Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Make My Head Muddy

Right. So, because I cannot just be content with sitting still, pretty much. . . . ever, I am on to another home improvement project. A simple one really. Just painting the guest bathroom a normal solid color, change out the wall mirror and the lighting fixtures.

Wah-lahhhhh & done. Thankyouverymuch.

I have already run into a couple, for the ease of use let us call them "issues", because that is nicer than what I had originally planned. And, I am a nice person. Maybe. Um. Since we are not here to talk about the awesomest of me . . . . we are moving on back to these "issues".

First, it has been discovered that the horrendous mural painted on the walls, is not just painted on the walls. Beelzebub, somewhere down the era of time lines, decided to paint this mural over wallpaper. So, I can't just primer over it; I must now remove it.

That's nice.

Secondly, I want to remove the hanging mirror that covers the wall and replace it with a much more fashionable one. The house must be stylish too, you know. Yet. . . .oh yeah. There is a yet. Mephistopheles had brilliantly determined that they should not remove the wall mirror to inlay tile. Instead, they just grouted the mirror to the tile.

You cannot get more lazy than that.

Overall, I have only just begun, so I don't have a "thirdly", "fourthly" or even a "finally" for my seven readers just yet. But hang in there - I will have something for all ya'll. More likely, sooner than later.

Tap, tap, tapping the mirror out.
The skill. Oh the skill.

Am I just lucky or do you also run into a**hats previous owners that do not seem to have a functioning brain in their body when it comes to home improvement? Am I mean? Wait . . . . don't answer that.


Jay said...

A lot of people get started on home improvement projects and then get bored with it or it's harder than they thought so they cut corners and just try to get it over with. We ran into that when we painted my sister's house. The previous homeowner had some interesting ideas when it came to painting and wallpaper. And she apparently didn't want to spring for a level cause none of the towel racks were level. LOL

Alli said...

*Singing "She's Crafty* by the Beastie Boys*

Girl, you so crafty! You need to have your own home improvement show. :)

We may have to come with you for advice if we end up getting an older home.

Jen said...

Jay: Now there's something I didn't think of. I guess I get tired too, but if I have to live in it, it better be done right or not done at all. I'm weird like that. It sounds like you're a handy-dandy guy. . . hmmmmm. . . interested in this old house and its repairs?

Alli: I think I'd kill someone on my own show and that kind of evidence can be pretty damning. But you're sweet to say that!

Sure! You can call, but you'll have to listen to me calling your ex-homeowners asshats.


Here's the thing: I DO expect home improvement projects with an old(er) home, but what I don't expect is shoddy home improvement work. Sure that type of thing rears its ugly noggin' every now and again, but every room, every project, every thing? Really?


R.E.H. said...

You are going to have the most wonderful home on the planet, the way you keep going ;)

Really, it sounds like it needs to be done too, with that shoddy work by the previous owners. Be sure to post some pictures when its done.

Rock Chef said...

Hah, I love stuff like that! I moved into one place where the previous people had painted *around* a wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Aw you're not mean! I continued to be impressed and amazed (and most importantly, awed speechless) by your ability to home-improve. I shall soon commence laying sacrifices at your feet.


Jen said...

r.e.h.: yeah. This place does need some fixing. More than I originally planned.

Definitely will post "before" & "after" pictures. Just don't expect miracles!

rock chef: so you had a nice outline of a wardrobe on your wall? Great. Maybe your previous owners are now my previous owners.

I keep finding stuff. . .

Em: It's my parents fault. They taught me this stuff. Quite frankly, it HAS come in pretty handy now and again. Not growing up with a lot of money makes for a good family of "do-it-yourselfers"! My dad has always told me "do it right the 1st time and you won't have to redo it." It's made me a perfectionist. So, I have little sympathy for shoddy work. . . ug.

Alex&Fi said...

You've met my "the husband" right? If ever there was a more thorough DIY-er then I'd be surprised. Not that I'm complaining because when something goes up on a wall it ain't comin' down till he says so!
As for previous property owners, the people who had my flat in Edinburgh before me had a penchant for much so that in the teeny weeny bathroom there were four(yes four!) shades of blue!! The worst of which was coloured blue grout with white tiles. I'm surprised Alex still since we spent days trying to scrape it all out.

Jen said...

Fi: Any chance you 2 are for hire over here in the USofA?