Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Bowling Match To Remember

me: so, honey, did you read my posting today?
the husband: yes. I did. *minding his own business*
me: what'd you think?
the husband: about what?
me: the camera?! *clapping hands with excitement*
the husband: WHAT??? *one should not purposefully stick their head into an alligators mouth*
me: shhhhhhhhhblptz! YOU don't get to talk! YOU who spends kagillions on bicycle stuff! And, . . .
the husband: okay. *defeated*
me: shhhhhhhhhblptz! . . . . YOU who spends megatillions on the Subaru STI! And. . .
the husband: I said OKAY! *knowing that Jaws awaits somewhere in the ocean*
me: I'm counting up all the money you've ever spent on this bike and car stuff and I want a diamond as big as . . . . *so there*
the husband: *shaking his head, grabs an ale and walks away laughing*

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