Monday, January 7, 2008

'Cos That's How This Lady Rolls

My parental units flew down from the frozen tundra in the great white north this past Friday morning. We have had an absolute wonderful weekend. I did not paint my house. Not an inch of it. But it will begin soon. I promise. My parents did happen to help with a few chores that needed fixin' though.

It wasn't all odd jobs; however. Saturday was an amazingly b-e-a-uuuutiful day! It was in the mid 70's. The sun was shinning. We we out running errands for the home and it's people. The husband and I just bought a new wrought iron throw rack and fireplace screen. Also a new blouse for Saturdays evening out at Lonesome Dove (warning: music) and Craig Ferguson was purchased. It was a fantastic day!

With a Venti non-fat chai tea latte in hand, happy conversation, shopping bags, my parents in awe of sitting outside drinking espresso's & tea in the warm breeze while watching the cars & Longhorn City people stroll by at the beginning of January. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a bird shit on my head.

For real.


Alli said...

Oh, Jen. Only you. Only you would have a bird poopie on your head. Why do these things happen to you? sheesh! (Actually, it has happened to me, too...bleh!)

So, was this first time your parents got to see your Longhorn City home? I bet they loved it & loved the warm weather!

Girl, how much more paintin' do you have?

After tomorrow, I have FREEDOM until I start working in Feb or March, so we should plan to get together soon!

mindy said...

I think that bird was just telling you not to get your hopes up for 2008. Maybe?

Jay said...

Amazingly enough I have made it to within 2 months of my 40th birthday without ever having a bird go doo-doo on my head. The odds are against me making it the next 40 years without it happening though, I'm sure.

R.E.H. said...

Did you pick up a rock and throw it at the bird? I know I would've.

A break from painting? How does it feel? Are you alright? ;)

ETK said...

Oh. My. God. I could totally see that happening to me too. What a crappy way to end the day. Heehee - pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. That sucks. On the head of all places. I've only ever gotten it on the shoulder. I really am sorry. But I must thank you for the laugh, as it was needed today!


g-man said...

Oh that is funny. Used to have this radio tower next to our building that the birds used to congregate on. I have been pooped on more than once. Not pleasant.

Ian said...

Fantastic way to start the year. Happy New Year to you both. We're back. We're alive, just. We'll get blogging again soon. Honest.

Jen said...

Alli: Ino. And, seriously, why do these things only happen to me?

Mom came down in August, but not since I started painting. It was Dad's first time. They both loved the home and our Longhorn City! Loved it! I'm glad, 'cos I hope they now visit more often.

I have more than loads of painting. . . I will take pictures.

I'm there to see you. Name the time and the place - definitely need another "wine night." :)


Jay: I would only wish this on my enemies. I hope you NEVER get shitted upon. It's not pleasant - no matter how small the bird.

r.e.h.: Um. No. I never thought about that. I only thought, "did I really just get shitted upon?! REALLY????!" As my family laughed and then said, "I think we'd better get going. . . "

I don't know if I can survive without paint fumes. . . .

ETK: You's and me's soul sisters. . . . . but, just in case, like Jay, I hope you never get shitted upon. For real.

Em: I'm glad it helped you have a better day. Really. :) It IS funny now!

G-Man: I bow down to you "oh-one-thalt-has-been-shitted-upon-more-that-I". All I can really say is that I hope this never happens to me again. Period.

Ian: Glad to know that you and the misses traveled safely! I was wondering about you both & how the vacation went. The Freakin' Flu? ? ? ! Are you for serious? ? ? Bummer. I'm waiting for stories and pictures. Welcome back!

Alex&Fi said...

Isn't it supposed to be good luck to be shit upon by a bird?....especially on the head?? I'm sure I heard it somewhere.....

Freakazojd said...

Holy crap! Haha!
Seriously, I remember that happening during a fire drill (to someone else, thank god) when I was in grade school, and have never seen something like that happen since. I can't even imagine, actually...
Can't wait to see the pics of your place! :)