Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, and Never Brought To Mind

I have just finished painting for 6 hours today. I estimate that I have about 3 more hours until I'm finished with this room. I have had the TV on for most of the day today; only because I started out watching the second-half of the The Tournament of Roses Parade. Once that was done, a very strange game show came on. I tried to tolerate it - I was only painting, but I. Couldn't. Stand. It. I can't even remember its name. . . It was dreadful. More than awful. And plain stoopid.

Anyhow, eventually the TV landed on The History International Channel where "The Worst Jobs in History" by Tony Robinson had some sort of marathon viewing. It is awesome. And, he's not kidding. These are the worst jobs in history. Mostly disgusting too. Really. Just imagine what this is, a Royal Stool Groomer. Which has absolutely nothing to do with horses. I'll leave you to your imagination, but if you really need to know, ask & I shall tell. It's also how we came to be naming "poo" as "stool".

This really isn't the point of my post. I used to be blond. Naturally blond. Though I no longer am. Which, again, has nothing to do with this post. What I am trying to get at is that 6 hours of painting leaves one loads of time to think. And, think I did. About how much I want to be finished with this painting in this room. And no longer sick. But I'm not and I am, so . . . .

No. Really. I was actually thinking about resolutions. And here's what I want in my life for this new shiny year:
  1. laugh more.
  2. find my future.
  3. become a bicyclist. . . . . . and like it.
  4. finish repainting, refurnishing and some renovating of the home.
  5. sort out the gardens.
Some will be easy. Some will be hard. All good goals nonetheless.

For ETK, as you can see, we only consumed 2 of the 4 bottles of champagne. But we drank for 7 hours, so we didn't get tipsy or hungover. For Alli, no axes in the back of thy head, fo shizzle! Thank the Gods that be! We were on the brink of peril when I was cooking chili though, as neither of us had eaten and both of us had just finished working out. No good can come from consuming 3/4 of a bottle of champagne on an empty stomach. To keep from falling into the alcohol trap we put up the rest of the champagne on hold until after dinner (1.25 bottles of bubbly). Close call . . .

The husband and I watched "Eastern Promises" and part of "Mr. Brooks." Both are good films in their own right. I thoroughly enjoyed each, even though we have yet to finish "Mr. Brooks." I made it to 12:30 AM while watching, but felt my eyes grow very, very heavy. Next thing I knew is that I had slept through 20 minutes of the movie. Time to call it quits.

One last mention of ringing in 2008, I did wake the husband at 12 and whisper, "happy new year, baby! I love you!" which was followed by a very sexy kiss from him. Not a bad start to the year. . . .

I truly hope that this year is much better than 2007, while it started out horrendously, it did get better. Much better. But the entire year was just a weary challenge, especially due to its start. Something I'm still trying to let go of. 2007 I am not sad to see you go. It was none to soon. So be off & make way for the new and hopefully severely improved 2008.

Slainte Mhath to you and yours!


Alli said...

Good job on knocking out 2/4 bottles & not having axes!! We didn't get to the champagne this year, but then we aren't huge champagne drinkers for some reason. Not sure why. We need to be b/c we have BEAUTIFUL champagne glasses. I need to add that to my list of 2008 wants. ;)

Best of luck with finishing painting & renovating. I hope your plague goes away, soon, too! I am sending you good health vibes!!

I hope your 2008 is mo betta!


Jay said...

No champaign for me this year at all. I'm not a big fan of it anyway. It's okay, I guess, but not all that great. Maybe I'm not drinking the good stuff?

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

R.E.H. said...

I can see how you wish for number 4 there. Girl you really have been putting in the hours to fix up the house.

I skipped the champagne this year too, and drank in the New Year with good old Heineken - I know, I'm a brute ;)

Hope for a wonderful New Year!

Tink said...

This resolution >>become a bicyclist. . . . . . and like it.<< cracked my ass up. That's my problem. I can push myself to bike, but I can't seem to make myself like it. ;)

Happy New Years girl. This one is GOING to be better. Promise.

Jen said...

Alli: I think champagne is an "acquired" taste. It does help to drink the REALLY good kind too. . . I love champagne, just as T does, but it's weird - I like mine dry and he likes his sweet. Hence, 2 bottles of champagne. We shared though. I'm trying to like sweet better.

I always try to use our wedding toast champagne glasses when we drink it - special occasion or not. We have them. They're meant to be used; not tucked into some box forever only to be discovered after we die. what kind of life is that for champagne glasses? Jeez.

Thank you for well wishes on 2008 - we need them!

Jay: You're not unlike most guys in not huggin' on the champagne. No shame there. Like I mentioned to Alli, I thinks it's a taste you have to grow to like. Beer is just as bubbly and works in my book too!

r.e.h.: now that I think about it, I HAVE been putting in more hours than I realized. I love to paint, but it gets tedious after weeks and weeks of it. ***blah*** I'll be happy to finish today! ***hoping*** But then, it's on to the next room. . . .

See comment about beer above written to Jay. It stands for you too.

Tink: I think you nailed this one on the head: "That's my problem. I can push myself to bike, but I can't seem to make myself like it." The thing is, is that I used to love, love, love biking. I don't know where I turned to the dark side on this one? ? ?

I HOPE this 2008 year thing is better! I hope. (backatchya btw)

Anonymous said...

It seems that 2007 didn't start off that well for a lot of people. Strange. Well I hope as well that your 2008 goes better. I have a good feeling about this one! ;)


Freakazojd said...

Can't wait to see Eastern Promises...mmm, Viggo.
Happy new year! May 2008 be a great one for all. :)

shanksi said...

Happy New Year. I hope 2008 works out well for you, and everybody else.

ETK said...

Yum, Veuve. My fav. Luckily, we both like ours dry.

I second Tink - the comment about making yourself like to bike is funny. Me too. :)

Happy New Year! I look forward to lots o' fun reading in 2008!