Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Take Me Down To Paradise City

Welcome to South Beach Miami!

Linda and I getting ready for the tropical sun.
The Ritz-Carlton's beach front.
Even our toe's were lounging.

We had the chance for "luxurious lotions" provided by a personal Tanning Butler.
Who wears short shorts? !
(Why didn't I think of this? This butler is under employment by the hotel. He does exist and will pose for pictures. We did not take advantage of said services though.)

Kristin and Linda being sea monkeys in the Atlantic ocean.
I found a shell and brought it home with me.
The paparazzi photographer has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar!

We didn't just drink alcohol, but it was nearby. . . .

Apply lipstick and gloss - the final touch!

This was our second day in Miami. We shopped until we dropped, hit the beach (where it started to rain an hour into our sun worship), had some cocktails, ate some Italian and had a few more drinks.

I have to note that there is nothing that I've ever seen like South Beach Miami culture! I absolutely loved it - could not live in it, but I could not resist it for our brief moment in time either! It was perfect for a quick holiday. The sounds, nightlife, Cuban/Latin culture, food, drink and being able to walk everywhere was such an enjoyment! Being able to do it with old friends was priceless!

People who inhabit South Beach would die in my Longhorn City as they would consider it mild and meek compared to what they live and know. That might even be an understatement. . . . Plus, living in the Bible belt causes things to close down operations by 9 or 10 o'clock sharp - no exceptions. Not even the stores close at that time in South Beach. Imagine my excitement of being able to go to dinner at 10 PM as well as finding a cute pair of shoes at 11 PM! I loved that!


Ian said...

Tanning Butler?! That's an utterly fantastic job. Did you enquire as to how much his services cost?

Tink said...

Puuuur. I'd like a Tanning Butler at home! Although I don't think Hoop would agree...

...unless we could have a Tanning Maid too. ;)

Alli said...

Did you stop by Miami Ink? I would go to South Beach to see them. They are awesome artists!

Looks like you had a fab time! :)

Jen said...

Ian: I think they should employ a "Tanning Maid" as well (for the men-folk). Unfortunately, we were too enamoured with his job, physical body, short-shorts and vocal accent to even inquire about his price. I mean, the three of us were drooling by the time he left. Just drooling.

Tink: Maybe you can train Hoop? But from the sounds and looks of it, I think it would be hard to get him into short-shorts. If; however, you were to accomplish such a feat, you must post pictures!

Alli: We talked about Miami Ink and tracking it down, unfortunately, we never got around to it.

More papparazi photo's/stories to come later. . .