Saturday, February 2, 2008


me + headache x unmotivated to do ANYTHING + extreme tiredness = zero.

Don't feel bad; it's not just all ya'll suffering my apathy. The house is only 1/2 clean this week. The laundry is piling up more than it has in, like, forever. Only one workout in about 10 days. One. Pathetic. Liposuction is looking better and better. For real. The dogs haven't been walked. Nor have I begun our tax preparation either. We'll just owe a big fat wad of cash anyway. Now that's dismal.

It was all I could do to get to the store - the husband had to come with me to get me to do this - and make Greek Turkey Burgers for dinner last night. They were super-duper good though. Homemade aioli to slather on thy (um. yes, it was the low-fat version. duh. mine did not include raw eggs either) turkey burgers that were stuffed with red bell peppers, spinach and herbs. Perfection of yum! No pictures. I forgot. Besides, it's not as if I'd be motivated to unpack my camera from my trip to H-town last weekend.


Furthermore, in my unresponsiveness state, the husband and I watched 2 movies yesterday. Resident Evil: Extinction and Good Luck Chuck. I was sadly disappointed in RE: Extinction & we all know how much I just love me some zombie movies. Well, that, and the fact that the first two RE movies rocked. But no worries, according to the previews on that DVD we should all be looking forward to Zombie Strippers coming out in 2008. Yeah. Real winner in that one. (For the mens-folk out there: it is starring Jenna Jameson so that may be something.)

Maybe this should have been a clue as to how awful RE: Extinction was going to turn out. Ya think? You know me, I try to give everything a chance. This is where I end up burned beyond recognition. But, don't fear, my age and crotchetiness is taking care of this little by little.

Anyway, Good Luck Chuck was fabulously cute. Both the husband and I got to giggling every now and then. I know there are a lot of haters out there for Jessica Alba. I, for one, am not. I think she is the epitome of cute. If she gets any cuter I think she'll implode. And now, with a baby on the way? Have you seen her? Adorable! Well, she still wears the most fabulous shoes while preggers too (note to readers: if I could find the greatest shoes worn by JAlba on the web, I would. But I can't. So, you'll just have to pretend. Think red & pink.)

All you haters of the JAlba - just shoish.

The husband and I finally hope to rehire some lawn guys today. They are out there working hard right now. Let us pray that they shall show up and mow thy little plot of earth on a regular basis. Showing up is key. I want people to hate me because my yard is beautiful.

End rant. I'm going back to being unmotivated. Maybe I'll go look at the laundry again. . . . Find me later.


ETK said...

Dude, why bother even looking at the laundry? why not just put your PJs back on (if you've changed yet) or sweats and get comfy on the couch in front of your laptop and a movie or E or something nice and mind numbing - it's the weekend after all! :) You've got all week to clean the house.
-says on couch potato

ETK said...

I meant "Says ONE couch potato"

Jen said...

Um. ETK, you've called me out. still in thy pajama's. Well, okay, I've managed to put a bra and sweater on (you know, we're having lawn guys here), but still have my pj sweatpants bottoms on.

I still have yet to make it from my computer to look at the laundry. I've been lazy all week. I need to DO something besides go out to dinner again tonight.

***la sigh***

Jen said...


-> have made our bed. Finally, BRAND NEW sheets that fit! Woot! Bless those who make 22" fitted sheets.

-> have sorted laundry & started one load.

-> made oatmeal the old fashioned way (sans microwave). Cleaned all dishes.

-> dusted family/dining room. Which includes this here CPU.

And a big, fat maybe:

-> will workout after lawn guys finish and leave. It's been 4 hours already. Geesh. Our yard must've been REALLY, REALLY bad.

Alli said...

Yes, weekends are for being lazy. I just wish I could convice Hubby of this. He. can't. sit. still.

Girl, did we wear each other out or something??? ;) I was feeling out of it for half of the week (although a lot of that was sinus issues). Well, if it was us that wore each other out, I wouldn't have asked for anyone else to help. :)

P.S. We were disappointed with RE: Extinction, too. We LOVE those movies & that one was just.. eh.

We've been wanting to watch Good Luck Chuck b/c we both like Dane Cook & we both think Jessica Alba is a cutie. Who is a Jessica Alba hater???? Don't hate people. Don't hate. I can't think of much more annoying peeps out there...

