Saturday, December 8, 2007

Betchya Didn't Know You Could Fly

The evil spirits that be, won't let me be.

Today I woke up to doggie diarrhea . . . . again. I started to clean it up only to notice that the husband had walked through it. Where he then proceeded to walk throughout the entire house. Excellent. This was not what I consider a fantastic start to what my stiletto shoe'd day should be. 45-minutes later, I could finally go get and consume my freshly brewed coffee. Out of zombie mode. Huzzah!

What is even more horrible, is that tonight is the night of the husbands Christmas party. Or holiday party. Whatever. It's freekin' Christmas, so I'm calling it Christmas. Hell, I'm Christian - not that everyone else can't have their holiday too. I'm not opposed to any holiday, really, but this is the one I believe in. And I full-heartedly love it! I do. So, I say to you and anyone else, "Merry Christmas!" in combination with a full-on bear hug. Deal with it.

Erm. I sound like a crazy angry person. I'm really not. Really. I am not. Christmas is my favorite, if not most stressful, time of year. I very much love this holiday. This year, for some unknown reasons - house renovations, surprise party planning, shopping, letter conducting - is a tad more distressing and demanding than I'm used to. I am just behind and all the more crabby for it.

I suppose you think I should be angry with the husband for trudging runny dog crap through our house. I'm not. He was in total blackness at 6:30 AM and was not aware of said treachery. Sweetly, he did not turn the light on so as in order to not wake me. When it was discovered by him that he dispensed evil throughout our house, he was truly apologetic. And, this wasn't even his fault. That's true love.

And, finally, I have to say that I went shopping this morning (somehow I've turned into a last minute freakazoid, which I never would have stood for previously) for an outfit that needs donning tonight. A little something by BCBG. The big bonus is while at BCBG, I found a $450.00 winter coat (last one standing. And. In. My. Size. A sign from God Himself!) for the mere price of $140.00. And, I found some smokin' hot stiletto boots that were also on sale! ***cue angelic music!*** God is watching out for me today.

How can someone not love this time of year? The sales! The sales. . . ***shiver of goodness***

It's not all dog poo and home woes. I do have some stuff to smile about. Now I have to leave you and go get ready for this funtastic Christmas party. As much as I love the Christmas time, I'm not the huge holiday party jumping fool I once was. I would really rather stay home with the husband, open a bottle of wine and turn on the fireplace. We've had guests in our home since Monday and I just need alone time with my man . . . . . Maybe Tuesday next week?

Simply Curious Girl has tagged me with the meme letter to my 13-year-old self. Coming from her, this is very flattering. I don't mind being tagged, especially with this little delicious ditty. Though, living vicariously through her life is wa-aaay more exciting than mine. You should read her letter. It's awesome. Emmeline, Jay, Valley Girl and r.e.h. have all written one thus far and I'm afraid I may not be able stand up to these exquisite masterpieces. Either way, go read their little luxuriousness's. You won't be disappointed. Mine will be coming, if even you have to wait a bit. I'm still under paint, you know. Duh.


Ian said...

Ugh. What are you feeding those dogs? Good work on the winter coat, that's, uh, a bonus, yeah.

Jen said...

Ian: It's only Breagh who's been wreeking poo havoc on me this week. Every once in a while she pulls this leetol stunt for us. It usually last only 3 days at most. This is day 4.

I'm starting to worry about her now though. This has gone on entirely too long and she's stopped eating a few days ago. I need to call the vet. I'm worried.

Jay said...

I'm thinking a doggy door would be a great investment for you guys. Maybe punch a hole in a wall in the utility room, or kitchen or bathroom and a little doggy run outside for them.

That's the only way I would be able to stand having a dog. I don't do doggy doo-doo clean up. LOL ;-)

Christmas parties are fun cause the food is so yummy. Christmas cookies, fudge, cheese balls and all that good stuff. And cider. And wine. And .. you get the idea.

Princess of the Universe said...

I hope he didn't walk through it in his barefeet...

R.E.H. said...

Dog Poo all over the place... that's got to be a great welcoming to a new day in the morning. I envy you not. ;)

I'll be looking forward to your letter - I'm sure it will be a good read.

mindy said...

I just love dog doo all over the house--it's so fun! Congratulations to you for that.

I love BCBG...I'm jealous.

Also, I saw someone else's letter to his 13 year old self and am thinking of doing one at some point. Can't wait to read yours!

ETK said...

Aww - poor husband! Poor YOU for having to clean it up!!!! What coat did you get? Are you gonna post a link so we can see it? Or better yet, pictures of YOU IN IT?

It's freaking 75 degrees here. It does NOT feel like Christmas.

Wow, the letter sounds so fun! Tag me tag me! :) Does it count if I ask for it? Simply's letter was fucking awesome.

Jen said...

Princess: Thank God, no! He had his shoes on and I think the reason he did not know he stepped in poo. ***Ack.***

r.e.h.: I don't know how you can't envy me and my dog poo? ? ?

I wanted to sign up on your blog for one of your 5 letters, but I'm busy. I didn't think I'd have the time. Somehow, I'll now have to make it be so. When? ? ? (that's the question)

Mindy: Ino. You're jealous aren't you?

BCBG rocks! I always hit them when I need a fab outfit.

ETK: Here is the link for the wool coat, but mine is not black. . . . It's a COMPLETELY white coat. I live dangerously.

As you wish. . . I will tag you with this meme. It is pretty awesome isn't it? Mine could possibly be a novella. Crap.

ETK said...

Hey - how is Love in the Time of...?
I've started it three times but never got very far. I need inspiration - it's my next book club book.

Real Live Lesbian said...

It was God himself who put that coat there for you! What a coup!

You must really love someone to clean up dog poo that THEY stepped in!

Hope you get some alone time with the hubby soon!

ETK said...

Wow, that coat is AMAZING! (I forgot to write that earlier!) :)

I bet is scrumptuous in white!

So, check my bloggy. I couldn't wait. I was too excited about it. :) Sorry! Tag Alli though, I wanna hear hers.