Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Shepoopie

So, I haven'ts been around for a wee bit. This is well known and not what I'm going to delve into. I'm still around. Still kicking the pig. . . .

I will say this, "stoopid people scare me."


To explain, because I know ya'll. If I leave it at that, you will want to know. So, to save computer trees and in a Texaconsin Diva nutshell, as nutshell as I can get, this is how it goes:

Driving home from my internship today I encountered my first road rage. I mean, I've run into others, but this is the first one where I was actually scared. For me. Really, really scared.

I had some young girl, whom apparently, I cut off (inadvertently). So bad was her anger, she chased me on the freeway. She was less than 2-feet from Coco's bumper widely displaying her two middle fingers at me to tell me how much I am number one in her world. At the same time that she's driving with her two eloquently extended middle fingers, she is screaming red-faced "F*CK YOU!" Over and over and over and over and over again. I got the message.

But I'm confused.

What has happened here? How had I wronged this girl?

I put up with her gesticulations and her madman screaming for a wee bit (read 7 minutes). Then I tapped my brakes - not enough to stop me or slow me down; but enough to make her want to get off my arse. Off my arse she did go, but instead of leaving me, she ended up driving next to me. I, once again, ignored her until I noticed her Honda Civic pulling over into my lane. Time and time again. She got so close I had to change lanes. I looked over at her and she's yelling, "pull over bitch! I'm going to kick your ass! PULL OVER BITCH!" I laughed and said, "You want me to pull over?" She was nice enough to display her two middle fingers again while shouting "YES, PULL OVER BITCH!" This was absolutely fantastic.


Her attempts to force me off the road only made me decide that I'd had enough and kicked Coco into 120-miles and hour in about 3-seconds.

I thought I'd lost her.

How wrong I was. Five minutes since I left her in the dust, she's on my arse again. Honking and screaming as well as running her two fingers at me. I made a decision and pulled off the nearest exit ramp praying she wasn't going to follow. How wrong I was. She never got more than 2-feet off my bumper. Honking widely. Gesturing fabulously. Completely classy.

I'm trying to call the husband to see what I should do. Should I call the police? Should I keep driving to nowhere? I couldn't get the husband on the phone. What do I do? I was, by this time, frightened. I don't scare easy. I'd half made up my mind to call 9-1-1. . . . .

I didn't have to call the po-po as she did that for me. I was pulled over as soon as I had exited the freeway. She pulled behind the police. I was visibly shaking at this time. He talked to her first & then walked over to me. She said I had almost run her over, but I mentioned that she never was in front of me, so that wasn't very likely. Then, I regaled the tale of her trying to drive me off the road. . . .and all that had really happened (I know there is her story, there's my story and the truth lies somewhere in between - say what you will, I'm too tired to fight).

He went back to her and had what I am assuming is a nice bit of a conversation; she pulled away with a nice little good-bye gesture to me. He let me go too, but not without telling me he told her that she needed to find a way to control her road rage. That she needs to be more careful of who she chases down in her car, because you never know who is behind the other wheel. And, what would have happened had she side-swiped me and her car flipped over or lost control? I told the officer of the law that I'm almost 40-years-old, I have no need to fight someone on the side of the road. He replied, "if it's any consolation, you would've taken her no problem." With that, he gave me a smile and a laugh and told me how to find my way back home.

Oh. Right. I almost forgot.

She also had a wee little child in the backseat of her Honda as Mr. Patrolman related this to me when he asked her how she would have felt had she actually hit the side of my car and flipped her vehicle with her child in the backseat?

Some parents should really obtain a license to have a child.


ETK said...

Aww Jen! I'm so sorry. I can't believe she had a child in her car. She should be shot. seriously. mostly for being mean to you but also for subjecting the child to that. I can't imagine what could make someone THAT angry.

Jen said...

She was an angry, angry girl. A mean, mean one too. . . . I would have never have known about the child had the police officer not told me.

We live in a sad state of society when a parent acts like that in front of their child.

Real Live Lesbian said...

That's damn scary...and WITH A CHILD??? Nice job of parenting, dimwit.

Glad you're okay! ;)

Ian said...

Good lord. What a loony.

Jay said...

That's crazy! She did all that with a child in the car?

I always have my camera with me so if anyone does something like that I'm ready to do a little video action.

Well, my camera, my baseball bat and my gun, but the video first. Lots of crazy people out there.

Glad you're okay.

Oh and ALWAYS call the police as soon as somebody starts something like that. Cause these freaks who act like that on the road always call the police themselves. That's because they're freaking crazy!

