Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mosquito Bite

***phone ringing***

caller i.d.: "private number; private name"

me: hello?
doofus: hi. Were you holding to lower your interest rate to 6.9% on your Visa or Mastercard?
me: um, no. We do not actually hold those credit cards, but we are on a "no call list" so I would appreciate if you wer. . . .
doofus: ***click***
me: . . . .to remove our names from your list. . . . Hello? Hello?! ***do I hear a dial tone***

Holy crapayedium. I was hung up on by a doofus. Oh no, they did not hang up on me! I was being very cordial to her. I mean, I get it. I understand that they are working in their job and as rotten in holy hell as that job is, I still have always tried to be, in the very least, kind. But. She. Hung. Up. On. Me. AndIwasbeingNICE!

And now, I have no one to call back to complain, because it was a private name; private number. Pffft.



mindy said...

Hahaha. That sucks. Credit card companies are sneaky. I get stuff in the mail and on the front it says "Important information about your account inside!", but there is NOT important information about my account inside. There is bullshit inside. When will I learn?

Jay said...

hehe .. you said "6.9" hehe

I get those calls all the time. I would love to trace the call and then call those people at home at like 3 am every night for a week.

R.E.H. said...

Oh, I hate those calls. But, I'd be happy if they hung up on me - it seems like a quick way to get rid of them. Usually they hang on for dear life on the phone, trying to convince me I need this and that.

Alli said...


that would sooo anger me!

Bethando said...

OOHH!! That would burn me up not to be able to retaliate!

Rock Chef said...

I hate those. We have blocked all UK based calls like that, so we get them from India and the USA now. The worst ones are ones from the USA that somehow charge YOU for the call at a premium rate, so I could pay to listen to a recorded message about how I might have won a million bucks in a Nevada lottery or something similar.

tt said...

Yeah, I tried that route too. Now, whenever I hear that 'pause' after I answer I just hang up. My Lovee talks to them sometimes though. Fills them with a bun of B/S and they finally hang up too. I have a friend who starts talking to them like they're long lost childhood friends and babbles on and on untill they hang up too.
Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice does it?

Tink said...

Now she went and ruined it for all the other unsuspecting telemarketers that call you... Be mean next time. At least then you'll feel like you deserve the hang-up. ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

That bites. But parachute pants WERE cool. I had a pair. Just sayin'.

Ian said...

Get an answering machine. I know it's a bit low-tech these days, but voicemail doesn't let you screen calls to see who the private number is. Answering machines rule.

Jen said...

Mindy: I get those mailers too. I've signed up for no junk mail either, but it takes 90-days before it takes effect or something like that.

Jay: okay, Beavis. . . ***laughing***

I, actually, answered the phone on purpose so I could tell them to take us off of their calling list.

r.e.h.: true, but I wanted to have this company take us off their calling list, which they are supposed to do so if you ask them too do so. If they continue to call we can turn around and file suit against them. Not that the husband and I would, but it's nice knowing that the law finds these telemarkers just as annoying as all of us do!

Alli: Ino! I was p*ssed at the time. I've since calmed down. . .

Bethando: I was, at the time. And, yeah, I'm one of those that will call to complain about someone being rude to me on the phone. If I am being nice, then there is no reason for them not to be.

Rock chef: for real? That doesn't seem like it should be legal! So far, the USofA is not receiving calls from other countries that charge us ***knocking on wood*** That's just wrong.

tt: I've done that too, but I have found that they keep calling back if I hang up after their "pause." I discovered if I ask them to remove us from their list, they have to comply and it had been working until now.

I'd pay money to listen to Lovely talk and talk and talk and talk until they hang up!

Tink: that is EXACTLY what the husband said! Sometimes, I guess, it doesn't pay to be nice.

RLL: I suppose you are right - at the time, THEY were cool. . . but looking back, um, I've got to go with no they weren't! ***don't hate me***

Ian: we have an answering machine, but I answered on purpose full well knowing I was going to ask them to remove our name from their calling list. My plan did not work. And this company still sucks.

Alex&Fi said...

I thought that if you are on a "no call" list then it's illegal for them to make unsolicited calls to you.... so maybe she panicked and hung up before you could find out who they were and sue their *ss!
There used to be a great advert in the UK where a woman answers a call and says "please hold your call is important to us" and puts the receiver beside a baby music toy then goes off and has a cup of tea....classic!

Jen said...

Fi: it is illegal, but you have to take the proper steps. I know that if they call you the first time, you have to let them know to take you off their list. Mark down the date and the time. Then if they continue to call you one has to continue to mark down the date and the time. Then by their 2nd or 3rd phone call you can sue their a**es.

It is a load of work, but people out there do it. Not us. We're too lazy, but usually it only takes me asking to be taken off the list for it to work. I'll see if they call again.

I may try that baby music tea drinking commercial advice. That is brilliant!