Thursday, May 8, 2008


In case you hadn't noticed, I'm indisposed and will be even more so over the coming weekend . . . . more later.

In the meantime, because someone asked nicely,
here are a few photo's from the past week:

Opening a couple of birfday gifts.

Jen, this is your life.
One of the best gifts ever
was received when I opened this scrapbook made by my mom & dad.
[Can someone explain why one of my nicknames in the 1980's was Hair?
I just can't imagine.]

Lastly, things that make you go, "hmmm"?

I hope all ya'll have a super-fab weekend! . . . . .Definitely don't forget your mom's. If your mom is like my mom, then your mom rawks! Hugs to all the mom's out there. If you're interested, here's my tribute to my mom from last year. A new one will be forthcoming, but not until after this weekend.


Jay said...

Could you BE anymore beautiful??

I don't think so! ;-)

Is that you they are using to advertise that hair studio place? Do you get paid for that??

Happy belated birthday!

Rock Chef said...

I can see that you really enjoyed the 80s!

Happy Birthday!

(PS we already had our Mothers Day)

ETK said...

YAY! I love when you post photos of you!!! I love your hair and YOU'RE A MODEL!!! I LOVE THAT!! I'm dying to know what's going on this weekend TELL TELL TELL!
I'm so happy I FINALLY know someone famous! :) Can you bring the this is your life album to dinner??? Pretty please?

butterfly girl said...

Mall hair, miss the mall hair.

What a great gift!

See ya soon-ski!

Emmeline said...

I thought you were a blonde? I'm confused. Well, you're gorgeous either way. That is an awesome gift, props to your parents for making it!


Ian said...

Excellent present! And a clever way to clean out those old shoe boxes Mom and Pop Craney...

AmyTree said...

You do actually have pretty fabulous hair. :-)

tt said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for posting the pictures. ;)
You my sweetie-girl are Gorgeous! And that hair...Ooolala...and you're
even published!!! Great shot.
that was so clever of your parentals to do that book for you. That'll be fun to look back on.

mindy said...

Cute pictures!! When did your hair get so dark? I like it!

Alli said...

What a great gift!!!

That is such a cool modeling photo. When was that from?

Jen said...

Chandler Bing. . . er. . . I mean, Jay: You're too sweet! I did a few ads for this place and was paid in high-end hair products, which for a very poor college student, got me through without having to buy products I could only dream of.

I also found out why models are so skinny. No time to eat as people do hair and makeup on you for 8-10 hours and squeeze you into clothes that have no room for bits of morsels.

rock chef: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 80's! Thanks!

etk: I'm not a model anymore - I wasn't ever really was one. I never traveled to Paris, Milan or Barcelona for runway or shoots, I have friends that have done that. They are SUPER beautiful!

I went home to the great white north to surprise my mum for Mom's Day!

butterfly girl: I miss all the hairspray. . . Okay, not really, but I did love my mall-hair!

Em: I WAS blonde until I hit my teen years, to where I went dark. I used to highlight my hair for years and years, which made me look blonde. I got tired of the maintenance and the cost(s), so I dye my hair pretty dark now. Naturally, I look like a dirty dishwater blonde - not cool.

Yeah, my parents got huge props!

Ian: Ino! Totally excellent present and a fantastic way to get rid of all the shoebox photo albums! Nice call on that one!

AmyTree: thanks, there are far too many days though that it does NOT look like this! It loves ponytails!

tt: awww - my mom calls me "sweet-girl" you totally remind me of her. . .

it was a great gift!

Mindy: I went to the dark side right before this last Christmas. I got tired of the maintenance. This is way easier on my old soul.

Thank you!

Alli: That was back in the 90's and the stylist cut my long, long hair (down to me bum - but it was healthy though) off in that one! Aaaaaahck - I hated it, b/c while they took 12 hours to get me ready for this shoot, I had to go home and try to duplicate it each day in under an hour until it grew out. It did not work for me. I cried and cried over my loss of hair and not being able to fix it. I look at that photo today and LOVE it, but back then it traumatized me. It never looked as good again - ever. I also never spent 12 hours on my hair myself. . .

the joys of youth. . .

tt said...

I just read your last years tribute to your Mom! OMG!! She's sooo lucky to have you. I wish I had a friend like her...:)