Friday, January 11, 2008

Paint: You Have Made Me Your Sworn Enemy

me: honey . . . . . I need to blog, but I have nothing to blog about.
the husband: you don't?
me: no.

Even my conversations are boring today.

On a side note, I have had a few cute men in the house over the past two days. Bicycle racing men. Whom happen to be running around in Lycra. Let me point out, some very well muscled men in skin tight clothing. This includes the husband. They are using our CompuTrainer for performance testing. I'm very okay with this.

Things aren't all bad. Obviously.


In lieu of a blog bearing any sort of substance, you get before and after pictures of my home improvement projects. You have been patiently hearing about my mad painting skills for over a month now and you deserve some pictures. Hopefully, you won't want to bleach your eyeballs out.

Family Room Before:

Family Room After:

. . . just when you thought I was done painting . . . . . think again.

While my parents were here visiting they decided to take down the humongous light fixture in our backyard (we found a 175-watt bulb in it) that must have lit up the neighborhood block. The husband decided to tear out the 1980's brass and black glass fireplace. Men are good at demolition.

Due to the deconstruction, I need some more terracotta paint and all will be as good as new.

That's as boring as I get today. I hope to have new material later this weekend.


mindy said...

I love the color choices - good work!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

WOW! That doesn't even look like the same PLACE!

Great job!

Tink said...

Wow, what a project! Looks good girl. You can relax now. :)

Jay said...

You have great home improvement skills and excellent taste. You should have your own show on HGTV.

A 175 watt bulb?? I bet that thing drew bugs all the way from New Mexico! haha

Jay said...

P.S. I also meant to say that I did NOT find anything offensive whatsoever about your comment on blog earlier.

Jay said...

P.P.S. Well, certainly nothing as offensive and my grammar and sentence structure in that comment.

Holy crap. I might try that "preview" button sometime. ;-)

I was trying to say that I didn't find your comment on MY blog earlier today to be offensive.

sheesh .. English is hard.

Ian said...

Wow, much better, looks great. I remember that room being dark before, was that just because we were hungover and you kept the curtains closed?

Jen said...

Mindy: Thanks! The wall turned out more blue than originally planned - it's supposed to be a sage green color; however, depending on the light it looks either or. The husband picked out the brick color - I get no credit there.

Real Live Lesbian: Ino! Looking back at my first pictures of this room to now. . . geesh. It IS a different room, eh? Thanks to you too.

Tink: Danke! However. . . I cannot rest until the rest of the house is painted. I'm off to either tackle the kitchen or the guest bathroom. The guest bathroom has a mural painted on it - yes, I said, "mural". Of a bird with a SPIDER in its beak. A FREAKIN' SPIDER! But it's painted on top of wallpaper so it may be a bee-yotch to scrape off. . . ***le sigh***

Jay: do you think they'd PAY me?! How fun! I lurve HGTV, for real! Yeah, I'm thinking bugs from Canada made it to that frickin' light!

Glad I caused no offense. I got you the first time around, but it was awesome to see your posts, btw!

Ian: Thankyouverymucho! We really like it so much better now. I kept the curtains closed, but I don't think the hangovers helped much either.

I can't believe no one mentioned the men in lycra . . . What is up with THAT?

R.E.H. said...

Beautiful home! All that hard work seems to have paid off very well, indeed.

Nothing boring about those pics!

Alex&Fi said...

Um - men in Lycra - Ugghhh!

175 Watt bulb!! So you're the reason for all this global warming hullabaloo!


Alli said...

Awww. It looks so good, Jen!

Can I borrow you when we buy our next home? ;)

Can't wait to see it person!!! You know, I have never been in your city before? Crazy, I know! Especially with all the time I have lived in our great state. :)

Jen said...

r.e.h.: thank you. The home needs loads of work still; always more than originally expected or planned for. Eventually we will be rennovating the kitchen (expansion), master bathroom, closet and bedroom (better & more improved). It'll be some time yet before that - until then coats of paint does wonders! And. . . it's making the house "ours".

Alex: I would not expect you to embrace men in Lycra, but thank you for mentioning them just the same.

You know, we never turned that light on - we think it lit up the Longhorn City when we had a pool in the backyard? ? ? I never knew how to turn that light on & my father had totally un-installed the wires, light, light fixture, so I guess we'll never know. If it had worked, I'm sure we would have our very own hole in the ozone. Seriously.

Alli: Mucho gracious! But I'm sure you 2 will do much better without me than with me in your new digs. Your hubby has some good ideas . . . put together with your good ideas, you get great results! No need for moi.

I absolutely adore & love this Longhorn City! It reminds me a lot of the great white north sans snow and freezing cold. It has hills, trees and is green! The people are great, friendly and fun. It's a big city with a small town feel. I think you'd like it too. You are welcome to come visit anytime you'd like.

Alex&Fi said...

Well done on the painting job hon! All those bricks must've been a beeatch! Do you now have a set of paint splattered clothes for future projects? I haven't painted for nearly three years....I'm suffering withdrawal though Alex is happy to never EVER paint!

Jen said...

Fi: You SAID it. Those bricks were a beeatch, for real! I will never paint bricks by hand again. Ever. I have a pair of clothes for painting. I love to paint - it's therapeutic, but it can get weary & tiresome if things go along a bit slowly, especially with added troubles.

Will this next move be a home base forever or only temporary?

g-man said...

Most excellent. You want to come and paint my family room? The dude we paid to do it messed up the colors so now one wall is slightly different.

tt said...

Yay for color!
We lived in military housing for so long that the first thing we did when we bought a house was paint every room a different color.
Great choices. Love the red.

Anonymous said...

I rubbed my eyes thinking that my eyes were deceiving me! LOL

I love painting but I won't get close to that!

Jen said...

g-man: I usually don't mind painting, but this room got old after a month of tackling it. Normally the prep work drives me mad and the painting calms me down. Both are in 1st place for driving me mad this time around.

You paid someone and they messed it up? I'd be p.o.'d., for real. If I mess up the only one I can be mad at is me. I'm a stickler & when it comes to me paying someone, they'd better do it right. The husband knows this all too well . . . .

tt: Welcome and thanks for visiting! I lurve new people! I feel like we live in military housing. The entire house, if not painted in a very badly painted mural, is this white color. We couldn't stand it anymore & the change has begun. I'll post more pictures as we go along.

Joel: you're too funny! It WAS a big tackle! ***laughing***

Simply Curious said...

One word.


Jen said...

SCG: thanks! You're AWESOME!