Monday, April 14, 2008

I Know I'm A Handful

Want to know what is one of life's greatest little treasures?

Finding and reuniting with old very dear friends. I won't lose you this time around. Promise. I'll get rid of all my stilettos before it happens again.

All ya'll know who you are. I want to say thank you for having the patience to put up with me losing you in the first place. My solemn vow is to not do that again.


R.E.H. said...

It's tough to lose old dear friends - but wonderful to get them back in your life once they've been missed!

Alli said...



....but r ya sure about the stilletos????? ;p

Jay said...

It's always great to reunite with old friends.

Not the stilletos!!! ;-)

Fi said...

I am to be reunited with my heels (I don't do stilettos - my ankles are too wobbly!) in 23 days. Does that count?? ;-)

Rock Chef said...

Wow, she must be serious!

Ian said...

I'm crap at keeping in touch with old friends, but being a guy, that's okay. We meet up for beer every 6 years or whatever and catch up. Simple.

Jen said...

r.e.h.: sometimes, I think we don't value good friendships as much as we should when we're younger. Or I think we think we'll find "others" to replace them. I've found that good decent friendships need valuing. Put on a pedestal and not let go of. They're not a "come what may" type of deal.

alli: you caught me - I would keep at least ONE pair of stilettos!

jay: no, not the stilettos! What WAS I thinking . . . . ?

fi: you're too damn cute for your own good! I think heels, stilettos - you say tomato; I say tahmahtoe. Same difference. It counts!

rock chef: as serious is as serious does!

. . . . yeah, I know. I make no sense. . . . .

Ian: no one could lose you. You're a monkeychild; can't get rid of a monkeychild now can you?

tt said...

Old friends never really go away...they just get pushed back behind that big old box with LIFE written all over it. :)
Happy connecting! and pleae....don't give up the 'heels'...we may not recognise you if you did **wink-wink**

Fi said...

With hindsight I realise my comment does make me look just a leettol sad! Let me explain - we have been without most of our posessions for 22days now. We are in the process of moving house and takes a while!
I'm really not that bad....honest!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

that's the beauty of myspace and facebook... all these people you havent talked to in 5 years just pop out of the woodwork!

i think part of having a content present and future is keeping in touch with the better things of your past!

Jen said...

tt: that is EXACTLY what my old friends said, "life gets in the way". Funny how true it is.

Everybody caught me on my lie - I don't think I'd ever give up my heels. . . . I'd be way less Amazonian though.

Fi: I know you 2 are in the midst of a BIG move and have been for almost a month now. It's hard moving, but I think it's even harder moving overseas. All your stuff is on a ship somewhere - that's just tough. You're comment wasn't "sad" - it was cute!

Tequila: Love the name by the way. Thanks for popping in here! I heart new readers. Facebook has helped me find people - haven't done the MySpace thing. I like your thinking - i think part of having a content present and future is keeping in touch with the better things of your past!