Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Love Pasta & Sunflowers

When the husband and I have a chance to enjoy breakfast with one another, we typically turn on BBC America, as we absolutely cannot get enough of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Top Gear, You Are What You Eat as well as Doctor Who, of which we are just beginning to get into. Yeah, I know. This does not make us cool or trendy or whatever. The point is, I enjoy any one of these shows just as much as the husband does. Neither one of us watch much of any TV. If it is on, we are usually watching a movie together or it is background noise for whatever we may be doing at the time. We will; however, sit down and watch the aforementioned BBC shows when one pops on. In my book, they sure as hell beat the Military Channel, Science Channel and/or NASA Channel, which tend to come on if by chance the husband gets the remote faster than I do. This phenomenon happens a lot. Like, more than you think you can imagine, much to my dismay. Most of you already know my feelings about these channels, so I won't bore you yet again.

Anyway, yesterday morning we were watching Ramsay cuss out yet another individual for being stoopid. What I don't understand is that Ramsay is a top rated world renowned chef with 5-star rated restaurants and these people called him for help and, in the end, they will not listen to him. Uh. Hello?! It seems to me that since your foodie place is failing miserably, you might want to take a listen to a dude that knows something about this industry. Learn and grow, people. Duh.

Yet I am digressing once again, when Ramsay was done trying to help out another miserable fellow, BBC America went on to this show: How Clean Is Your House? Now, I heart these two ladies. They are hysterical and more than practical. They can clean your house without harsh additives with things you can make yourself at home that will not harm thy outdoorsy environment. All good things there. Right? Right. Wrong! You see, I cannot watch this show when I'm eating any sort of food. Neither can the husband. These people that haven't cleaned in, oh I dunno, say 10-years or so; well, it's humongously disgusting. I do not even have words for this. I start gagging and thrashing about. The husband will turn off said show.

Then I begin marathon cleaning of the. entire. house.

Which is what exactly happened yesterday. I'm not talking my normal weekly clean of the house, that which includes scrubbing the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, changing sheets, throwing out clutter and mopping. I'm talking vacuuming of the mattresses, box springs, curtains, door frames, every piece of furniture after it's been dusted, floors, books, ceilings, base boards and vents. In each and every room of the house in our Longhorn city. I even vacuumed the vacuum, which is probably some sort of an oxymoron. Everything in sight has been dusted and vacuumed, including Dixie, Lola and our female cat, Mia Bella whom, by the way, absolutely loves to be vacuumed. She chases me around the house begging for it and will get in my way of vacuuming the couch and chairs in order for me to do her. I am not kidding. Someday, I may video it to be posted. Then ya'll will believe.

Finally, this show always does this to me. It freaks me out that badly. I cleaned so much yesterday that I did not finish until 7 PM last night. I skipped lunch even. I have yet to scrub each of the bathrooms as well as finish up the laundry, but everything else is done. For now. NINE HOURS of cleaning. If Kim and Aggie happen to show up here to snoop around for those little horrors they tend to find and actually find some, I think I'll spork my own self to death.

I'm not OCD. Really . . . . I'm not.


Alli said...

I already need to do that kind of cleaning again....but. zero. energy. to. do. so.

I think Hubby is going to try to tackle some it this weekend. Maybe he'll inspire me to join.

R.E.H. said...

Uhm... would you come over here and clean my place too? ;)

I'm not so good at cleaning... well, not like I'm as bad as the people on that show, I guess - actually I do pretty well for a single guy... I think ;)

Jay said...

I don't have digital cable so I don't get BBC America anymore. But, back in the day I used to love that channel. I loved "Changing Rooms" and "Location, Location, Location" and some of the other real estate shows.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're quite welcome to come over to my place and do some power-cleaning for me! I hate it and only do it as often as is absolutely necessary, which is not as often as normal people. Haha.


Jen said...

Alli: take the time to rest. Leave the cleaning for later - it'll still be there. Or better yet, wait till you 2 move! ;)

r.e.h.: I hate cleaning, but I'm mad and a bit freaked out when it comes to germy-germs. Seeing this show brings it out of me. I'll do my own, I just can't do others. . .

Jay: that's a bummer. We love clicking on the BBC America. You seem to like the Food Network - so, I think you'd love Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares!

Em: People used to know when I was really angry or upset, b/c I'd clean. Not just normal clean, but super, super clean like I did on Friday! I'm not the normal person - you guys are for doing it when it's necessary. Me? I'm just bat-sh*t crazy.

Alli said...

You & Hubby inspired me a little. :) We got some of the basics done & my car looks blue again. Yeah!

tt said...

Have any plans to travel up this way any time soon? I soooo need some of what you got!! Where does all that energy come from? After I clean the Mon's house I don't even want to do mine! That's not true, I WANT to do it I just don't have the energy. Send me some K?
I'm handing out blinders to ppl from now on who visit. :)