Monday, January 7, 2008

Hey! Let's Tally That Up Shall We?

I'm a bit down today. I had to drop off my parental units at the airport this afternoon. They were headed back to the great white north. I already miss them immensely. They're good people - great parents! A ton of fun . . . . And . . . . . . I just miss them. I really do. It's been hard not to cry. It's hard to live hundred's of miles away.

So, the husband decided we were going to have a fantastic day. He knows just how hard "goodbyes" are for me. He wanted to keep me busy and my mind off missing my parental units. . . .He decided to drive west of our Longhorn City to see some vacation property we had been tossing between our 2 brains. . . .

Which meant we were driving down a freeway - highway - call it what you will; it's all the same. We were completely minding our own business. Enjoying the scenery and conversation - keeping both our sadness's at bay.

When, in mid-conversation, we observed a Cordova-like roof come off the Cadillac traveling in front of us. It soared through the air. So free. Lightly. As if meant to fly. Leaving behind it's very own secure home as if it got its kicks from freedom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

only to have it hit us on our windshield, roof and roof fin-thingy thing. At 80+ miles an hour.

For real.

Something is missing here.

All I can bear to show you of poor Coco Chanel

(For those of you who know, yep. It was Coco Chanel. Our 550i. Now, I'm really sad.)

addendum: Princess just made me realize that I should let you all know that everyone is okay. It's only the cars that were damaged. I feel more badly for them than for us. We have insurance. They just purchased their vehicle (2 twins on their way back to college) and they did not have insurance. It'll be worked out one way or another. No one was hurt and that is what matters. I'm thankful we weren't in the truck (or that a motorcyclist wasn't behind them) . . . . ***shudder***


Princess of the Universe said...

Eek- you guys are OK though right?

Jen said...

princess: I should've mentioned this - everyone is okay. It was surreal to watch a roof of another car hit our windshield.

Jay said...

Holy Crap! That sucks!

Once while driving at highway speed on I-410 Loop in San Antonio wit my brother in law in his Miata an 8X10 sheet of plywood came flying out of the back of a truck. It skimmed right over our heads and just missed the car. Thank God the Miata is so small.

Anyway, glad nobody got hurt.

Jen said...

Jay: here's the thing - the husband and I were just talking about this type of accident with my parents!

(my dad saw a huge piece of ice fly off a 18-wheelers top on a highway and hit a car behind it. Where it successfully took out the front windshield. And I had mentioned some HUGE floaty-thingy flying out of a boat on a highway hitting a car, but not busting anything, yet causing mucho swerving where I thought someone would hit someone, but did not!)

Then. It. Happened. To. Us.

Holy crap is right.

After further discussion with my parental units tonight, we decided never to talk of bad things again. For serious.

I mean, just 2 weeks ago my dad was saying how his ATM machine "captured" his card a few months back. . . . and that same exact night he spoke of evil ATM machines he lost his debit card AGAIN!

We're done, man. Not mentioning freak things or bad things no more.


ETK said...

Oh. My. God. Thank goodness everyone is OK. That sounds terrifying!

Rock Chef said...

That sort of thing really scares me! Glad you are OK. Cars can be fixed...

Ian said...

Wow. Glad you're both okay.

Tink said...

Omg! Why is it always the people who don't have insurance who cause the accidents?! I'm glad you guys are OK. I'm sorry about the car though. That really sucks.

Alex&Fi said...

So glad no-one was hurt. As "the husband" will no doubt testify cars are easier to fix than people!

Freakazojd said...

Oh my god, that's craziness! Your poor car...:( I'm so glad you 2 are alright though - as someone else said, cars can be fixed, and your insurance will cover, right? Talk about a freak accident...!!!

g-man said...

That is immensely messed up!! Glad you are all ok. Bummer on the insurance.

I saw a 12 foot long 2X4 come loose from a pick-up truck at 80Mph. It shot straight up in the air about 40 feet then came straight doen again landing on its end and explode into a hundred pieces. I was amazed that I and all the surrounding traffic weren't in one huge accident.

Jen said...

ETK: It was terrifying. The husband and I were saying how lucky we were to not be in the truck. It would've broken the windshield and . . . .well, who knows. ***shudder***

Everyone is okay & that IS what matters.

rock chef: I would've expected something like untied 2x4's or plywood to fly at us, but this was a roof! From a car. It was scary, actually. I think it really scared the 2 twins on their way back to university. They were pretty shaken up.

We'll fix the car once insurance has been worked out. Apparently, they have 30 days to claim a new insurance provider. The parents have been very kind thus far. It'll work out.

Ian: these things only happen to us/me. I'm glad no one was injured too.

Tink: I thought the same exact thought. It always seems that the uninsured are always causing some sort of accident grief. I will say that these kids and their parents have been very concerned. They seem very willing to work with us.

Alex&Fi: Ino. And, you are right, maybe the bird crapping on my head WAS good luck. Usually we are driving the truck, which would've been really, really bad in this situation. Instead we were in Coco - I think that saved us in more ways than we know. Go ahead birds - crap on my head! I welcome it!

And, yes, cars are a bit more easy to fix or even replace than humans.

Freakazojd: It was a freak accident, but this one turned out just fine. Whether our insurance will cover it (they have already said they will) or the other family the car will be good as gold. Or preferably platinum. :)

g-man: THAT is more terrifying to me than a cordova roof flying at us at 80+ mph! I'm glad no one was hurt in that situation, 'cos that could've been really horrible. I can't even imagine it.

Alli said...

HOLY MOLEY!!!! geez, Jen. We need to change your luck some how.

I am soooo glad you 2 are ok. AND YES, why does these things always involve uninsured people? UGH! Poor Coco Chanel. DANG!

P.S. Wine night sounds good. You are welcome to come here anytime & I am willing to drive there anytime. :) I'll try to give you a call tomorrow if you are available.

Jen said...

Alli: It's my life and how it's always gone. But, you know, it helps to laugh and smile about the little things. . . They always pass.

Call me tomorrow. I'll be around! I'll always call back if I miss the phone - which I do A LOT, b/c I never realize I put it on "vibrate". duh.

Emmeline said...

My goodness. The strangest things happen to you! At least it makes for good blog material!


gawilli said...

Good heavens! This must have been one of those "count my blessings" moments. I had something similar happen with a blown tire from a semi. It skipped right down the center of the hood and across the roof. Scared me to death. But again, we were all fine. I'm so glad everyone is all right.

Jen said...

Em: I DO have the freakiest things happen to moi. But to not be me for one day - oddly enough - is not my dream. This is my life and that's how I roll!

Gawilli: God was definitely watching over us. Or may not need either of us quite yet. . . . Let's hope that's not for a very long time. I've had those semi tires blow around me too! It scares the poo outta me. Thanks, I'm glad we are all well too!

R.E.H. said...

Damn! You were really lucky to have escaped that without any serious injury. Imagine that thing having gone through the windshield!

Glad your alright! Too bad about the car though...