastic view from our hotel


we met some good friends
here's one now:

and here's another one

one happens to be a closet supermodel

especially when Glenmorangie is involved


Scottish humor + drunken happy Scotsman = tons o' laughing

There was a major malfunction of the person holding the camera and no longer could pictures be taken (read: lazy being super-duper relaxed). No accommodation refund will be sought; alcohol. . . on the other hand. . . .was not on the allotment for refund. I think I'm okay with that.

Being out of town and visiting awesome friends is a pretty good excuse for not updating my 7 readers. We finally got to meet Tim - he's a super cutey-patootey! I now want a rabbit. It was mentioned that the rabbit may get killed in my home. What?! Never. Don't say it. Big meanie's. . .

I still want a rabbit.

We had more than a fair share of fantastic food, wine and conversation! Sleeping, cooking, farmer's market, some BBCA TV, Iron Chef America and hanging with the homies, which are what weekends are all about! Amazingly, only one hangover was had, but I'm not telling who had it. That's for me to know and the rest of you to guess. It was all about relaxing. And that we did.

So, a big Longhorn City thank you to Ian & Nikki who made our lives a little bit easier.


Jay said...

Not true! You'll get lots of sympathy from me.

Okay, no you won't. LOL ;-)

Great weekend! Weekends are made for having a good time!

Alli said...

Looks like ya had a great weekend.

Happy Bday to T!

Princess of the Universe said...

A rabbit like the one Charlotte had on Sex & the City? :P

Jen said...

Jay: I. . . we soooo needed a weekend away. It's still crazy town here in our home. I'm ready for it to be done. We have a plan though. This is a good thing. . .

Alli: you're next. When do I get to see you? After your big test? I am available at any time to drive down (after the holidays). . . you just let me know. Week/weekend is fine even if the hubby has travel. Though I would love to see him as well.


Princess: You goof ball! I actually have Charolette's rabbit. I don't like it. :(

I still have no Christmas card. Ian was sure to say, "Let's call it what it is. A 'Valentine's Day' card." Unfortunately, he may just be right. I apologize for that too.

mindy said...

Fun pictures! You look so cute!

Also, I think I may have absorbed whatever stress headache you should have had - thanks a lot!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Very cute pictures.. there is nothing like quality time with friends

Valley Girl said...

Looks lke a good time was had by all.

Alli said...

How was the Waterway Marriott?? I have been thinking that it would be fun for Hubby & I to stay there a night or 2 (which is kinda silly since we live an hour away) sometime.

Yes, we need to have a weekend+ together! Perhaps in January after I am finished with the monster exam!!! We have a lot of drinking, I mean chatting, to catch up on! ;)

Ian said...

Not just any Glenmorangie, that's cask strength, 100 degree proof, Glenmorangie. Man, it was good. Guaranteed to bring out the supermodel in anyone.

Great weekend, thank you guys for coming down. I may just recover before Thursday.

Tink said...

Smooshed grapes and friends... Add some truth or dare jenga and it sounds like my kind of party. :D

R.E.H. said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend.

And Happy Birthday to the hubster!

Rock Chef said...

Rabbits are great, we used to have a big black one that wanted to fight the local cats!

A while ago we were thinking of having a house-trained rabbit. We got a dog instead, though.

Simply Curious said...

I have a rabbit! It's the weirdest looking thing, ever! It's a lionhead rabbit. I love it when people post pics on their blogs. Everyone looks so happy.

Simply Curious said...

p.s. I have Charlotte's rabbit too. Don't like it either. Sigh. I did when I first got it though.

ETK said...

Where ARE you and WHEN are you coming BACK?!?! GRR!! :)