Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Saaa-id, "No Boys in That House"

So, I'm back in my Longhorn City which means I have troppi to blog about from my visit in H-town. I have; however, too much to do*** before I can really attempt to write about the adventures with Mrs. & Mr. Brown Eyed Girl. Though, I can say fairly quickly, we Zinned, and it was worth every drop.

***One of those "much to do's" is a bit frightening. I opened my Google Reader to find I have 61 posts to catch up on from all ya'll. Um. . . . . . . . I was only gone 5 days.

I wonder if I have an addiction?


mindy said...

NOBODY is blogging today. My reader is practically empty, and then all YOU post is like 2 sentences!! Come on Jen!!! I'm bored!!!

Alli said...

Yeah, I had a million posts to catch up on, too. I confess, I didn't read them all b/c I got lazy. I'm such a bad blogger-buddy!

Blogging & reading blogs is quite addictive, eh?

It was great to see ya, chica! I am already looking forward to our next visit. I'll have to come see you in the Longhorn City next time, esp since in my total of 22 years of living in our great Lone Star state, I've never been!

Yes, we ZINNED and ZINNED some more! (I "cab'd" wayyyyy tooooo much!) ;) My liver & head hated me...

Jen said...

Mindy: it's 8 sentences, m'kay? 4x's the reading pleasure.

I have poo patrol, bill paying and house keeping to do before I can feel good about any sort of blogging with substance. I've got one checked off the list: go thru mail. You think that's easy? Try being married to a guy who's in "human health sanitation". . . . took me 2 hours.

Alli: You forgot your "stomach". It hated you the mostest. ***laughing***

And, Ditto on the great to see you!

You and Mr. Brown Eyed Girl are welcome at any time. Let's plan. . . .

Jay said...

Only 61? That shouldn't take too long to catch up on. ;-)

Emmeline said...

Wow 61. Dang. I keep up with like 8 blogs. Or however many are on my sidebar. But a good chunk of them do NOT post that often so I never feel overwhelmed. Hmm. I hope they are all intersesting reads, otherwise I'd be tempted to skip some if I were you!


PS Welcome back!

Real Live Lesbian said...

It wuttn' me. I've been a lazy blogger this week!

Welcome home!

Alli said...

Right....how could I forget that body part???? I think my stomach was trying to jump out of my body via my mouth. Not. fun. ;) ah well.

Jen said...

Jay: I know. You read a TON more than I, so I don't have much to complain about do I? I've got yours to get to as well. . . D'oh. I'll do it, promise!

Em: As time passed I started reading mo' and mo' blogs. If I do it daily, it doesn't get too outta control, but apparently, 5 days vacation will wreck my theory.

P.S. I skimmed about a 1/3 of them so far. I have yet to get to your "1" post though. :) Promise.

RLL: nope. It wuttin' you. . . you only got 2 waiting for my read. I can't wait! but I MUST get these other things finished before I can touch. . . It's really hard resisting the temptations. Ugh.

Alli: but it was fun GETTING there! wine night rocks!

The Mama Bear said...

Welcome home, I popped in while you were away for the first time.

R.E.H. said...

One can never leave the Reader for more than a day without being shocked upon return. It's a full-time job being a blogger sometimes ;)

Glad you guys had fun over there! Easy on the "Zinning" though ;)

Jen said...

mama bear: I'm going to be checking out your site(s) - I saw you had a few of them, but that will give me, like, 2028 posts to catch up on.

But I'll get there. I will.

Thanks for dropping in - feel free to come by any time!

r.e.h.: You SAID it! Golly - so many writers, so little time. we zinned pretty good. ***wink, wink***