Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shaun: "We take Pete's car, we drive over to mum's, we go in, take care of Phillip - "I'm so sorry Phillip". - then we grab mum..."

me: *last evening as I was of sound mind and calmly sitting in front of my computer*
???: rarrrrrrrrgh. *low guttural rumbling from the bedroom*
me: *panic at the disco*
???: rarrrrrrrgh. mmmmmrgh. rarrrrrrrgh. *it's continuous? huh?*
me: *???*
???: rarrrrrrrgh. mmmmmrgh. rarrrrrrrgh. rarrrrrrrgh. mmmmmrgh. rarrrrrrrgh.
me: *ohmyGod. It's ZOMBIES!*
me: *2.287779 seconds pass with heart beating fast and spork in hand. . . .*
me: *uh. oh. right. It's just the dogs playing over a bone. No zombies to see here. Move on*

Seriously. I thought there were zombies in my bedroom. I am sick. Just sick. Zombies aren't real and I thought they were in my bedroom.


shanksi said...

Maybe the zombies are real but can disguise themselves as dogs...

Word Verification: tsyadhsu - sounds like some sort of yoga to me

Jen said...

Iain ---> You may have something there! I've wondered how my one hound has turned into four! ? They keep multiplying - just like zombies.

Are you switching to Blogger?

Alli said...

that's too funny!!

good observation...they do sound like zombies when you get too close to their bones or food. :)

I like the Shaun of the Dead quote!

Jen said...

As we know, Shaun of the Dead rocks the cassbar!

It was such a low guttural sound that I had to listen for a few seconds - uh. . . what's that? ! Then, not even thinking further I thought "IT'S ZOMBIES!" That's not even rational. Something's wrong with me.

To be fair, the dogs never leave my side, so I did not know they went to chase down some toys, bones, etc. It scared the crap outta me!

Ian said...

You are a freak. Seriously.

I like the look of Iain's blogger blog.

Jen said...

Ian ---> I'm not denying that on any accounts.

Iain ---> Seriously, are you playing in the waters of Blogger or just teasing us? 'Cos Ian is right - it does look good.

Shaun of the Dead still rocks.

Alli said...

Yes, that movie rocks! I agree!

Hey, J, no worries & thanks! ;)