Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shout Out to the Mama Who Gave Birth to My 7lb. Behind

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!

Top 10 Reasons Why Mom C. Rocks:

10) She gave birth to moi. Duh.

9) She never made us eat liver & onions.

8) She can hang with my friends and they like her.

7) She taught me manners and how to set proper tables.

6) She made me eat vegetables.

5) She taught me to sew, glue, paint, draw and cook, but not all at the same time.

4) She taught me to be kind to others, love animals and enjoy the flowers.

3) She loves my dad.

2) She is a righteous nana.

. . . . and the number one reason Mom C. rocks . . . .

1) Because of my mom I will never have to visit Dr. Phil.

When (and if) I ever become a mother, if I'm even a glimmer of what my mom is, if my heart is as big as hers and if I turn into her, then I'll consider myself lucky and even more so blessed.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
I love you!


Ian said...

Ah, the Sean Connery shrine...that was a funny evening.

Jen said...

It was a great time, wasn't it? I miss that pub.

mindy said...

Awww. My mom totally made me eat liver and onions as a kid. But she still kinda rocks.

Alli said...

That was a sweet shout out to your mama. :) You're a good daughter.

That was a cool pub. What was the name of it again?

Jen said...

Uh. Ian, I need your help here. Where was that joint? Did we celebrate with a bit too much whiskey/scotch/haggis at this very same place for the heralded (is that a word or is it my margarita kicking in) Burn's Night? And hasn't it now changed ownership, for like, the 800th time in a row? ? ?

Ian said...

It was, and is, The Kelvin Arms, and was indeed the site of the Burns Night that will never be forgotten. It went through an ownership split or two but is still there and still has the Connery shrine. Although I haven't been in ages...if they only did food I would visit more often.