Thursday, February 7, 2008

At Least You Got Good News

Tonight's menu :

  • Amazing potato & horseradish salad with fine herbs and bresaola
  • Rib roast of beef with beetroot and horseradish
  • Fifteen chocolate brownies
  • Razor's Edge Australian Shiraz

Summing up in two words: food coma.


Alli said...


Rock Chef said...

Sounds fab!

Ian said...

Okay, Fifteen as in the recipe from the restaurant "Fifteen" and not as in the amount you ate, right?

Alex&Fi said...

Ian: Dammit that was going to be my beat me too it!
Jen: how do you find time to blog, cook AND do all your other housework, work and general living stuff??

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I will look into getting that cookbook. I need one that will give me lots of help! What I NEED is an interactive one, actually. Haha. Luckily, though, I do have The Fashionista, who has taken it upon herself to teach me how to cook. She herself is a fantastic cook and is responsible for feeding me at least once a week, so hopefully I can learn some good stuff from her!


PS Your dinner sounds amazing. I would love to be invited to one of your wine/dinner parties if we were friends in real life. :)

Jen said...

Alli: Definitely.

Rock Chef: It was!

Ian: Did not eat 15 brownies, though I can't say the husband did not. . . Actually, that is the name of the brownies which I assumed was from his London trattoria & students. I love them. They are not the typical brownies found in the US. They're more of a cocoa - not so sweet. I added dried cherries to them last night - yum!

I do believe the lamb you and the Mrs. made for us when we visited was from one of his cookbooks. You 2 are the one's who totally made me fall in love with J. O's. food/recipes! You get all the credit here.

Fi: I think to do all this was wa-aaay more impressive when I worked full-time.

But if there is one thing I love to do, it is to cook. I always make time for that.

Em: I highly suggest at least thumbing through it at the bookstore - taking a moment to read some of it & then you can make a decision. I will say that I have never had one of his recipes fail me yet. Not that I've made all of them.

You would've definitely been invited to any one of my dinner parties. We had great times back in the day. I miss it. I don't have anyone to cook for in this new city of ours.

R.E.H. said...

Oh, I see now. I thought you actually DID mean 15 (as in the number) brownies!

Not that it wouldn't go down easily ;)

tt said...

sometimes food coma's are just a necessary part of life. Yes?
I need to get a new cookbook....I've never heard of bresaola or beetroot or that Razor thingie...have I been under a rock all my life???
sounds yummy!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

r.e.h.: I lurve me some brownies, but I'm not THAT much of a piggie-pig! I will say that it is hard to eat only one of these though . . . .yummmmmm

tt: This new cookbook of mine is absolutely fantastic! But as everyone can tell, I'm in love with Jamie Oliver's recipes! ! !

Bresaola is much like prociutto ham & other cured meats, but it is unique in that it is extremely lean with little or no fat! Awesome stuff! Beetroot is just a fancy way of saying beets, which is weird that I like them, b/c my mom hates them so she did not make us eat them. When they're done right, they're really, really good & don't taste like dirt.

The Razor's Edge Shiraz was chosen, b/c J. Oliver's friend is a sommelier and recommended an Australian Shiraz with this meat dish. I choose wines at the store by reading about what awards and/or how many points a wine has. This one has a screw top, but it had 90 points! Screw tops aren't so bad anymore and are not indicative of how good or bad a wine is. I'm not that much of a snob anymore. . . .