Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Pays To Be Obvious, Especially if You Have a Reputation For Subtlety isaac asimov

Apparently, my reputation precedes me.

While in class today, my Advanced Business & Ethics instructor pointed out that if something you don't know how to handle happens, call . . . Jennifer . . . or at least she's going to call me. And then she laughed. Laughed. Semantics-schemantics: Jen's been there. Jen's done that. My classmate had to immediately chime in, "that's no joke ya'll! I just called her yesterday!"

I don't think that is necessarily a good thing.

I told all ya'll that if weird schutff is going to happen, it's going to happen to me. All you have to do is just read this here blog. This leads me to wonder, why am I such a sheet magnet?

Justifications appreciated.


tt said...

I'll give it a try:

Like your sidebar says.." In a nutshell, I am a little bit crazy.." Nuf said. ;)

Seriously...cuz your sweet and nice and pretty....people( read: nutjobs) gravitate to those qualities in a person. Why? because they know that person won't just slam them against a wall and walk away.

There...how that?

(ROFLMAO- my word verification is evilh.......fits me sometimes! )

Ian said...

Exactly. tt beat me to it. It's because, despite my extensive reprogramming attempts, you are still incapable of telling people who need to get told to 'go f(lip) themselves' to go f(lip) themselves. Stop being so nice to lunatics.

Jen said...

tt: Thanks for that! I still don't like it, but . . .

Ian: Ino. I've been trying for years and years to do what you've taught me. I just still can't. Until I can, this must be my punishment. . . bleh.