Enjoy the weekend! :)

Alli said...

oops. I mean't I CAN think of much more annoying peeps..


Both ETK & I had to correct ourselves today. But then I am the queen of typos, so I am not surprised. to go help keep Hubby busy with something.

Jay said...

The snow is all gone already around here so I got out for a while today. Just watching This Old House now. I love that show.

Jessica Alba IS CUTE. She's unbelievably cute. I really didn't care for her until I saw her in Sin City and couldn't believe how cute she was in that movie.

But, I do think she's dumb. LOL

Anyway, I no desire to see Good Luck Chuck until they released the unedited and unrated version with the extra scenes that Jessica Alba called PORN. Now, I might rent it. LOL ;-)

The Mama Bear said...

So in pajamas today and doing nada, zilch....not even looking at the laundry.
Actually wishing a pizza and pop fairy will a sudden appearance at my front door.

tt said...

Ok, you've done it again. You gave me my chuckle for the day.:) Isn't it nice to know you're not alone in the lack of motivation department? We all have those times...which, if you'd like some justification for it, I'm at your service.;)
It's just that you had a really fun-filled week before: visiting the H-town ppl, which can run you ragged if you let them(**wink-wink**) The whole traveling thing is very hard on the body....the mind has to switch gears going from one living arrangement to another which is taxing to say the least......then there's the regular stuff that your mind has traveling through it on a day to day basis which has to shuffle around to make room for new experiences....phew!!!!!!! Makes me tired just thinking about it!!
Your body and mind are just in the download mode right now. Adjustments take time ya know. It's not your fault at all!!!!!
You'll be your 'old' self in no time!
There, how that?

R.E.H. said...

Ok... I bow down to you Jen.

I really got to get myself back on track here - because the day that ANYONE knows more about Zombie movies than I do, is the day that I really need to get a grip of myself.

A) I didn't know there was a 3rd Resident Evil movie out.

B) I have not heard of Stripper Zombies (starring Jenna Jameson!!!)

Don't tell me George A. Romero finally got the fourth Living Dead movie on the go, or his Diamond Dead film.

Gotta love zombie flicks - especially the Romero ones. Damn good stuff! ;)

Jen said...

Alli: I correct myself ALL the time too. It's all good. I knew what you meant. Yeah, RE:extinction was almost too awful to continue watching. I made the husband - hoping things would get better. It. Did. Not.

I did motivate yesterday. I cleaned and almost finished laundry as well as pulled out a workout! Yeah for moi! I HAD to do something to get back into the swing of things.

Jay: I heart me This Old House too! I like almost anything on HGTV though. . .

I think we did obtain the unedited/unrated version. It did seem a bit porn-ish in parts now that you mention it. In checking the cover just now, it's listed as "unrated." JAlba is not in those scenes, so if you were hoping for a glimpse - forget it. She always said she won't do that in any movie.

Mama Bear: Wait. There are such things as pizza and soda fairies? ? ? ! How do I get these two flying goodness' come here to my Longhorn City? I want one or two.

Did they make it to your house in the great white north?

TT: you're right. For some reason traveling wears me out. But it is not as if those two H-towners partied like rock stars and wore me down. . . . Maybe it IS just sitting in a great big germ bubble of an airplane which changes the pressure on the body? I don't know, but I can't seem to find my mojo to get back into it. I'm so. . . . 'meh' all the time - even now. I can't seem to wake up!?

I like your theory though - we need to test it.

r.e.h.: It seems this won't be the end of RE either - this one left it wide open for a fourth. I hope they go back to the 1st and/or 2nd format. this 3rd one was a waste of money and time.

I love zombies, ghosts and aliens - even if they're not really real . . .

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to see Good Luck Chuck. I love Dane Cook!


Ian said...

I've been getting lots done this weekend. Must be 'cos the missus is coming home tonight. Fear is a great motivator.

Zombie Strippers, eh? See, I should be worrying about the Zombie part, but all I can think about is the Strippers bit. This is why they're so dangerous.

mindy said...

I think I might be the authority on this, so pay attention: nothing can be accomplished when one has a pounding headache. Just go with it. Relax!

Tink said...

I love JAlba. The only way I can think to hate her is because I'd secretly love to BE her. Zombie STRIPPERS? Wha? I can see the movie slogan now...

"Step up for your LAST lap dance!"