Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whatever You're Mumbling

Last night I went to bed extremely early. Even by little kids standard it was early. I was tired. I had had an "one of those days" and I just wanted to curl up in bed. Where I could be alone and have solitude. So, with The Bourne Ultimatum in one hand and dressed in warm pajamas, I headed to bed at 7:40 PM. Yes, you read that correctly. 7:40 PM. Just one of the perks I have when the husbands' schedule is all over the place. . . .

Anyway, if you haven't seen the last of the Bourne movies thus far, you are missing out. It's an awesome movie! Completely fascinating to me. I am still trying to comprehend that governments actually have the power to do these things. I want to trust no one. I'm becoming very cynical in my crotchety old age. This is probably a good thing. So, completely engrossed in watching how intuitive Jason Bourne is . . . . the phone rang. It was 8:01 PM.

Pausing the movie, I climbed out of bed to the phone and clicked "talk" only to find the person who had called hung up. But it immediately rang again. Only once. It was the same person - the husband calling from work. I answered again to the caller hanging up. I waited for the phone to ring. It did not, but, to be safe, I delayed starting the movie up again for five minutes anyway. When the phone did not ring again, I finally pushed "play" to finish my fab movie.

The phone did not ring the rest of the night.

Not only did it not ring, because now I had the phone on my nightstand where I could answer it before it could even finish one full ring, the entire house remained quiet until the husband arrived home at 3:00 AM. The dogs went berserk. Which is how I knew the husband had arrived. This doesn't have much to do with this story though.

What does have something to do with this story is the fact that upon awaking this morning, the husband threw his arm around me. We had some playful conversation on how his night at work went & how I slept for 12 hours without any sort of sleep aid. I was exhausted - I think I may have mentioned this previously. When a thought struck me -

me: hon, how come you hung up when I answered?
the husband: cos you answered. ***funny, funny guy the husband is***
me: oh.
the husband: I'm kidding! ***laughing*** I hung up because the fax machine answered.
me: huh?
the husband: the fax answered whe. . .
me: um. . . . . Noooooo. I unplugged that thing weeks & weeks ago! Have you used it?
the husband: no.
me: so how . . . ***I AM blond, but***
the husband: I dunno? It just answered both times.
me: okay, that's just weird.

Obviously, with my curiosity perked, I got up to see if the fax machine was plugged in. It. Was. Not. It does not even have the power cord plugged in. Both of us are educated people. Both of us know how to use a fax machine. Both of us are completely dumbfounded.

We are in possession of Satan's fax machine, I think.

Anybody in the market for a used, slightly possessed fax machine? Anyone?


Jay said...

Good job on becoming more cynical! Welcome to the dark side. Don't worry its great over here. We laugh more and we have cookies and liquor. ;-)

Your fax machine isn't named Hal, is it?

Jen said...

Jay: Great question for Rock Chef!

I like cookies. I like liquor. I may just be staying.

Alli said...

Perhaps an exorcism is in need?

"The power of Christ compells you! The power of Christ compell you! Out Demon!" I say as I spray holy water on the fax machine...unplugged of course, because that just would be dangerous.

Oh, wait. I'm not catholic.

R.E.H. said...

Run! Run while there is still time!

I knew it... those evil fax machines were here to take over the world!

Seriously... let me know if you figure this one out. Now I'll have even more trouble sleeping at night ;)

g-man said...

Have you fax machine call my fax machine, it is lonely. We had a weird experience like that once. Apparently it is the clandestine government agencies using regular peoples phone lines to send secret faxes to field agents.

mindy said...

I used to have a possessed alarm clock. That thing freaked me out. No batteries, not plugged in - and yet it would STILL go off every now & then.

Toss it!