Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Have Your "Let's Change the World Face On"

Princess has, yet again, bestowed another award upon my blog and me. We are not sure it is entirely deserved, but we thank her nonetheless.

Volcanoes await. Tsunami's brew. Earthquakes fester. Meteors may descend. In the midst of all things in this universe, these little blogs of ours can cause a smile, some sympathy, a chuckle or even a full hearted laugh. It's these the little things in life that matter most. I am thankful you share these bits of your lives in this blogosphere of ours.

My blog originally was started with my family from the great white north in mind. To keep them in the know while the husband and I live here in our Longhorn city. And, while I believe that they sometimes forget this little blog is for them, I have befriended a few others. So, I thank Princess and all my other readers of whom I read too for "making my day."

Mother Nature has not yet deemed me fit for destruction and I'm thankful for that too.

In the usual tradition of awards, I am suppose to pass this on to others. Since I read everyone in my blog roll on almost a daily basis (well, and the fact that Google Reader now helps me from seemingly being psychotic-stalkerella-like), I'm passing this all on to you. It is my blogs' and my hope you enjoy it!

P.S. But. . . you can only have it if you leave a comment. D'oh. Rules. Even if I make them up as I go along; you forget you're in Jen's World now. While in Jen's World you have to deal with rule implementations, addendum's and postscripts. So there.


The Mama Bear said...

I think I have it figured out now....your family is in Wisconsin?
I visited Texas for 6 months came back home and here I stay.

Nice award, enjoy it.

Alli said...

Pretty award!!! What a nice gal that Princess is. She lika da Jen! ;)

R.E.H. said...

Congrats on the award!

And, you make my day too!

shanksi said...

Congratulations on the award, Jen. Your blog rarely fails to raise a smile.

My scary inner language fascist is grinding its teeth at the apostrophe in "addendum's". It reckons "addenda" would have been preferable.

Jen said...

Mama Bear: I love it here in Tejas! I miss my family immensely, but one cannot usually beat the weather here. And, of course, this is where the husband is. . . Love me that too.

Alli: grab an award for yourself! I know I took the easy way out and didn't list everyone individually, but I meant what I said - everyone on my blog roll makes my day.

r.e.h.: As with Alli - grab one for you too.

shanski: thanks! On the language factor. . . .you're gonna have to take it up with Blogger. They're the one's who provided the spell check on that one. Obviously, erroneously. ***laughing*** P.S. I never said grammar was my thing. You forget, "Jen's World". . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a great award! I was just thinking yesterday, "It would be nice if I could get just one more award because I think 3 would look nice on my page" and then here you go and make it easy for me to steal this one! So thanks because I'm going to! Haha. :) (Congrats, by the way.)


Jen said...

Em: I'm glad someone took me up on the award! Enjoy it - you deserve it.

Freakazojd said...

I'm not commenting for the award. :) I just wanted to say congratulations on yours and thanks for your lovely words on mine today.

Anonymous said...

Well, I came here on my usual reading and whoa! there's something surprising!

Anyway; congrats on the award :)
I started my blog because I had nothing much to do-during my final year in college. LOL :D

Anonymous said...

You really did make my day with the back fat comment and then hinting that I have a super virus and all. You can remove the foot now because I loved it!

Thing is I was comparing our illnesses here in the fort to that of The Stand, you know by Stephen King? If you haven't seen it you really only need see the very beginning to know what I'm talking about.

Don't feel bad about the calcium thing either. My gene's have doomed me to osteoporosis. Now that suck's.

Congratulations! ;-)