Jen said...

RRL: yep. Kid in tow. I wonder how that one will turn out in society with a parent like that?

Ian: I don't even think LOONY can encompass all that she is. . . . She was nuckin' futs. She managed to chase me like that for 20 minutes. Lesson learned: call the cops - 911 it - the moment you feel threatened (at least that is what Mr. Police Officer told me to do next time. And believe me, I will - no need to tell me twice).

Jay: that is not a bad idea - note to self: carry video camera in the car. How awesome would that have been to have taped her, had her call the police, only to have her taken away to a place far away from me?

I wondered why SHE called the police when I was the one being chased for 20-minutes by HER?!

Princess of the Universe said...

Oh sweetheart that must have been so scary! I'm so glad that she chose to call the police - at least that ended things.

I'm so glad you're OK

Jen said...

Princess: I was frightened. In fact, I was visibly shaking by the time the police had pulled me over - he actually made mention of the fact I was shaking. That's when he told me that whenever I feel threatened I need to call 911. . . . You're right. I should look at it that way - that by her calling police it ended things. I'm glad I'm okay too. thanks! Big hugs to you!

tt said...

Ok, first of all WELCOME BACK!!! I missed you awful!

second..OMG...THAT IS TOO SCAREY! FOR REAL!! We had an incident here a month ago where a 'rager' followed someone off the h-way, into a gas station, got out and stapped him to death!!!! Seriously!! You never know who's going to do that these days. I'm with Jay...if it happenes to me..its picture time PLUS 911 time. I can't imaging how much terror you felt. I'm so glad you're ok. What did Hubby say??

jefftiff2006 said...

aack!!! Oh, and can I mention that my word verification is "wobahomi"? I think I'll try to coin that word...hmmm...I'm certain I can make it work somehow!

Alli said...

geez Jen! What a horrible, sad story! I am so glad you are ok and your car is ok and that you didn't get a ticket.

That woman lives in a sad world, and I feel so bad for her child. What kind of environment is she going to be raised in?

Very sad. Very.

Glad to have you back....not that I am back much in this blogging world.

Jen said...

tt: my dad was relaying a similar story from the great white north. He said to me, "no matter what - never, ever stop. Find the police. . . " It's so scary that this is all that human life is worth to someone -> being in front of them in their car or they'll kill/threaten you.

Seriously, the husband was stunned. We've both decided that road rage is not worth it. Let people do what they will and go on with our own lives (not that I had done anything this time around either). We aren't going to do anything anymore to anybody on the road (not that we did; occasionally I was good at showing people they were #1 in my world. . . .but it was rare). No more. They get nothing from me. It's not worth it.

jefftiff2006: Wobahomi, girl! For real. LOL!

Alli: it IS sad. And scary for someone to be that angry over a minor infraction that wasn't even my fault. I'm glad I'm okay too! Thanks! Like Princess said, "I'm so glad that she chose to call the police - at least that ended things." So, so true!

Yeah, I don't know how much I'll be on here, but I'll try. . . .I make no promises.

AmyTree said...

Oh my god Jen how scary!!!! Nice to think that you could have totally taken her though, eech, how nasty. Lucky for her you weren't a knife-weilding psycho.

You know what would soothe your shattered nerves? How about a back-to-back BSG marathon..? (Saw a t-shirt the other day 'Holding Out For A Helo' I am so having that!)

Emmeline said...

Oh my gosh!!! This is insane! I wouldn't have known what to do either, but I'm so glad the police got involved. Good grief. I've never heard such an insane story, where the heck do you find these people! Why do such strange things happen to you!! Glad you're back!


Jen said...

amytree: that is exactly what the cop said to her, "she's lucky I'm not a knife wielding psycho. . . " Not that THAT would of stopped her anyhow. She was a feckin' loon. I so need a BSG marathon - the end of the week calls for such an EXACT occasion! I have yet to watch the rest of this season. . .

P.S. I WANT that t-shirt too! Not sure what it means yet, but I want it (shhhh . . . don't tell me)

Em: I'm not kidding. I am a shite magnet. You should hear about the people I've had to massage. . . I can't bring myself to post about it yet, but I'll say this: many therapists who have been in the business 6+ years or so have told me that they have never EVER had such a thing happen to them. Never.

Shite magnet. That's all I'm sayin'.

mindy said...

SO ridiculous. I mean, who gets THAT angry? And what on earth does she do to her baby when s/he makes her angry? I don't even want to know. :-(

Jen said...

Mindy: My thoughts exactly. Each one of them - my exact thoughts. I can't emphasize that enough.