Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Magic. And Like Science, You Don't Actually Have to Understand It, You Just Have to Believe It

Lots of weird stuff going on here this month of January as previous posts have told. In fact, one of the most peculiar items, aside from having body parts screamed at us while we are out enjoying the fresh cold air, is the fact that I've discovered that I like bourbon. Yes. I do.

What you need to understand is I have tried for years and years to enjoy scotch and/or whiskey, but I absolutely abhor both. They burn your nose hairs off & put hair on your chest. Both are pretty much manly man stuff - you know, like, being in the deep of the man cave, drinking beer, watching TV all while in their skivvies. Stuff I do not do. Nor do I care to do so. Most people probably shouldn't either. But this point is neither here nor there.

What I am trying to point out and say is, as we all know (I hope you know), I am not manly. Or I try my hardest not to be like a man though for some reason it seems to follow me. . . . ? I like to believe that I am a true girlie girl. I admire all things pink. I like having doors opened for me. I love my stilettos and being assessed by such. I enjoy being a slave to hair styles, fashion and makeup. Finally, as mentioned in a previous post, I love the girlie parts of me. So, it is safe to bet that I do not want chest hair. I know for a fact that scotch puts it there. For real. So, it is really, really strange that I've taken a liking to bourbon. Specifically, Makers Mark. I mean, really? Bourbon? Like a moth to a flame - I have to ask, "why?"

One more thing.
. . . because you asked so nicely & I'm not a schweaty beastly creature today . . .
picture of the new shades.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Wild thing...You make my heart sing! GAWD I love those glasses!!!!

I'm promising myself RIGHT NOW that I'm going to have some cool shades this Summer!

You look Mahvelous!

ETK said...

So much better! I don't think I commented when you linked to them but I really just couldn't picture them on. Thank you! You look gorgeous (and a little devilish or like you have something going on or know a secret or something). :)

I like.

And, really though - bourbon? I'll try some tonight and see, but I don't think so.

Alli said...

Really? Bourbon? Wow! I never woulda thunk it.

Well, I have never tried scotch or bourbon, so I can't say if I like or not. Although my like of hard liquor these days is pretty much zero unless it is in a fruity drink. Seems like other than that (or too much of that) makes me ill.

Ah well, I guess I'll stick to my boring ol' wine. :)

Those glasses look great on ya, chica! But that's no surprise, cuz you'd look great in a potato sack. ;)

Jay said...

My favorite bourbon is Woodford Reserve. Maker's Mark is mighty fine stuff too, but Woodford is #1 for me.

But I'm not a big fan of Scotch. Only a couple of the expensive ones.

Well, some Jameson's Irish Whiskey is a good thing too.

Those shades are hot. Of course they are, they're on you! ;-)

Ian said...

*sigh* I have failed.

R.E.H. said...

Lay off the scotch if it puts hair on your chest! Imagine having to shave that area on a daily basis...

The shades make you look like a movie star. Really hot!

mindy said...

Nice shades!

Anonymous said...

Supa cute!

As for the alcohol thing . . . I haven't yet found an alcohol I DON'T like . . . hehe. :)


Anonymous said...

Great. Now I have to try bourbon. :)

I like egg nog with whiskey although it doesn't like me. ;(

tt said...

Ok, I'm sooo jealous. I'm too cheap to get anything that cool. Plus they wouldn't fit over my regular glasses :)
Um, have you ever tried Crown and & 7up?? OMG, necture of the gods there!!!!( of course that could explain my chest hair...I may have to rethink that one)

Tink said...

Holy hell you're hot. They should use you for a model.

Jen said...

RLL: You're just too sweet! Everyone deserves a nice pair of shades - go getchya some!!

etk: I know loads of secrets! I do! But I never, ever tell. Thank you too for being sweet!

. . . and did you try a leetol of the bourbon? Yes?

Alli: a potato sack? You goof! I'm old, crotchety and many pounds more than I should be - maybe I SHOULD be dressing in a potato sack. But you are sweet as well, just like the rest of 'em! Thanks!

I discovered, since this post, that I can't have a glass of bourbon myself. It's too much. I have to share the husbands.

Don't get me wrong - I still love my wine.

Jay: Never heard of Woodfords bourbon? But then again, I'm a neophyte to this here taste. I like Jameson's too, but in coffee on St. Patrick's Day.

Thanks to you too for being just as sweet as all the others!

Ian: Failure is only a perception. Look at it this way - you've lead me to bourbon. . . .

r.e.h.: you're right. I already despise having to shave my legs daily. I definitely don't want to start on the chest!

Movie star! ***laughing*** The next movie you write - I'm there. Totally. Thank you for the sweet comment.

Mindy: why thank you!

Em: I'm with you, except for scotch - I just can't seem to like it. That and it puts hair on your chest. Thank you - as usual, you're sweet.

Butterfly girl: I'd recommend sharing first. As well as teeny-tiny sips. . . . Lemmeno how it goes. Eggnog and whiskey sounds good, but I'm not sure if Ian would yell at me for mixing it with a sugared drink - though it's NOT a fizzy sugared drink? Ian?

tt: as mentioned before, everyone needs a great pair of shades! You should treat yourself to a wee leetol bit of something - I know you have the bag (courtesy of etk), now you need a scarf and some sexy-cool shades! You can get Rx sunglasses. . . .

I love crown and 7up! I do! but I was instructed that you are not supposed to mix things like that with sugared fizzy drinks. I was chuffed at and almost ostracized for life! The horror of whiskey and soda. Or at least according to Scotsmen. . . .

Jen said...

Tink: look who's calling the kettle black! ! ! thank you all the same.

AaroN said...

MM only puts hair on your nips, so at least its the minimum amount of tweezing.