Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Sense You Are Looking For Something

me: grrrrrrrwaaarrrrrmmmmmmblllllphlat.

What is that? What does that mean? Is that Jen without makeup? Or hair products? Or coffee? Zombies, possibly? Dead sea monkeys?


That's Jen p*ssed off at uninsured motorists. Did I say the parents were really concerned and willing to work with us? I take that back - tenfold.

That's all I really have to say right now about that.

A couple hours after cooling off. . .

Addendum: yeah. I know. I knew this would happen. I did. I was just thinking (hoping beyond all hopes & dreams) that maybe; just maybe someone in this world during the age we live in would not be a jackhole for once. How very wrong I am. Sooner or later I'm going to turn cynical. And evil.

Addendum to the Addendum: Here's what I know so far - our insurance company will cover the damages and a rental car.

We have to pay the deductible.

Since the parents of the twins that hit us do not plan on putting them on their own insurance within the 30-day time allotment, as mentioned previously, our company will cover it.
To use the the mothers' words, "They're on their own. I told them that if they bought this car it was up to them to take care of it. . . .blah, blah, blah"

What she doesn't seem to understand is that our insurance company will turn around and sue them. Though I'm not here to educate the masses, 'cos, you know, that's not my jobbie-job; it makes sense, at least to me, to put their children on their insurance to cover the damages therefore avoiding any law suit(s). Since these twins are students and thus considered dependents of their parental units. Put. The. Kids. On. Your. Insurance. I'm not going to sue you - my insurance company with a building full of one thousand-and-two lawyers will.

Make sense?


Alli said...

Oh, girl. I'm so sorry.

Man, I was worried that might happen....


Jay said...

Yeah, people are always much more cooperative at the scene than they are in private later on.

Jen said...

alli: me too. ***sadly***

jay: bastards. At least the husband and I have uninsured motorists coverage with a deductible. Which the insurance company seems to think we cannot and will not recover.

pffft. whatever.

ETK said...

AW Jen!!! That totally sucks big ones. People are so stupid and annoying. Why? Why do they have to be such JACKHOLES?

Rock Chef said...

Agh, that sucks. Can they also be prosecuted by the Police for not having insurance? I am sure you can over here.

AaroN said...

I still can't believe there are states that don't require car insurance to some degree. And you're correct, about the parents. That's absolutely ludicrous. I can't believe they think this is going to blow over and they're going to teach their kids a lesson.

Jen said...

etk: since growing up I find that there are more and more jackholes in this world. The husband is more aware of this fact than I, but I am learning.

rock chef: that a good question, but I don't think the USofA is up to or on par with suing b/c one doesn't have auto insurance? Anyone know this? We can take them to civil court over damages & then have court fees thrown in there too, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. It's a fantastic idea - one would tend to think that it might make people think twice about driving around without insurance.

BTW - here in Texas you cannot drive a new or used vehicle off the lot without insurance. This family must've known the individual selling the vehicle. That's the only way they got off the lot with an "Untitled vehicle." Or so I've been told. . .

Aaron: It's naive of the parents to think that this is going to "teach them kids a lesson". You're absolutely correct! Our insurance company told her, "you don't have to put your children on your insurance, but understand that we will subjugate you in court." Oh - smack that!

Thanks for visiting!

Rock Chef said...

Aaron - you mean that is some states insurance is an optional extra? I am stunned!

Ian said...

No, they have to have insurance. Did you call the police to the scene? If so they should have written them a couple of tickets.

Emmeline said...

Let her learn the hard way. She seems to deserve it. ;)


Real Live Lesbian said...

The parents will be the ones learning the lesson. The meanie lawyers will make them sorry. They don't think this kind of shit if funny.

Tink said...

It's official, most people suck.

R.E.H. said...

Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Yes, I too think the parents deserve whatever expenses they'll suffer from this... stooopid people!

Jen said...

rock chef: Insurance isn't optional - at least I don't think it is. I know in Texas and Wisconsin, you have to have it, but, you know, there are ways around everything.

Ian: yeah. Um. We should have called the po-po. The husband didn't think we'd need to do so at the time. Hindsight. . . . ***sigh*** Though our insurance today recommended we still try to call and see if we can file something.

Em: I don't like people getting sued, but in this instance I'm all for it. She is now telling our insurance company she had no knowledge of her boys buying the car. She's pulled a 360 on us. First, all willing to help and work something out. Second, I know nothing and want nothing to do with it. As if.

rll: Ino! And I say, let 'em learn. As soon as our insurance can find them. They can't find these people, so it may make it tough to sue. No paper trail 1) no police report + 2) no insurance = hard to find and send litigation information.

***smacking head on wall***

Tink: I'm learning. Slowly. But I'm ready to jump on the fast track. Or I could send Tom Cruise after them - he seems to be able to fix all sorts of people with love, compassion and toughness.

r.e.h.: I DID get a major headache today over this sh*t. ***ow*** They are very, very, very stoopid people. I. don't. like. them.

g-man said...

Make sure when you sue for your deductible you attach the time and any lawyer consultation fees along with it. People are stoopid (spelling on purpose).