Friday, February 29, 2008

Your Ancient Customs Intrigue Me

Yesterday, it started with a nap. A rarity if I ever do so. But if it must be done it is a 20 to 30 minute rest only. Yet, I awoke after an hour of sleeping hard. I immediately wanted to go back to sleep.

Then, I could not be more than 50-feet from the good ole porcelain goddess or god, whatever your preference might be. I still cannot leave this DMZ Longhorn City toto area. A zone that did not formally exist two days ago. My tummy is full of bubbly and not the good kind. It's not good for anyone involved. Trust me on this. I'll spare the details.

Finally, it feels as if a zombie is eating the back of my eyeballs out. Let me tell you what a fantastic feeling that is. My head hurts too. To top things off and make it that much worse, I have lost all sense of my appetite. Everyone knows how much I love my food, the smells, the tastes and the cooking of.

Am I turning into a zombie? Am I in hell?

Maybe, like wine in a decanter, I need air, to relax, to stretch, to become comfortable? I cannot possibly be ill. I have too much to do today, tomorrow and Sunday. Besides, the weather is fantastically beautiful. I have my back door open and it smells like spring. Awesome. I want to walk the dogs, look at pretty flowers bursting out and soak up the gorgeousness of the day(s).

Instead, I sit here telling my seven readers of the fetid stank pit oddball, which is full of decaying nasties; the thing that was formerly known as "me". I'll need to come up with a symbol, just like that guy who is Formerly-Known-As-Prince. Or is he back to being Prince?


Say a little prayer for me. Please.


g-man said...

Poor Jen. I do hope you feel better soon. Consider yourself prayed for.

mindy said...

OH dear. I hear a bad flu is going around. My little sister just got over (mostly) a flu where she had 103 fever! She felt awful. Feel better soon!!!

Jen said...

g-man: ***whimpering*** thank you.

Mindy: I. Don't. Want. The. Flu. I especially don't want a 103 fever. Pleasedon'tletitbetheflu, pleasedon'tletitbetheflu, pleasedon'tletitbetheflu!

Anonymous said...

Aww man, being sick sucks. And I sure hope it isn't the flu, that would be awful! Feel better soon!


PS I'm much better today. Nothing has happened with "the company," but that's probably because I've decided to pretend the pseudo-unofficial-offer didn't happen. And I will continue to pretend that and go on with my life unless they actually make a real offer. :)

Jay said...

If I was there in your Longhorn City I would make you a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. Of course I would leave it on your doorstep and just ring the bell and leave cause you might be contagious, but I'd totally make that soup for you.

Get better fast!

Jen said...

Em: I took a shower hoping that would help. Now I just smell good, but am walking around in a dazed and confused sort of way. I have to go drive the car right now and run an errand for the husband (so no, I can't wait or put it off till tomorrow, b/c he's leaving town tonight). I'm doomed.

You need to talk to that jobbie-job of yours and tell them to back off on the "dangling" of coveted positions.

Jay: Awww. . . Some lady needs to snatch you up! And pronto! I heart chicken noodle soup too. You know what? I'm so not hungry, but that sounds really good right now. Must find me a duplicate-Longhorn-City-Living-Jay to make me some soup & play ding-dong ditch while leaving it on my doorstep.

R.E.H. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. And with a beautiful day outside and all, that is when it's even more irritating to feel like you're coming down with something.

Fight it off! I know you can do it!

I'll be trooping along in my thoughts to fight the bad germs!

Alli said...

Does sound flu-like. What does T think?

The flu is BAD this year & the flu shot didn't help much.

FEEL BETTER, chica!!! Sending healthing vibes your way!!

tt said...

Awwwwwww, I'm so sorry. I'll take it from you if you want. Really...It's probably my turn anyway...come on up...
Prayers are being sent as we speak!
And ummm...don't do that zombie thing K? They totally freak me out....not to mention I don't think they that's got to be a deal breaker for you right?

Alex&Fi said...

Sorry to hear of your ills sweetie! I hope you haven't got what I had last month...My stomach was not good! I couldn't eat properly for days and like you that just is not me! Hope you feel better today. Sending you healthy vibes through the ether.

Jen said...

r.e.h.: I'm fighting. I've thrown a few roundhouse kicks and upper cuts, which have made me feel better, but I'm still a bit knocked out myself.

Alli: I never do the flu shot. One year I paid dearly for that. This year they got the wrong flu virus. I know it helps regardless, I just don't do it.

I hope it's not the flu. Today, I'm just tired, but still don't have my appetite back.

T is gone for the weekend. This just makes everything worse.

tt: Ha! Zombie's don't cook! That was hilarious! It IS a deal breaker.

Fi: THAT thing you had wiped you out for a MONTH! I PRAY/HOPE/WISH it is NOT that. . .I can't afford to be down that long nor do I want to feel awful for that long. I felt bad when I heard you were. Jeebus.

Trying to catch your healthy ether vibes!

Bethando said...


*Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day and thank you for letting me make it to Saturday. I would like to try something new today. I would like to be unselfish and pray for my blogging friend Jen. Apparenly she has a lot of shit to do and she can't come down with the flu. You know how we woman are, Lord. If we don't do it all, no one will. Oh...Except You, no offense. If it be thy will, could please cure her symptoms and return her to normal status. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Oh and thank you again for my child and my finacee. Thank you for Bret Favre and also for Michelob Ultra. Thank you for all my many blessing, actually. IloveyouAmen!*

That ought to do the trick. Big G and I are on good terms. He blesses me daily ;)

Jen said...

Bethando: that was one of the nicest prayers I think that anyone has ever said for me. Thanks for that! It made my day.

P.S. I've always hearted Bret Favre & I like Michelobe Ultra too.


Ian said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear you're sick. It probably is the flu. Everyone's catching it this year 'cos the boffins got the flu vaccine wrong.

Bethando said...

No prob, bob. Any better today?

Rock Chef said...

Hope you are feeling better now, Jen! There have been some horrible things going around this winter.

I must say that the illness has not impeded your writing skill - you painted such a wonderful picture of your suffering.